Easter Sunday and morning reads!

I am seriously enjoying a lazy morning right now! I laid in bed until 10:30, ate breakfast, and then began my morning:


 I was going to go to CrossFit but once 11:30 rolled around, all I wanted to do was sit and ready and drink coffee. It’s gloomy out (despite my 70 and sunny weather forecast) and I haven’t read a book in forever. I used to love reading! I’d read book after book! In middle school, I read every single V.C. Andrews book. Occasionally I’ll pick up a book and read it, but the last book I read was in Croatia over the summer on my Nook, and since my Nook is my dad’s old one, it was one of his books. Crista gave me a handful of books over the weekend though and now all I want to do is sit down and start reading again! But I have biology to read, a GRE to study for, and my CEN to study for… So I doubt I’ll be getting back into reading much soon… So better enjoy these mornings while I can!

Speaking of Croatia (I know, I wasn’t really talking about it), I am dying to go on a vacation! Since Jon and I pushed back our huge Eurohoneymoon until next May, I’m looking at December trips that we can plan on a much shorter notice, is cheaper, and where I won’t want to spend 25 days-30 days. I’ve looked at Machu Picchu and Jon is looking at Ireland. Either way, I’m so ready to get out of the country again! I really wish we could afford to go somewhere right after the wedding, but it’s not going to happen!

Anyway, I had a good Easter! I worked until 3 and then Jon and I went to my parent’s house for dinner!


It was just us and my mom and dad, but it was a nice dinner! I haven’t been spending nearly as much time with my mom and dad lately and I really should see them more, especially since I’ll be heading out of state for awhile come June!

Yesterday was a work day! Came home and curled up to a book! Work has been really crazy this past week! I guess with the cooler temperatures, people thought it was winter again and decided to hit up the ER! I have been busy every shift from the time I walk in the door to the time I leave, and it’s just been crazy nonstop! So I think the morning I’ve had was definitely much needed after running around so much at work! My brain can only handle so much, especially with how much is going on in life outside of work (which I’m clearly procrastinating on).

I’m heading to the gym in a few minutes (LA Fitness, since I missed CrossFit) and then have class tonight and am going to Crista’s afterwards. We’re going to practice some wedding hairstyles and order my jewelry! 32 days!

I’m off to catch up on some blogs! I’ve fallen behind! Been busy with life again!

7 thoughts on “Easter Sunday and morning reads!

  1. I am going to Ireland in August! And I have friends that went to Machu Picchu, I would recommend either!

  2. I feel you on being behind with blogs.

    Anyways I also feel you on vacations. We have been debating going somewhere tropical or to Europe. I think we will probably choose tropical. Thank god we have a year to save up though.

    • Greece is AWESOME to go to also! I would love to go to the islands on a honeymoon, but I’ve already been so I don’t want to go back. And it was dirt cheap when I went, despite the exchange rate. But we stayed in hostels and not in really nice hotels, so not sure what that would cost. But it was BEAUTIFUL! Look into it 🙂

  3. runninginscrubs

    I’ve never been to South America but Ireland is amazing! I love traveling and wish I could right now, it’s just too crazy with NCLEX and all that coming up. Have y’all thought about anywhere else in Europe? Also, I just nominated you for a liebster 🙂 http://runnininscrubs.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/my-second-lobster/

    • Our list for our next big Europe trip (which we moved from this Dec to next May) is Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and the Netherlands! Can’t wait! But it’s SO FAR AWAY!!! And thank you! I was surprised anybody nominated me! My blog is always all over the place, haha!

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