One week to go!

I had such a bitch day yesterday. I’m totally like that sometimes. And I forgot after having two weeks off work how much time I need to myself after work to just be alone, in silence. I got off work yesterday and felt totally at my people limit (this is what my limit that I hit after having to be nice to patients all day long- and then I get off work and don’t want talk to anybody), so I knew Jon wasn’t going to have any pleasant interactions with his wife when she got home (that’s me). As soon as I got home, I logged in to my email to open up a link for an ENPC pretest that I had to do (my pediatric emergency course) and realized the link was still at work! So I had to go all the way back and get it and then come back home and do the tests! Come to find out, they weren’t even actually required today because this is a new thing for the class! Then he hadn’t scooped the litterbox, which was the ONE thing I had asked him to do on his day off. So at 10:25, when I had my first minute to myself after waking up at 5:30, I was not very happy. I wasn’t angry with him, but I was just so over trying to even be pleasant. My night consisted of me ignoring him for the most part.

I guess that’s life if you’re married to me. Nursing is really draining. And I do like my job overall and really didn’t even have a bad day at all yesterday, but I need my time to just wind down after a day at work and didn’t get it yesterday.

One week till I leave! One weekend at home! It’s crazy. Really crazy. I’ve been going to the same job for 4 years now and working with all the same people. I have my go to people to ask questions to and not feel like an idiot. I know my doctors and what they expect. It’s going to be completely different there and I’m going to be way out of my element, I’m sure. I can’t way to go exploring though and hopefully get back to CrossFit on a regular basis! And I can’t wait to get to know Jessica better!

Anyway, this is boring. I spent all day at ENPC and just finished sending a bunch of documents back to the travel company. I’m about to go start reading some of my ENPC book since I haven’t done that yet and they made this course much harder these days and since I don’t work with kids much, I definitely need some more review.

3 thoughts on “One week to go!

  1. I had tiring days like that when I used to work, I used to come home, lock myself in my room, and watch TV until I passed out. I hated that job, I never ever felt that I had anytime for myself during the week. The commute was so long that it just constantly felt like I worked over 10 hours every day.

    Wow, you’re going to be in New England so soon! The weather is getting better here too, finally.

    • I hope so! The weather has been awesome in Georgia so I’m sad to be leaving now! I do work LONG days! I’m out of the house for at least 13 hours when I work (usually more) so it just gets tiring. But I DO like it, usually. Jon makes fun of me for watching trash TV but I try to get him to understand that I just NEED mindless TV! I don’t want to learn how things or made or watch history channels- I just want to watch mindless drama.

  2. Dude, jobs suck. I think 4 years is definitely a rut time too. Hopefully the travel job will be a nice change for you and also the change of scenery . good luck getting everything done!

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