Weekend painting & Finals time!

Things have been busy, as always. We’ve had a really rough two weeks lately at work. We were getting a really high volume of high acuity patients and I was just over it! I left every day needing a serious break from life because I was just drained after that! I stayed until 7:30 on Friday night to help get a patient settled since my assignment was so horrible, and one of the mental health techs asked me to give a woman a shot of geodon to calm her down so we could get her labs. Geodon takes 2 minutes to mix, plus security would have had to hold the woman down, and then I’d have to document. I looked at our mental health tech and said, “It’s 7:30,” and walked away. I typically try to be helpful, but I was done.

Saturday I spent 12 hours painting my house. I hadn’t picked out any samples and just bought the gallons of paint. Risky, but Jon wasn’t giving me any input into paint colors so I waited for my mom to get here and give me some. Once I started painting my bathroom a really pretty green (on the swatch), I realized it was hideous. Think neon mint. I about had a breakdown over the $50 can of paint being so horrible. I ended up buying a light gray and using it for my bathroom and the guest bedroom. Sadly, I think because my mom was trying to conserve paint for the bedroom, the bathroom is in need of a second coat (but we do have enough paint). I also still have one wall left in the guest bedroom because I am doing the window wall two shades darker. Since all the painting stuff is still out since we aren’t completely done yet, our house is just a disaster. And all of our switch plates and outlet covers are off since we’re changing the sockets out (which is electrical work and takes time), but it’s finals week so we don’t have time to switch those all out yet!


Sunday was super hot! I went to the Inman Park Festival with Gina and Kassie in the morning. I didn’t realize we were walking there, which was a good 2 1/2-3 miles one way! So my feet were definitely hurting at the end of the day and I got some really not cute tan lines that I have to get rid of in the next 3 weeks before the wedding now! Aside from that, it was a perfect afternoon hanging out with my friends and I was really wishing painting wasn’t calling my name so I could have gone for some afternoon drinks with them!


I ended up coming home to finish painting and that was really all of my weekend! I would like to say that I managed to work out or even made it grocery shopping, but I didn’t. Painting really took up all of my free time! And now that it’s finals time, I still probably won’t go grocery shopping until Friday night. And we have no food. It’s sad.

I managed to have a good day at work yesterday! Although I was busy starting when I walked in the door at 7am, it wasn’t anything overwhelming and I was out at greeter from 3p-7p, which is hands down my favorite assignment (I just sit at the door, take vitals, smile and look pretty, call to the back if anything critical comes in, occasionally triage patients). Despite some 4 hour wait times and some obnoxious people in the waiting room, only one critical patient came in the door that entire time, and thankfully we actually had a bed available to put her in. Perfect timing since our beds were constantly full all day!

I skipped CrossFit today at noon since I was in the middle of writing my essay for my biology final and it was really hard to get my mind right to do it. It’s complicated matters that I don’t understand (ATP, ADP, phosphate, cross bridges of muscle contraction?). I plan on knocking out my second essay in a few minutes and then going down to LA Fitness before class tonight so that I can get some activity in today. Unfortunately, the dreary weather and this impending doom (/final) is putting a damper on my mood. I probably have a high B or low A in my biology class right now… Probably a high B since I’ve missed so many stupid little assignments. But, overall, I’m doing well. I’m concerned about the final since I haven’t reviewed anything from the semester and it’s cumulative and I really don’t remember any of it, nor have I done any of the new reading for the final. I just need to pass this LAST CLASS for my bachelor’s though! Ahhh!

Okay, I’m going to start working on the second essay now! I just needed a break after two hours working on the first one!


4 thoughts on “Weekend painting & Finals time!

  1. Good luck with the essay! I do not miss writing assignments for school although now I work as a writer (hmmm). I’m glad your day at work went better after all the busy days you’ve had too, yikes.

    I have crazy tan lines now myself. Mine aren’t going anywhere for awhile, haha.

  2. Good luck with finals, it’ll all be over before you know it. Then you will be free.

    Ah painting, I hate painting. I’ve done that before, bought a bright orange color for my room, hated it and then got a nice beachy blue instead. I’ve also painted a weird dark red, hated it then got a bright hurt my eyes green but my mother made me stick to it for awhile haha. You just never know until that color goes on your walls.

    • I did the same thing with an orange and then switched to a blue! I totally forgot about that! I think it was supposed to be more peachy! The color now works, so it ended up being fine! I actually just bought the gray though because I was so worried of getting another hideous color for the bathroom and the lighting is so bad that I thought it would end up way different than the swatch!

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