One day weekend!

Happy Saturday! My bedtime is looming over me since I work tomorrow, which I’m dreading even though it’s only an 8 hour shift. I worked on Friday and had 4 discharges and 4 ambulances all within an hour and a half of each other and then went and worked in the hallway. Totally frustrating, seeing as I really think it’s a privacy violation for patients and had a drug addict patient that really tried my patience with his behavior. Let’s just say that after 12 hours, I was more than relieved to walk out the door into the rain. I did follow my day with a broken glass bowl all over my kitchen floor, but then I ended with Mexican, so at least we ended on a good note!

Last night I was in bed by 9:30. Tom (cat) woke me up about a million times but Jon followed me into bed at 10:15 (can we say Grandma and Grandpa?) and then the cats decided it must be bedtime and were finally quiet.

I skipped Body Pump this morning because I didn’t want to get out of bed at 9:15. Yup, 12 hours later, and I still didn’t want to get up. I texted Crista to apologize for not answering her call the night before and we decided to meet for breakfast. We went to Rise-N-Dine in Decatur and it was pretty good! Not a ton of food for the price and my biscuit and gravy tasted a little fake, but the eggs were awesome. Jon joined us for breakfast and then headed home, so Crista and I headed to her house to go through some clothes since she’s moving to California this summer. We went for a 2 mile run while I sweated my ass off since I made the poor decision of running in a long sleeved shirt and also felt disgusting since I ate a lot for breakfast… And then we headed out to get coffee. We went to a vegan place and my coffee was totally not good. I didn’t realize it was a vegan coffee place until I took a sip of my coffee and started looking around. It was like no mocha I’d ever had before and I swear it was topped with cinnamon. On a mocha? Whatever. Definitely wouldn’t opt for that place again.

I went grocery shopping and Trader Joe’s was out of coconut cream! The warehouse is out too! Crying shame! Then Jon and I decided to head out to another Trader Joe’s when I got home and perhaps walk around some shops for a bit. There ended up being a Home Goods at the shops we went to and that’s my favorite store, so of course we went in! We bought some new stuff and I’m super excited to hang everything up this week! Also, I am hoping to talk my parents into coming over to paint next weekend! I think it’ll be my last full weekend off before leaving for travel nursing in June, so it’d work the best. But my parents seem to think their house is more important! What?! Our condo only has two bedrooms and two bathrooms left, but we don’t have colors picked out quite yet. That’s the goal for the week.

It’d be nice to get these house projects done before I leave!!!

Anyway, time to go. I think I’ll be getting ready for bed now. I’m hoping to make it to the gym after work tomorrow and then we’re having dinner at my parent’s house for Easter! Everybody have a good weekend!


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