I need advice on this rug! Everybody! Come look!

Help me! I just bought a rug tonight (for $40- a steal!) and want to know if it’s awful! Also, let me preface this by saying that because Tom (the cat) had a tendency to pee on our carpet before we took it out and totally ruined my bath mat by peeing on it two weeks ago, I am super nervous about spending a lot on a really nice rug and then having him ruin it! So, while this rug may not really last forever, it should be a really good test run to see if we can even have rugs in the house or if Tom will decide they’re his new litterbox.

photo 1 (6)

I really want to stain that table a darker wood, which would help it not clash so much. Kind of like the color of the little stand in between the couch and the chair.

photo 2 (8)

 Also, I plan to get rid of all the pillows we currently have. I I want pillows that tie it together more instead of just being totally random, but those were what came with the couch.

photo 3 (9)

I’m also going to do a picture collage of all my worldly travels on that back wall in some colorful frames. Also, I did not pick up the plastic from the rug for the pictures. Tom thought it was too much fun. Oh, and that lamp is going to go. I hate it, but since I haven’t bought another lamp, it’ll have to do.

So guys, what do you think? And pretend that I may never ever ever get to staining that table. I mean, I’ve been wanting a lamp for the last 3 months and haven’t even picked out a lamp yet. And I’ve wanted to frame my pictures since I moved in back in June and haven’t done it. I don’t think I love it, but maybe I’m not used to the rug. I actually wanted that color for under the dining room table since I thought it’d go better, but round rugs are really hard to come by and I really sort of jumped at a $40 rug because of the Tomcat and his pee tendencies. I threaten to get rid of him sometimes but then Jon gets all sad about how I’d even consider getting rid of his buddy.

In other fantastic not-house-boring news, Jon and I had a little bitty date night tonight. I had planned on going to the gym but was actually wanting to hang out with Jon all day long. Since we’ve pretty much ignored each other for most of the week because I’m busy being irritated by everything possible, I figured I better jump at the urge to hang out with him. Also, I was tired and even though I literally sat on my ass 85% of the day at work (it was wonderful to have a day like that!), I was still just too pooped to go to the gym. Luckily that was my last 7p-3a shift on Wednesday night so I won’t be on this wonky sleep schedule, causing me to be exhausted like a grandma all the time. We went to this little gyro place that had a Scoutmob right by our house, so the gyro was free! It was also really good, except there were no french fries on it so it didn’t seem like a legit Greek gyro. Then I had to have ice cream, so we got that and wandered around Target while we ate it. I also bought pillow cases for the guest bedroom since Jon’s sister will be staying with us this coming weekend, but then I realized my bedspread is actually gray and black, not gray and navy blue. Guess I’ll be exchanging those.

I’m going to go finally work on some biology. I’m so boring. Sorry guys. Just kidding. I’m not sorry.

5 thoughts on “I need advice on this rug! Everybody! Come look!

  1. I actually like the rug. Am I weird? I’m not sure how I feel about the rug and the small chair but I actually don’t think the rug looks bad at all. I have terrible interior design skills though.

    • Haha, well two friends came over and they liked it too, so maybe we all just have really good taste. Yeah, I wasn’t sure about the rug and chair either. They’re almost too similar in patterns but as long as it’s not hideous, I think for $40, it’s an okay test rug!

  2. I like the rug. I don’t think it looks good in the same room as the patterned chair (although I do like the chair!), but otherwise I think it looks fine. $40 for a rug isn’t bad either.

    We bought all our rugs from Costco, they have decent prices for very nice rugs. I think it might have been one of those “travelling shows” they do, but if you have one there, it’s a good place for rugs (the memberships do cost but I’m sure you’d get your money back just buying a few things there, including household stuff like rugs).

    • I’ve never even thought to look there! We have a membership there already! I’ll have to look! Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it was too busy with the chair, but I thought maybe a pillow would help and we normally have a solid color throw blanket on the back of that chair too. Thanks for the input!

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