Cake tasting and Body Pump!

Today was cake tasting! Woohoo! I managed to start my day with Body Pump! I was really excited to get up and go for a run this morning, but I snoozed for an hour instead! Laura and I met at the gym for our first Body Pump ever. I actually really enjoyed it and definitely felt the burn, but by 45 minutes I was so over it. I’m used to CrossFit, where most workouts are done in less than 15 minutes and even the really long WODs are all under 50 minutes. Aside from the length of the class, I didn’t sweat really at all. My muscles definitely felt it, but I really like to work up a sweat! I do plan on going back for sure though. It was something different and since my goal is to be more well rounded in the gym, I think this class is a good choice. I’ll just run when I finish it on a regular basis, but today I didn’t have time and there were also no treadmills available! Who knew so many people got out of bed that early on a Saturday morning to go to the gym.

Then it was time to cake test! Thankfully I didn’t run since I made it just in time to meet my mom! Since Jon was busy today, Laura and my mom got to go. I’m actually glad it worked out that way because I’m really feeling the need to spend time with people other than Jon (I love him tons and love spending time with him- but I really crave time with other people too).

We went to Confection Perfection  for the tasting! We managed to decide on a cake, which is totally nothing fancy. My mom kept trying to get me to add some color but who really needs color on a cake? Not me. Or Jon. I was feeling kind of full from trying to stuff my face after my workout this morning so sadly, the cake tasting wasn’t all I’ve ever dreamed of. And I can’t handle that many sweets! But we made a unanimous decision to go with white chocolate chip, which I’m really happy with! It was so good and reminds me of white chocolate bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake which are my favorite cakes ever.

photo 4

My mom and me!

photo 3

Laura, my maid of honor!

I just got home and am going to a wedding for a girl I work with tonight! I have no idea who else from work will be there, but I hope there are at least a couple of us so we can hang out there! I’m about to change and make sure my hair is decent and then we’ll be on our way! Unfortunately, I work tomorrow so it definitely won’t be a late night out!

Also, I went to CVS today and found the following Loreal products on sale, 3/$12:


I’m really a hair snob and actually don’t even know when the last time I used Loreal anything was, but I’m giving them a try and so far, I’m happy! My hair is super hard to tame in the humidity, but it’s humid today and seems to be holding up! Also, mousse really makes a big difference in wavy hair, but I typically forgo it in the winter because it’s too drying. I like this one though and I’m hoping that between three different products, I’ll be able to manage the frizz and my hair won’t be a fro on my wedding day. So I’m basically testing out products now. And on day 1, am happy.

Alrighty, time to make sure everything is together for the wedding! Everybody have a good weekend!


5 thoughts on “Cake tasting and Body Pump!

  1. I love BodyPump but I do agree that sometimes the classes can get a bit long. The one I usually go to at my gym is called BodyPump Express and lasts 45 minutes (no shoulder, ab, or cooldown track). I do the full class occasionally, but a lot of times, once it gets to the ab track, I just leave because I generally do ab work most days of the week (since I work at home, I do it during little “I need to move” breaks from my desk).

    It’s definitely a good workout, but you may need more weight on the bar for it. If you tell the instructors at my gym that you’re a beginner, they start you off with the lowest weights possible if you’re a beginner to Pump (it’s like they assume it’s your first time exercising or something). Glad you tried it though! I definitely sweat in mine but that’s mostly because our group fitness room has such poor ventilation, bleh!

    White chocolate chip cake sounds so delicious! Ours was vanilla with lots of butter and very thick frosting. I didn’t pick it out, my MIL just bought it. I tasted the cake and didn’t like it all that much, but we had other non-wedding cakes there that I liked and enjoyed. Looks like you had fun tasting em all.

    • I was DEFINITELY feeling the burn! I had to go down from 7.5lbs to 5lbs and even the 2.5lbs a couple of times! I lift heavy for few reps usually, or I do a lot more just ground to overhead type movements, so it was really fatiguing on my muscles! So I did really like that! She didn’t seem to encourage much really with the weights at all. Just kind of said what she would recommend (medium weight, whatever). I really like our cake but really, some of the flavors I tried kind of sucked. Their plain chocolate one was not very good at all, but then some of the other flavors were great. Then again, I’m really not a big cake eater at all, so I’m no expert.

  2. That’s okay that you didn’t sweat, sweating is not really an indicator that you’re getting a good workout in. As long as it’s challenging and your heart rate is up, that’s all that matters. I wish my gym had a few classes, well weight sculpting classes.

    Glad you had a good time cake tasting! Yeah, I would be overwhelmed with all the sweets too. It sounds delicious what you picked out!

    Have you ever tried a keratin treatment? Or another smoothing treatment? I have curly hair and it reaaally tames it. It’s not permanent and doesn’t damage your hair. It does straightens out the curls a bit, so my hair becomes move wavy until the treatment washes off and it goes back to normal. I hate adding so much moose and gel, it dries it out, and with the keratin, I just add a simple styling cream and I am good to go. I hate my curly hair, so I like to stay on top of it to keep the curls away, the curls are SO much to handle. They require a lot of work.

    • I have looked into keratin cause my friend with super curly hair used a treatment and it was SO nice. But the good ones seem more expensive and I’ve tried just keratin hair products with no success at all! Mousse is really the only thing that really controls it at all once it’s humid. What keratin treatment did you do? Or was it at a salon?

      I know you can get in good workouts without sweating but I just LIKE the feeling of sweating when I’m at the gym! Even though my muscles may benefit from classes like that, I just don’t get that endorphin high without a good sweat and that’s one of my favorite parts of working out!

      • It was at a salon. Yeah they’re expensive, they can range from $200-$300 depending on the place. I found a place in New Hampshire that does it for $45, but it lasts 2-3 months as opposed to the 4-6 months than the higher priced lasts. But for $45, it works VERY well, just as good. It was at a Brazilian salon (the lady that did it didn’t speak English nor Spanish, so that was interesting), the owner had set up at the front of her house. I wouldn’t pay more than $200 for it and there’s groupons on it too. Then for shampoo and conditioner I use Global Keratin, I got it on Amazon, 1 liter, $20 for each. Since your hair is wavy, you don’t need something super expensive, it would probably make your hair dead straight for the first few weeks until it starts to wash out. I love it, I just wash it, add just a light cream and I’m out the door.

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