Update from Maine


I’m actually just stopping in super quick while I upload my photos from my camera to my computer! I am LOVING Maine! I think I will actually take the time to write about the road trip once I get settled into my new place starting on Sunday, so traveling is obviously going to be a huge part of my life for the next year or so. This whole trip has just been so amazing though! Jon and I stopped in DC, spent the night in Beacon, New York, a night in Boston, a night in Plymouth, and then headed to Maine for Portland and a night in Kennebunkport (amazing) and then camped in Acadia National Park! Tomorrow we plan on hiking to the Summit at Mt Katahdin. Neither of us have been doing much hiking and should be a good 8-12 hour day, so we’ll see how we do. But for the views? I think so.

I also managed to get my brand-spankin’-new camera knocked over at the top of Cadillac Mountain cause of wind. The $200 lens broke and I was not happy! Right before getting some awesome pictures too! I had to buy an entire new camera since nobody had just the lens here- so now I need to order the lens so I can return the new camera/lens to Wal-Mart. (I know, that’s cheating- but this is my ONLY camera and I’m on vacation! I had to!)

Time to go order the new lens, actually. And head to bed for what I hope will be a good night of sleep before a day full of hiking!


One thought on “Update from Maine

  1. That a gorgeous picture of the shore and beach! Glad that you’re loving it up here! The weather just got nice in time for your trip. I was up on the border of Maine and New Hampshire this past Sunday, so gorgeous. Enjoy your hiking trip and the rest of your stay in Maine!

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