Wedding nesting!

I think I’m nesting. Pre wedding nesting. Also, Jon’s family is staying in our house the week of the wedding and I like having a clean house for people to stay in. But this goes above and beyond. I want to clean out dressers, closets, everything in the kitchen! I am actually skipping the gym today despite really wanting to do the WOD today, just because I have so much to do! Also, I’m on a bit of a time crunch now. I have two days off before any visitors are at our house to stay, and once she gets here, it’ll be getting all wedding stuff done. Also, since we never really cleaned after painting, our house has been a serious mess for the last few weeks and I think I’m just going crazy living in it! I typically keep things pretty spotless!

photo 1-4

Cleaning out all my expired bottles so I can recycle them!

photo 2-4

Organizing the pantry!

In other horrible news, I have a huge zit that has sprouted on my lip. Well, right at the corner. I get them every few months and they look horrible and are impossible to get rid of. I have been crossing my fingers for months not to get one before the wedding! And what happened?! And this doesn’t even look like a zit really. It looks like a fluid filled cyst, which I’ve never had. So I’m stressing out since they normally take 1-2 weeks to go away. My bachelorette party is this weekend too! Ahh! Whhhhyyyyy?!

Also in horrible news, Jon fractured his radial head on his left arm by trying to be a show off after too many beers and jumping up on a concrete block at the Braves stadium. He’s in a sling and can’t really move his arm much. Of course he had to do this while he doesn’t have health insurance (I have been reminding him constantly to reinstate his health insurance!) and right before the wedding. He’s more upset about not being able to dance at the wedding than I seem to be. He can dance one armed though. No big deal. At least he works in x-ray so he got the x-ray free of charge.

Anyway, my breakfast is finished now! I need to go back to cleaning. I’m really hoping to be able to at least make it to LA Fitness later since I have to miss CrossFit, but our friends flew in this weekend as a surprise and tonight is the only night that I’m not working while they’re here, so we’re going to Taco Mac with them. Since I have to go to the pool (yes, have to, my tan lines are still here and the wedding in less than 2 weeks away!) and I have a feeling this cleaning will take me awhile, I’m not sure that I’ll make it! Our guest bedroom is a disaster still. It has been our catch all since painting, and I’m selling my desktop and we’re getting rid of our computer desk, so I have to find places for all the stuff on my desk! I can’t wait to get the guest bedroom in order without that huge desk in there! It’ll be hard to be computer free though, but I’ll just have to use Jon’s till I decide to spend the money on a new laptop!

I’m so lame. Apparently when you turn 28, you start making entire blogs about cleaning your house. And find it enjoyable. And then get even more excited that you finished breakfast so you can go finish cleaning.

4 thoughts on “Wedding nesting!

  1. The other day I was thinking about how much I want to clean and reorganize my pantry. I need to taper for a race or something because that’s when I do all that stuff (Or if a runner is injured homes are cleaner). I don’t blame you to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done before people come to visit though! It’s not weird at all, just that you take pride in your house 🙂

  2. Fracturing my radial head is exactly what happened when I was hit by a cyclist. It felt like someone hit my funny bone for a week but healed REALLY quickly. By that I mean I was able to run a half marathon the next week and back to normal running within 3. So I hope he heals quickly.

    Good luck with everything. I need to clean out my house before Tim gets back, That is the goal anyways…

    • That’s not so bad! Whoever read his x-ray at his work said 6-8 weeks. His bruising is just now setting in after 4 days! But I hope it heals fast!!!

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