Quick list

1. Jon and I took a long walk last night since it was so nice out. It was my break from studying! I sort of wish I had gone for a run, but I think we needed to spend some time together and get some talking done, so it was worth it. Things are all better and I love him again (kidding, I always love him- but now I like him again too).

2. We watched The Wolf on Wall Street after our walk. I know, not really conducive to getting my essays done for my test, right? Oh well. For somebody who cannot sit still for a movie, it managed to keep my attention for 3 hours. What can I say though, I do love movies about sex, money, and drugs, so it was perfect. And Leonardo DiCaprio was my middle school love, so of course I was happy to see him for 3 hours. I literally had an entire wall dedicated to him when I was in 6th and 7th grade.

3. I’ve been craving kale salads. I bought yellow raisins from Trader Joe’s the other day and added them to my salads (I use kale, strawberries, olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic powder) and now I love them even more! Yellow raisins are seriously awesome. They make salads 100x better.

4. I’m missing CrossFit this week. I am just missing being active in general. I got really excited about going to the gym after work tomorrow but then remembered that we’re going to a Braves game when I get off work tomorrow. I have been too inactive this week!

5. Time for dinner and then sitting down for some Parenthood. Jon is out with one of our Army buddies (who happens to be the person who is “marrying” us at our wedding) so he won’t be home tonight for our Thursday night show together. Lonely.

2 thoughts on “Quick list

  1. I am watching Parenthood now too! Kinda cool huh? Glad you and Jon are into it too but sucks you can’t watch together tonight. I think going on a long walk is a lot of fun actually, sometimes even better than a run especially with someone special!

  2. OMG Parenthood killed me last night. I am stressed out beyond my mind so it doesn’t take much to get my bawling like a baby but I was like disintegrating on the couch to this last night, haha!

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