My first travel nursing assignment!

Instead of catching you all up on my weekly happenings (I spent a night at my parent’s cabin with Jon, sister, and brother-in-law, and I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning), I’ll tell you all about my future life plans.

As I was driving to my parent’s house from the wedding rehearsal, I got a call from a manager of a hospital in Plymouth, MA. I had about a 30 minute interview and it went surprisingly well since I was 100% focused on wedding stuff and hadn’t prepared any questions to ask interviewers! The manager told me I asked a lot of questions that nobody else has asked before! The hospital is a 24 bed ER with a main campus in Boston. I work in a 72 bed ER now and it’s a busy level 2 trauma center, and we have interventional cardiology. This will definitely be interesting to be at such a small ER compared to where I am, plus the patients will probably be pretty different from what I’m used to. I’m excited and nervous about the change!

Anyway, so clearly I got the job. My recruiter called me on Tuesday and gave me the offer. The pay is way less than I was hoping for and insurance is way more than I was expecting (thanks “Affordable Care Act”). Since I still have a mortgage at home, I may end up losing some money with this contract. But it’s the first one and honestly, I’m kind of glad to be away from Boston. I’m not a huge city person. It’s not too far from Cape Cod which is really awesome too!

My start date is June 23, so Jon and I will be leaving on June 12 for a road trip to Maine. We plan on stopping in Boston for a night or two and then heading to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Moosehead Lake looks pretty up there and then I’ve been told to stop at a few places in New Hampshire. I’m pretty excited but also can’t believe that I’ll be away from Jon permanently! Because of how late this assignment is starting, it’ll be a rush to get an assignment right after (we’re looking at Arizona or Oregon next) so I don’t have any idea when I’ll see Jon next. I also am set in my ways- what I eat, what I do, who I see- so it’ll be a challenge for me. I hope I love it. My travel nurse friend, Jessica, will also be going with me!

I think I found a house for both of us. A middle aged woman is renting out a room in her house since her two kids just moved out. A 23 year old girl daughter still lives there, but it turns out that when I said I had a friend, the woman actually has two available rooms. It may be a bit more expensive than I’d hoped as well, but everything is included. So I’m staying optimistic that it will all work out! Jessica is open to the house that I found and so far, we don’t have many other options!

Anyway, I’m off. I’m in the middle of working on dinner/ lunch for work tomorrow! Tomorrow if my first day back to work in 2 full weeks! It was a much needed break! Only 7 full shifts to go, plus ENPC next week as well! It’s going to be busy until I leave! Ah!

I did make Jon this since he’s letting his brand new wife go for so long:



Peanut butter pie- full of love! When I start working out again when I get to Massachusetts, I’ll be working all this crap out of my arteries!


9 thoughts on “My first travel nursing assignment!

  1. That pie look so delicious. Travel nursing sounds really exciting, I hope you enjoy it. If nothing else, you’re out of Hot-lanta for part of the summer and get to see a new part of the US :). Hopefully you will actually make money on it though and not lose!

    • I’m hoping to at least break even for this assignment and to make money on the next one! Jon and I are also working on renting out our spare bedroom which would help a ton while I’m gone!

  2. I’m glad you got the job but a pay cut stinks (though more insurance is better I guess).

    That pie looks really good.

  3. Is the house in Plymouth? How much are you renting the rooms for? That’s great that you have a friend there with you! Oh and we should meet up, walk around Boston together! You and Jon should stop at the Shipyard Brewery in Maine for a tour if you guys like beer if you can, I’ve been meaning to do that myself as well. They only do tours during the summer and during a small time during the week. I’m not sure what super markets they have down in or near Plymouth. Like we don’t have a Trader’s Joe in my area, which I’m sad about, but you’ll adjust very quickly. I’ve only been to Plymouth twice. Once for a school field trip and another for a job site. You should see if there’s an LA Fitness around, that way you don’t have to get a new gym membership. We have them scattered around MA but not all the areas have them.

    • I actually closed my LA Fitness membership. They have two CrossFit gyms in or near Plymouth, so I’ll probably switch back to CF. The room is in south Plymouth and each room is $520 a month. Aside from still being a bit more than I wanted to spend, it seems so perfect for us. We can definitely meet up in Boston! That’d be awesome! I’ll look into the brewery! I have a feeling we won’t be in Boston much though. The bulk of our trip will be in Maine.

  4. So I just read your post about your start date being June 23. That was my start date too so I assume you are finishing September 20th? Did you know there is a travel nurse conference in Vegas on September 23&24 with a newbie class on the 22nd? You should look into it, I am going, it looks really fun and informative!

    • I did see that! I decided against going because of the flights and having to work my job at home between this assignment and the next! AND I feel like I should see my husband in my off time, but it looked AWESOME! Where will you be going next?! I’m putting in now for Portland and anywhere in AZ! (And you are right- my end date is Sept 20th- I’ll finish up on the 18th and head to NY for a few days and then back down south!)

      • Haha! Yeah that’s understandable! I am headed to San Fransisco after the conference! I just signed a contract with a hospital right outside of San Fransisco (Cali was NOT easy to get a good job in!) Good luck, everyone tells me Portland is beautiful!!

      • Maybe I’ll come visit in San Fran 🙂 I would LOVE to go there for a trip! No desire yet to travel to Cali for an assignment, but maybe after I see it! I want to drive the whole coast!

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