Pre Wedding Updates

Holy smokes, guys! Wedding time is creeping on up! Tomorrow is my hair appointment and I have to somehow manage to get my nails done as well. Aside from that, I have nursing paperwork to finish, the floors to clean, a computer to take to Goodwill, my parents are picking up my computer desk, Laura is coming to see my dress on to make sure the dang thing actually fits, and I need to order my flowers!

I am beyond excited that I have a 12 hour shift on Friday, am off till next Wednesday, and then don’t work till the following Friday! WOOHOO!

Bachelorette party is this weekend!

In sad news, Jon may take a summer class and have to pass up on our summer road trip to Boston, but I’m not going to throw a fit because school is number one! I’ll just be sad and lonely without him, but honestly, I think I’ll still go to Cape Cod alone and stay in a B&B. I think I need some R&R and am really dying to go there. Or drive up into Maine and sight see.

Okay, time to get some dinner and read or watch a movie or something.


3 thoughts on “Pre Wedding Updates

  1. AHH! I cannot believe it’s coming so soon.

    Super random but do you go up the NJ turn pike to get to Cape Cod? If you need a place to stay my house is always open!

  2. The date is getting close, that’s exciting! He doesn’t have some time off in between classes for the road trip or to fly to Boston? Cape Cod is amazing, Coast Guard beach is one of the most popular and Providence Town is a ton of fun. I would honestly make it to both Maine and Cape Cod while you’re here because you never know when or if you’ll make it back to New England. And Nantucket or Martha’s Vinyard if you have the chance, along with Plymouth and all the historic places. Though most of the historic places are either right in Boston or near it so that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Take a duck tour, I highly recommend it!!!

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