Last Day in Georgia!

Tomorrow is leaving day! Woohoo! I’m finally all packed except for a few things! I am a bit bummed (maybe that’s an understatement) because Jon rerouted our trip to get to Beacon, NY on Thursday evening which takes us through the mountains instead of up 95. I was really excited about driving up 95 because it’s closer to the coast and goes through DC and New York. I was really hoping to stop and do some sightseeing and I’m just going to admit it- I am totally being a brat and wanted this trip to explore- not to rush up to spend time with his friend (this is one of his few friends that I’m not also friends with). I mean, the point of me traveling is to see the US. Not to rush to hang out with people I don’t care to see. See, I told you all that I’m being a brat. Cause I am. But I’m not coming home for who knows how long, so I’m just going to say that I’m allowed. And then later, I’ll decide that I need to work on not being such a bratty wife. (It may take my whole life to accomplish this goal. I’m the youngest child. I was born this way.)

I am beyond excited to get settled at a new CrossFit gym! I’m looking at one in Plymouth and it has 10:30 classes! This is my dream! 10:30 classes! I have been wanting 10-10:30 classes at CrossFit for the entire last 5 years and none of the gyms I’ve ever gone to offer them! Since I’ll be working 3p-11p, I actually think 10:30 is perfect, as long as I can drag my tired/lazy ass out of bed in the mornings after probably not falling asleep till 1am-ish. I’ve been looking at a bit of the programming on there and while I don’t know yet that it’s really top notch programming and I definitely have no idea of how capable the coaches actually are, the WODs actually look pretty fun. A lot of partner WODs which I actually really like now that I don’t care at all about being competitive.

Today was my “last day” at work (I use quotation marks because I’ll be back eventually). One of my favorite murses (male nurses) brought my Sara Donuts this morning and I was ecstatic! Little did he know, but that is my favorite donut place! And then he traded my assignments so I got to go to my favorite assignment, greeter. It’s the little things. I don’t think it has set in yet that I won’t be returning for quite some time, but I’m sure I’ll miss it. It felt weird to be brining my bag home with me- I never take my stethoscope out of the hospital! I am incredibly grateful for my awesome coworkers though. I’ve learned so much from them in the last 4 years and feel right at home with them. I definitely got lucky with my first job out of nursing school and I actually am excited for my next few shifts, whenever that may be (probably August).

Alrighty, well I’m off. I really want to watch Orange is the New Black, but Jon is watching baseball and since I’ve been pretty demanding all night (because he has been trying to watch the Braves all night long when we have tons of packing/cleaning to do) so I figured I’d wait to ask him for something else.

I think I’ll just go hang out with my cats. I’m going to be so sad to go so long without seeing their cute little faces. I seriously get so excited to see them after just coming home from a weekend in Jacksonville, so I can’t imagine 2 months without these little fur balls.



3 thoughts on “Last Day in Georgia!

  1. I’ve heard good things about Orange is the New Black and I need to get into a show so maybe I’ll try watching it soon. Have fun hanging out with your cats and enjoying the drive up with Jon, so glad you found a CrossFit gym up there too and it seems like it’ll fit your schedule.

  2. I promise you that you are avoid the most major head ache not taking 95!! That is how I always go home and it always leads to me pulling 423820985 hairs out of my head along the way.
    Good luck in your travels!!

  3. Oh 95, I hate that highway strip up here, it’s always congested. Route 1 is gorgeous, especially in New Hampshire, runs along the beach part way. Yeah, I would probably be bratty too wanting to sight see. Stop at DC for sure because I’ve never been there. Hopefully you’ll have a good time with his friends at Fenway!! And you’ll get some nice views going through the mountains!

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