List for Sunday

A list because I’m lazy.

1. This past week, I went to the cabin with my sister, brother-in-law, and Jon. I already mentioned it. We stopped by Vogel State Park for a quick waterfall sighting and then spent the night playing Scrabble (I won) and listening to the boys talk about football. Boring.



2. I bought a new computer! I got a MacBook Air. It’s the same computer than Jon has and I really wanted to hold off because I’m feeling like money is just going down the drain lately (wedding time is expensive time- trust me- money just disappears), but I wanted some time to get acquainted with my computer before heading off to MA. I need to be able to Skype with Jon while I’m gone and keep everybody updated.

3. I’m dying to get back to the gym. I had a nice week off but now, my arms are feeling small again and I just want to be active. Between my insane work schedule coming up and needing to spend time with Jon, I’m putting it off till I get settled in my new home.

4. After today, I have one full week and one weekend between me and leaving! Every night when I get in bed, I snuggle up to Jon (I am NOT  a cuddler in bed) because I’m going to miss him! And my cats! I don’t know what Kitty is going to do without me for so long! I’m worried it’ll stress her out and she’ll start eating the fur out of her back again. She’s such a mommy’s girl. But really, I’m going to miss my own house, my own kitchen and food, my cats, and Jon like crazy. I feel like I’m preparing for a deployment because I have no idea when I’ll be able to fly back. I may end up having to go two full assignment without coming home (26 weeks).

5. My brother posted some wedding photos online!


I do wish my sister had put the ring bearer pillow down for the photos!



He got some really good ones of the ceremony. I’m looking forward to getting our professional ones back, but I may not see them until I come home next time around since I don’t think they’ll be done in time for me to leave. I wish I could just have a million wedding days over and over again. It’s such a fun day! Minus all the planning.

6. I have started planning my trip to Maine with Jon and decided I want to go to Nova Scotia. I don’t think it’ll work in our time frame (it’s 13 hours from Boston to Nova Scotia) and I’m bummed! We COULD make it work, but it’s too long in the car. Also, people at work freaked me out thinking I would have to change my name on my passport. But if I’m not driving, I don’t see why. My passport is a valid form of ID, and if I ever fly out of the country, I would think I could just book my ticket under my old last name, since they never see my driver’s license either. I’ll probably still send my passport in soon for a name change, but it doesn’t seem necessary.

7. I am going to go make some breakfast and start a day full of errands. We have groceries to be bought and food to be made. And other things.


5 thoughts on “List for Sunday

  1. If you’re that close to Nova Scotia when you’re in Maine I don’t blame you to go! May as well right? I think Clay and I want to do a New England/Canada cruise one day.

  2. I think you should still go somehow honestly. It would be worth it instead of wondering.

    I love all the wedding photos you have posted…I’m obsessed. I can relate to money just going down the drain. It’s been frustrating to say the least.

    • Just wait till it gets closer! We paid for food for the house for everybody to come, an air mattress (that nobody used), new sheets since we didn’t have enough, I ran over a nail and found out my brake pads were worn all the way down (the day before the wedding!)… I needed waterproof make up and then didn’t even cry… It was crazy…

  3. Yeah I would have bought the computer too, especially if you want to skype with Jon while you’re away.

    Your dress is so gorgoues and fit you so well, I really like the color, it doesn’t look really white in the pictures.

    When I crossed the Canadien border all I remember passing them was my passport. If they ask for your license just tell them you got married in May, passports take too long for them to arrive in time. Nova Scotia is gorgeous, I would take the trip if you can squeeze it in. Hit New England and a different country all in one trip. Plus you can hit the New Hampshire stuff with a friend or even with me later on. Climb Mt. Modnadnuck or go to Laconia Lake later on during the summer. By the way, you’re going to be passing near me while heading up there, at some point you’re going to be just 20 minutes away from me.

    • I’m still definitely going to try and figure out how to make it to Nova Scotia, but Jon is totally against it. He wants to see some of his friends (that I’ve met 2 times and don’t care to see) and see a Red Sox game. So I think we’ll have to skip Nova Scotia to fit his stuff in too. I wanted to just do Acadia and Nova Scotia with him but don’t think it’s happening.

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