Back at CrossFit

I made it to CrossFit yesterday for the first time in over a month! I was feeling really unmotivated but typically leave any workout feeling much better. Not yesterday. We did an 10 minute EMOM of 4 thrusters (I only did 45#) and 6 bar over burpees (where you jump over the barbell after your burpee). It was AWFUL! The thrusters felt like a million pounds and it’s been so long since I’ve done burpees that I was dying. I wasn’t the only one, thankfully. Everybody struggled with that big time and it looked so easy. Then we did an 800m run and 50 pull ups, which was way easy and I was done in 8:12. My upper body is sore today and it feels so good! I love being sore.

I came home feeling like I was going to puke and lacking any energy at all. I normally eat when I get home but couldn’t. I made a bunch of phone calls and aside from my Massachusetts nursing license, got everything else taken care of. I’ll be doing that tomorrow. Then I had class, which I was also exhausted for.

I had a little bridesmaids drama last night. Not even because of the wedding. I’m totally not like that. But just some issues with one of the girls in the wedding that we’ve been having (so really just friend drama). So we kind of got into a bit last night and it totally bummed me out. So my evening became really unproductive. Oops.

I slept till 12:30 today since I’m working 7p-3a. I woke up SO many times wanting to get up but forced myself to stay in bed. I just ate a tiny breakfast and am going to head to the gym for a run and leg day. I have a feeling I’ll be rushed to get out of here tonight before traffic gets bad but am hoping to get my biology done tonight before work starts, and I have a bunch of stuff to fax in to the tax commissioner and the board of nursing (you know, if that number actually works, since I never got the number listed for the BON to ring).

Since I haven’t done any WIAWhatever-day-of-the-week, I’ll do yesterday. It’ll be more like two random pictures of food I ate yesterday though. I actually had a biscuit with cream cheese for breakfast around 11am since I woke up at 10:30 and was going to the gym at noon.

photo 1-2

Probably ate my “breakfast” around 3. That’s a protein drink with chocolate almond milk too. Around 6:45 I ate my Noosa.


photo 3-2

Chili with ground beef and some other stuff at 9 after I got home from class.

That was it. Sure doesn’t look like much when I put it down, but I wasn’t hungry for anything I ate except for my chili. I typically eat less on days that I’m off cause I sleep in later, don’t eat much before the gym, and then have time for two real meals of the day cause I end up sleeping in. I’m not waking up in time to eat a full meal before the gym either. My sleep is important.

photo 2-2

Since I was talking about using new hair products, that was my hair last night with just my regular leave in conditioner (I use a TIGI one and an Aveeno one) with the Loreal anti frizz cream. It wasn’t humid at all yesterday so I didn’t use the mousse and curl cream. And that picture was taken while I was reading for class before it started, so excuse me not trying to take an appropriate selfie (just kidding, we all know I hate selfless).

Time to get dressed for the gym! Everybody have a good day!

2 thoughts on “Back at CrossFit

  1. Your food looks like a lot! I mean it’s really calorie dense and protein filled, which I guess is what you need with your exercise + goals. Plus the shake and unpictured noosa. White chocolate almond milk sounds absolutely delicious, I have never seen that in our stores…

    • Did I say white chocolate? It was chocolate! I don’t know what I was thinking while I was typing, haha. But that WOULD be good!!!

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