When doctors appointments ruin your workout

Sadly, no workout today 😦 I had planned on CrossFit and when I woke up at 11:30, it looked like a good workout! However, I got up to pee and was EXHAUSTED! I went to bed at 5am last night and although I get 6 hours of sleep all the time before work and feel great, something about sleeping from 5a-11a just isn’t the same (I worked till 3a last night- got home around 3:45). So I slept till 12:30 and missed CrossFit completely!

I had my appointment with an ENT this afternoon. I had planned on going there and then heading to LA Fitness for a leg day (yesterday I hiked Stone Mountain instead because it was just way too nice when I walked out the door!) but I wasn’t seen until over an hour after my appointment. I’m going to have to get this little tag cut out of my throat that keeps getting infected. The doctor asked if I wanted to be put to sleep for it which I really probably need (my gag reflex is pretty bad) but I was worried about having to pay too much out of pocket because I have horrible insurance. So, I’m going to attempt it while awake, which may be a little brutal. He has to topically numb it, inject it, slice it off, and then cauterize it. And it’s right at the base of my tongue all the way in the back of my throat. Yuck. Also, let’s just add to the money just dumping out of my bank account. I have a feeling I’m going to be paying quite a bit for this. (On top of my wedding and my escrow shortage, and I have a dentist appointment coming up and no dental insurance… uuuugghhh being an adult sucks, especially surrounding a wedding!)

I came home and paid bills. I’m typing this up in about five minutes and then will be off to finish up my biology and head off to lab tonight. I’m thinking about stopping by LA Fitness after class for a quick leg workout and a quick run, but I work tomorrow so we’ll see how I feel and what time I end up getting out of lab. We start our pig dissection tonight, so not sure how long it’ll take. I normally leave around 8, but class doesn’t end till 9:45 so it’s kind of up in the air! Not the best week for working out, but hey, not the worst one either!

I’m super excited that Saturday is almost here! Laura and I are going to Body Pump again in the morning and then having breakfast together, and then I’m hanging out with Gina during the day! I am just beyond excited to have some friend time! I really don’t understand people who just hang out with their boyfriends/husbands all the time. Really? Don’t you get tired of each other? I welcome my friend time with open arms and really wish I still had time to spend with my friends a lot more often (as opposed to once a week or every other week, and generally it’s something like going to the gym or just having lunch).

I’m rambling. Totally don’t have time to ramble. Off to finish up my biology!

5 thoughts on “When doctors appointments ruin your workout

  1. So sorry about the doctor’s appointment and the fact that you have to stay awake due to insurance and costs… I would opt for the same thing. I had a tooth pulled with the bare minimum anesthesia and I think it even surprised my dentist (tooth was impacted more than even he thought, and I probably should’ve had surgery to get it removed. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20). We also had to pay taxes and we have the dreaded escrow shortage too.

    So glad you get to hang out with Laura and Gina on Saturday. I am with you on always hanging out with dudes, Clay and I love each other and hang out a lot but we also have separate sets of friends! That’s healthy for a relationship.

  2. Ugh, I am so sorry. Apparently the theme of being an adult is that you never have enough money. Yay for us!
    Sad to report, I am that girl that actually spends 90% of my free time with my boyfriend. It is where I want to be, and I figure if thats what I want then that is what I’m going to do haha!!

    • Hey, if that’s what you want! I just definitely don’t WANT to spend that much time with Jon! I get so irritable if I spend too much time with any person for too long! And besides, when relationships end, it sucks when you haven’t seen your friends in a long time, so I always kept them close by.

  3. Ugh that stinks and I seriously do not understand how do so much with the amount of work you do too. You are seriously incredible.

    I would have to be put to sleep. That is honestly an expense I would need to pay for. They wouldn’t be able to do the procedure if I was awake honestly.

    • I really only work a normal amount of hours! Most weeks I don’t even work a full 36 hours anymore! I average 120-140 hours a month! It’s just those random nights that get me every so often!!! And my insurance company is total bullshit so I may not even have it done at all! So ridiculous!

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