Bad start to the week!

I apparently have had a rough few days. Sunday night, I didn’t manage to ever fall asleep before going into work. Mondays are always busy so I was dreading it going in, but managed to have a fairly good morning despite being a bit aggravated with a tech who wanted to tell me that I wasn’t busy enough to ask for help because I was “talking.” (By “talking,” I guess he meant that the minute he walked around the corner, I looked up from my charting to acknowledge registration for a minute- I was busy and had quite a few things on my to-do list. I’m not a nurse who asks for help when I don’t need it.) Anyway, I started getting hungry around 1 and when 3 rolled around, I was super busy. Two patients got beds on the floor at the same time and a surgeon came down demanding to know why hadn’t done all this stuff on a patient (because the ER doctor didn’t order it!). I left in the middle of too much to go eat lunch and felt guilty for it, so when my flow coordinator (the person who flows patients from the waiting room or the ambulances into their rooms) asked me about my lunch, I just started crying. I don’t cry at work. I’m just not that person. But with no sleep and being starving and feeling guilty for leaving my lunch coverage in that position, I apparently just can’t handle it. I went back from a 15 minute lunch a whole new person and was happy once again, but man… What a disaster I was.

Today, as I was running tons of errands, a car in front of me (quite a ways in front of me- I wasn’t following closely) decided that she would stop for a yellow light instead of going. I thought she was going (it had just turned yellow) so I ended up rear ending her since I couldn’t stop in time. We got out and there was hardly any damage to her car but my whole bumper had a nice new outline of her trailer hitch, but decided not to call the police on it. I didn’t want the ticket and figured it couldn’t cost much to replace this little plastic piece on her car. But then she called and got a $1000 estimate because I “scratched her bumper.” Quite frankly, I don’t think that’s possible. She sent me the invoice but I don’t think the scratch could actually be from my car, due to where the damage is located on my car. I think it was too low. Anyway, because it was so much, I called State Farm to get it covered by them. Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh…

So, my last two days haven’t been the best. Not the worst either. My day yesterday was actually not bad at all for a Monday and today, nobody was hurt in the accident which I am beyond thankful for. But really. REALLY! Now?! Money is stressing me out a bit as I see a lot more going out in the near future and not much coming in (at least not as quickly as I would like). Ah well. I suppose that is just how things go.

Aside from that, all my errands are done before leaving. I have an 8 hour shift at work tomorrow and then Jon and I leave Thursday morning (also, thankfully my car is still completely drivable!). I can’t believe it’s so close! I’m so excited to go exploring in Maine and I think I just need some time to relax with Jon!

Okay, off to pack. I really need to get something done since I’m leaving for so long soon! I hope everybody has a good night!

3 thoughts on “Bad start to the week!

  1. UGH that sucks. Some people are just looking for money. I got into an accident back in high school and the lady sued me (not my parents) but ME. Long story short, she purposely hit me to get money and the case was dropped in court.

    I hope the second half of the week goes by faster 🙂

  2. Wow, that sounds like she was looking for money. Sounds like she put on the brakes abruptly which could have been on purpose, may have been best to have called a cop and get an accident report after all because they could have done an analysis on it and gotten if the damage on her bumper matched yours and your paint, seen if she was lying. I’ve been rear ended a few times by people not paying attention and have had to get my back bumper completely replaced on a German car, it has never come up to $1,000. At least you’re okay.

    Wow, you’ll be in New England by the weekend. I know it takes a day to drive down to Florida straight without any stops, so you’ll be here by Friday or Saturday!

    • I don’t think she was trying to be shady. She said her husband has gotten tickets in her home state from the camera lights, but we don’t here anymore. But the insurance will do the whole analysis- they send the claims adjustors out to look at the damage. And I already sent them the pictures that she sent me of her car so when they assess mine, they can match it up. Ah well! We will be in Boston on Friday morning! We’re going to a Red Sox game Friday night!

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