Wedding week!

What a week! I’m really just stopping in for a quick update since this is the first time all week that I’m alone! Jessie came in Friday evening, so we spent the weekend at my bachelorette party on Saturday night and at breakfast with my friends on Sunday. The three of us (Jon, Jessie, and me) went to dinner Sunday night and from there, the wedding week began! (Just so you all know, Jessie is the wife of Jon’s best man, but I have known her for over 5 years now and we visited her and her husband in Italy last year.)

Jessie and I have spent the days running errands! It’s crazy! Buying tons of alcohol, making repeated trips to Target and Michael’s, going to dress fittings! Ah! The dress was a disaster when I tried it on for the final fitting, which I did at home. We had finally pinned it perfectly at David’s Bridal, so when I went to pick it up after a 13 hour work day and it was insanely busy at the store, I decided to take it home. It didn’t fit at all! So I took it back and finally it fits, but it is so tight. Like, I better not have to yawn cause I can’t. My ribs can’t expand. But I walked laps in the store and it didn’t budge so I’m taking it. Everybody cross your fingers that the seams don’t bust. Anyway, I was actually scheduled to work yesterday but they must have been overstaffed since they called me off work. Normally I would have probably said no, especially since I’m not working now for two full weeks, but we still had stuff to get done yesterday!

The boys just left for the bachelor party and I’m just cleaning the house. All I have left is scrubbing the tile floors and packing up some stuff for the hotel this weekend. Jon’s family gets here later tonight and my sister and nephew should have just landed! I plan on heading over to my mom and dad’s this afternoon to see them and then tomorrow starts the rehearsal fun (which is at 2, so it’s really going to be most of the day). 

We are getting SO CLOSE to the wedding! Ahhhhh!!!! I’ll try to make an update with pictures sometime after.

2 thoughts on “Wedding week!

  1. Yikes, I hope the dress doesn’t budge! You were right when you said you didn’t have a ton of time until the wedding and for planning and things, I honestly didn’t realize it was this close but I’ve also been super busy with life too. I can’t wait to see pictures but don’t worry if it’s a few days before you can post again, you definitely have more important things than blogging right now 🙂

  2. SOOOO exciting. I was in my best friends wedding in October and her dress was super tight too, she ended up with bruises on her hip bones but she said it was worth it because it didn’t fall down once even with her dancing her ass off for hours!! Have a blast and live it up, remember to slow down and enjoy it all!! Congrats in advance girl!

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