Slow run days and nursing licenses

I weighed myself this morning. 98.6. So I’m right around where I am when I’m not working out a lot, which I suppose is good, except I feel way smaller than I remember. My goal is 103lbs, mostly cause unless I really lift heavy a lot, getting to 105lbs is impossible. Those 2lbs are like a mountain to overcome. I’ve been drinking protein every morning, which I’m really not a protein person at all because I think you should just eat what you need in real food, but just to add a little bit extra to my day for right now. I’m using the 365 chocolate whey, which only has 16g of protein per scoop (I’m using 1-1 1/2). My Noosa yogurt has 17g of protein! So it seems a little crazy to buy something extra with less protein than I eat in a cup of yogurt, but I can’t eat that much yogurt or it’d upset my stomach. Sticking to one Noosa a day.

Yesterday morning I woke up around noon (I was working 3p-3a, so I slept in) and had totally missed CrossFit. Instead I decided to go for a quick run since my legs were so sore from Monday’s workout. It took me 21:12 to run exactly 2 miles. That’s really slow and also why I don’t run in the morning. I had no energy AT ALL! It felt like the longest two miles of my life (I kid- all of my PT tests for the Army felt like the longest 2 miles of my life). Then I worked all night and had a surprisingly easy shift.

I slept from 5-11 with a lot of interruptions. I had plans of CrossFit at noon but it was a 1 mile run (I’m sure there is more, but it’s not on the website). I decided to skip it so I can go for a longer run. So I’m eating breakfast and about to do my lab stuff since I have class tonight, possibly meet Jon for lunch if he texts me, and then head out for a run and maybe stop by the gym.

I need to go get a passport photo for my Massachusetts nursing license and also call the board of nursing about a million questions. I’ve realized Georgia is a really difficult state to have to apply for other licenses from with reciprocity because we’re way behind the times. Pain in my ass. And so is the $275 application fee. But Jon and I have decided not to plan a trip to Germany in December for our honeymoon (we’ll go in May instead) so that I’m not stressing about doing two back to back travel nursing assignments. Now I can hopefully enjoy a little more time with Jon over the first 6 months after our wedding!

Okay, off to be productive! It’s 55 and sunny so I’m dying to get outside for a run!


8 thoughts on “Slow run days and nursing licenses

  1. That’s crazy about having to apply for nursing licenses in various states and the massive amounts of fees. Does travel nursing cover any of the fees? Just wondering, crazy question that came to my mind I guess.

    Good luck with gaining weight. I’ve never had to or tried to gain, but I’m sure if I did I would use more protein shakes and liquid calories. I don’t think I could stomach enough food to do it without that, you know? Plus you CrossFit and run so you’re probably putting on muscle anyway.

    • I haven’t been doing much CrossFit lately but trying to at least do some weights more often! The companies SHOULD reimburse me. But I have to sign the contract first, and I’ve head sometimes it can be work to get them to cover your license, especially on a first assignment!

  2. Wow, that’s such a small amount of protein for a shake. Does that one make you bloated and sick as well?

    Have fun on your run! Jealous of how warm it is there.

    • That’s exactly what I thought! My last one I had was a mass gainer and it was 32g, I believe. But I felt SO bloated after it! And no, no bloating at all with the 365 one (but I do drink it first thing in the morning and tend to be able to tolerate things well without getting bloated during breakfast). Definitely don’t feel sick though and I mix it with chocolate almond milk and it tastes fine! And for 30 some servings was only $20, which ends up being way less than my yogurt costs per serving too, haha. It at least adds a LITTLE something, but since it’s not a ton, I’m curious to see if I end up gaining anything, especially since I’m also running more again.

      • Yeah typical protein powders come with 22-26g per scoop. That’s good that it doesn’t make you bloated! Maybe you can double the scoop? Or do a scoop and a half? That’s probably why you felt bloated because it was a mass gainer, those things make you retain soooooooo much water. Way more than just regular whey protein. The same with any creatine supplements, makes the number on the scale go up though.

      • Yeah, it was awful! I did gain FAST though, which is probably not going to happen this time! I did 2 scoops today at different times and 1.5 yesterday. And I’m really trying to eat more too, since I usually won’t eat unless I’m hungry. Trying to keep a steady state of food in my belly!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, isn’t applying for a license like an act of congress!! It is insane, but I am glad PT is not the only ridiculous one! Good luck with that, I am sorry you have to do it (from a person who truly, 100% understands)!

    • YES! And Georgia is SO HARD to do it with because you can’t verify any of our stuff online so I have to figure that out and the website doesn’t help at all. I’m off next week so I’m sure I’ll be on hold for a LONG time!

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