Weekly Roundup and Homeowner Surprises

My workouts this week included: 

Monday: 5mile run in 48:37, squats, deadlifts

Tuesday: 14 minutes of NTC abs and arms because I forgot my sports bra for the gym (and was not motivated to work out at home)

Wednesday: 2 mile run in 21:19 (AM run, totally not motivated either)

Thursday: 2.67 mile run in 27:32, squats, push ups, shoulder workout

Friday: Nothing at all! 12 hour shift

Yesterday was SO nice out! Jon and I had lunch together and then I came home and worked on my lab write up for class. I also happened to check the mail and see that my escrow has a shortage and a deficit of $1000! WAH! Talk about increasing my mortgage in this coming year. Even if I pay the shortage in full, my mortgage payment is still going to increase by $75 anyway this year. Aside from my leaky shower, this is the only other first thing that has made me be like, wtf- I should have rented. But I’m going to file for a homestead exemption this coming week so who knows what will happen with my taxes.

By the time I finished calling my mortgage lender (cause the letter was way too confusing for me), it was 3:30. I decided to get a quick work out in the living room done and do a 30 minute run. I turned around at 15 minutes and guess I ran faster on the second half (as always). I also almost got hit by a car, but not really. The driver totally would have hit me but I’m observant when crossing streets, so their failure to yield to pedestrians wasn’t that serious. In all fairness, I can’t hate on that woman because I once ran into a guy, but he was a black guy, in black clothing, in the dark. So maybe I can be hating on that lady for almost hitting me during daylight. I also had to stop at three lights for a long time each. I don’t normally go that route cause of the lights, actually. Oh well.

I had class last night for a whole hour. I love this lab cause the professor is so laid back and it’s so easy (I got a 108% on my midterm- really?!).

I worked for 12 hours today and was really steadily busy for the entire shift. Almost too busy, but not quite. I had plans of the gym afterwards, but no way. As soon as I sat in my car, that motivation was totally gone and the exhaustion set in. Besides, I’m going to Body Pump in the morning (I am SO excited to FINALLY try this class) and think I’ll do a few miles if I have time. I know that I need to be smart about running and that there really is no need to go crazy in my first real week back at running.

Tomorrow is CAKE TASTING for my wedding and then Jon and I are going to a wedding of a girl that I work with. I’m pretty pumped about the cake tasting. My mom and Laura (my maid of honor) are coming with me since Jon is going to a going away party for his friends. I’m in desperate need of friend time since I haven’t seen my friends in over 2 weeks and have only been hanging out with Jon (we were on vacation) or working. I need my girl time or I go crazy.

Okay, time to get changed, eat, and start working on my discussion postings for class. I’m exhausted and think Jon’s going to pick up a red box for tonight!

One thought on “Weekly Roundup and Homeowner Surprises

  1. BodyPump rocks. It’s my favorite class at the gym, a great workout… really different from CrossFit or regular free weight lifting. You’ll be hungry for that cake tasting too, it always gives me quite the appetite.

    Sorry you almost got hit by a car. It happens. Drivers out there are crazy though.

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