Bitchfest about work messing up my sleep!

Even a beautiful day isn’t motivating me to get outside and run. FAIL AT LIFE!

It has been months since I worked a 7p-3a shift (I worked one Monday night). I really forgot how much it messes me up for days! Last night, I took a nap in my car for 25 minutes before class at 7pm. Then it took me forever to fall asleep last night despite being absolutely exhausted. I have been having really vivid, awful dreams that something is trying to take over my body and I keep trying to get Jon to help me in my dreams but he can’t. It’s those dreams where you feel like you’re awake but you’re not. This is the third night I’ve had them. So I woke up freaked out and couldn’t fall back to sleep for another hour. Apparently vivid dreams are a sign of very early pregnancy (like, before you know you’re pregnant). So now I feel the need to double check that I am not pregnant.

Because of my sleep being so messed up, I was still exhausted when I got out of bed at 10 today (which is late for me). I just finished my biology paper and am about to read my book and post for my discussion so I’m not having to worry about it on Friday, which is the day I leave for Wisconsin! The paper caused me to skip CrossFit, but I told myself I’d run after my paper was done. But I really think I need to finish my biology before going shoe shopping with Laura today, causing me to skip my run this afternoon (I have to get my wedding dress altered so need to find shoes ASAP- and since I’m not doing white heels, I need to figure out my alternatives- either wedges or flat shoes- I don’t know!). Maybe tonight I can go to the gym and do a treadmill run. If I’m not still so tired. I don’t even feel guilty today for skipping a workout. I just don’t care. I really just want to sit and watch TV and then take a glorious nap.

I believe I put in for another 7p-3a shift the week after I get back in town, and I am already dreading it. I don’t even know if it’s approved or not, but it really does mess me up for days to have my sleep scheduled messed up so much. And it’s not even for a fun cause, like drinking alcohol and passing out drunk (just kidding- I don’t even consider that fun anymore). It’s for work. I wonder if this is a sign of old age to not be able to function for like, 4 days because I had to work till 3am (and fell asleep at 8am on Tuesday morning- which was the real problem).


I know thats look like a pile of throw up with apples sprinkled on top, but that was my dinner last night and it tasted amazing. All I wanted to do after class last night was go out to eat (I’m really on an eating out kick, although I still really haven’t eaten out that much) but I need to break those urges! So I cooked some apples in coconut oil in a pan, threw in some cut up deli turkey, a tablespoon of raspberry jam, and some goat cheese and there you go! It really was SO good and it was so quick and easy. I want some right now but need to go get apples from the store!

Blah blah blah. I’m so boring.


10 thoughts on “Bitchfest about work messing up my sleep!

  1. I couldn’t do those type of over night shifts, I don’t know how people can do them. Try to get some extra sleep to not exhaust yourself.

    You like to mix up a lot of different foods together. I feel like not so much of an adventurous eater. How is cooking with coconut oil? Sometimes I just do the PAM to avoid the extra calories. Although for beef, I always add the olive oil.

    • Coconut oil is awesome for you! All good fats! I use it a lot but also cook with olive oil (which you aren’t supposed to do but whatever- if I die from the smoking of the olive oil, then that’s just too bad). Sometimes I can taste the coconut flavor, but it doesn’t really bother me. With the apples, I can’t taste it at all. I actually don’t usually mix TOO many foods together. I like things separate usually, but I guess lately have been stepping out a little bit more. And coming up with super easy things to make and that’s what I came up with. But I had layered these things together before and made a sandwich type thing and was just too lazy to sit there and do that, so I just threw it in a pan. I’m actually eating the same recipe again.

      • Wait why is olive oil bad?

      • The smoke point changes the make up of the fat from being healthy to unhealthy. But I use it all the time anyway. I can’t remember specific details and the science right now, but it’s easily googleable. I’ve read numerous things about it on the internet and in some books on nutrition that I have.

      • Only to cook with above the smoke point! I don’t know if I specified that anywhere. It’s good for you otherwise!!!

  2. runninginscrubs

    I hear ya girl, I’ve been doing 7p-7as all week and my sleep schedule is WAY off.. I didn’t go in last night so I woke up earlier in the day so I could maybe sleep and am pretty sure I was still awake at 3..

    • It’s so frustrating! I don’t ever pick up until 7am because I think that would throw me off TOO much, but I am definitely not a person who is able to switch up my sleep schedule so much! It’s Thursday night and I’ve still been dragging ALL WEEK!

      • runninginscrubs

        I feel your pain, I’m prn so if I’m here 8 overnight I may as well stay 12 plus I walk so I’m not sure that’s the safest decision at 3 am haha my schedule is definitely out of whack though

      • I’m PRN too, but we’ve gone through a few months lately where we’re just fully staffed so there are no hours to pick up! Luckily for April, our scheduler let me cover 84 of somebody else’s hours, so I’m hoping that’ll mean I can get approved for 40ish other daytime hours without having to do nights. But I have 2 more shifts till 3am this month and I’m dreading them! AHHH! At least you live close by the hospital!

      • runninginscrubs

        Ah hope it all works out, at this point I’m so over night shift!

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