Back at the old CrossFit gym

I went back to my old gym today! Actually, I started out at the dentist, with some good news that my crown doesn’t need to be replaced (I’ve had it done twice in two years) and that my bite was just off! I’ve been having pretty severe temperature sensitivity and pain with pressure lately. So my bite was adjusted and he said within 6 weeks, everything should heal up and maybe I’ll be able to eat on that side of my mouth again!

Then I went back to my old gym (my third CrossFit gym that I was a regular at)! I had plans of becoming a CrossFit trainer there but then changed my mind because of my busy schedule, but went there for about 7-8 months before I moved. Despite the fact that there was a lot of drama between that gym and the previous gym I went to (among other things), it felt so good to be back there. I saw familiar faces and the ones that weren’t familiar were all so friendly. I had a good workout and at the end, one girl was still going for a long time, and it was so nice that every single person cheered her along! That is standard to do in CrossFit, but my gym now doesn’t foster quite the same environment. They’re a bit of elitists where I go now, so it’s a totally different feel. They produce a lot of Games competitors but I don’t care about all that mess anymore. I just don’t think that the gym I’m at now is the best fit for where I’m at with CrossFit anymore, but it’s super close and I’m leaving for travel nursing soon anyway, so I might as well just stay there for now. Anyway, I left feeling super happy about being back there and feeling “right” about the gym that I was at. I miss all three of my old gyms a ton. I’m hoping that when I travel, I can find a good CrossFit gym in each city to be a part of for my 13 weeks in each place. I’ll be celebrating my 5 year CrossFit-iversary in June. Maybe I’ll eat a cake for it. Kidding. I probably won’t even go to the gym for it.

Anyway, we did Nasty Girls today, which is 3 rounds of 50 air squats, 7 muscle ups, and 10 hang cleans. Instead of muscle ups, I did 14 pull ups and 14 ring dips for each set, which was nice of the owner since it’s normally 3x the amount of muscle ups (or whatever move you’re subbing for), but apparently they just did something similar so he didn’t want everybody to have to do so many pull ups and ring dips. I used 65# for my cleans and finished in 12:57.

I need to start studying again for my test tonight. Last night I just read blogs and then watched Real Housewives, so I never ended up getting much done. It’s dreary and drizzly out though so a nap with the Fluff is just calling my name. Considering I’m not being very productive though, I doubt I’ll have time for that. Boo.


5 thoughts on “Back at the old CrossFit gym

  1. I like CrossFit gyms like that~ really I think every gym should be like that and encourage people. The people who are taking longer to finish are usually the ones who need the encouragement the most rather than those at the front. Plus I like how that’s a community type environment. When I did CrossFit with my coworkers, we were all like that (we got to go for free one summer thanks to our job), but not all the classes at that gym were really like that and that’s why none of us joined it. It’s a lot of money to spend on a gym that isn’t enjoyable and fun.

    Good luck with studying. It’s nasty here and I just want to take a nap.

    • Yeah, I still spend the money down here because I know I need to keep going to stay somewhat in shape (since it’s hard to keep up that level of fitness for me at a regular gym), but it doesn’t feel like my money is as well spent going to this gym. Although, I also don’t go enough to really feel like a part of this gym, so it’s not ALL the gym’s fault 🙂

  2. It’s always nice to go back to a familiar place to old friends! Crossfit isn’t huge here in New England, the gyms are slowly popping up, I think there’s only one in my area. Though I’m sure there’s one in Boston, with a city that big, I doubt there isn’t one. It’ll be good to continue Crossfit while doing the nursing program because it’ll give you a chance to make even more friends outside of work.

    Oh, I liked last week’s episode of Parenthood when Joel started to miss Julia. Though he’s going to flip a switch when he finds out that she slept with that teacher. I can’t believe that Ryan is back. And the chick that now became Drew’s girlfriend, I don’t like her. I like him with Amy better.

    • I didn’t like Amy when she came back recently! I thought she was annoying! I don’t like the new girl either! I really hope Joel and Julia work it out but who knows what is going to happen! This week is the last one for the season though 😦 And I was hoping Ryan would just stay gone!

      • Amy didn’t deal with the abortion properly so they had to show that, but I like her the best for Drew. I think Joel still wants Julia but he’s being a bit of a bratt in my opinion about things. Ryan has his faults but him and Amber fit together well. I had a feeling he would return, but not wounded like that.

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