I’m just going to avoid talking about exercise in this post because that’s what I’m doing with it in my life.

I worked 7p-3a last night. I made the mistake of drinking coffee at 4pm and 6pm after my two hour long nap in preparation for working till 3am. I fell asleep around 8 this morning. Holy balls. Talk about a struggle to get out of bed. It felt like my eyes were made of sandpaper. So much for being productive, going to the gym, and getting my paper written today. #lifefail #fwork (Yup, I just hashtagged.)

I’m participating in #100happydays on Instragram. If you sign up at 100happydays.com, they will send you a book if you complete the challenge of posting one picture every day, hashtagged 100happydays. So I’m giving it a go. And realizing how boring and mundane my life really is right now. What happened to the days of having fun and hanging out 5 days a week with friends?! Why did I ever think being an adult would be fun?!

Just kidding. It is kind of fun sometimes. I get to hang out with my two cats and I have a fiance that really is pretty cool that I get to live with. But I do miss having an abundance of time to spend with my other favorite people.

I apologize (but not really) for this blog having absolutely no direction. I really set it up to be mostly about working out and schtuffs, but I just don’t work out as much as I’d like these days. But I still like blogging for myself- not really for other people. So I just write whatever I want. Speaking of why I like to blog, I googled my old AOL screen name, totally forgetting that I ever had a live journal with the same name. And the live journal chronicles my life from about 2004-2007. I read a few pages of posts and got to relive what an absolute, depressed, whiny little disaster I was at that age. So even if my blog about #100happydays and the other boring stuff in my life is no fun for you, it’s still fun for me to look back at how far I’ve grown in life.


I made these beauties the other day. Banana/plantain pancakes. Sadly, I only had two plantains and too many bananas. I prefer my pancakes with no bananas and all plantains. Ingredients include: canned coconut milk, plantains, bananas, coconut flour, almond butter, cinnamon, eggs, vanilla. I’m going to try these with sweet potatoes next. I bet I could melt goat cheese on them for breakfast if they were made from sweet potatoes and that would be even more heavenly. And these take so many eggs to make that I’m getting all that protein too. Side note: If you eat anything other than pure maple syrup, you are missing out.


Shopping with Crista. I didn’t buy much. I can’t afford much. (Who has 72 hours of work in March?! This girl. My WHOLE month of pay will be what I normally make in one check. Womp womb x100.) Also, during this trip, I became aggravated again at my size. I accept that I’m the size of a child. I do not accept the fact that people don’t make clothes for me. With the reception dinner coming up and knowing I should probably have a dress for our engagement photos, it just bums me out to realize that in order to find an adult dress that looks good on me, it will cost close to the $100 range. For a dress. And while I can occasionally find a good dress for cheaper in the juniors section, I don’t feel like the dresses I find are really appropriate for the things that you do in your late 20s. My favorite store ever is Banana Republic (I go to the outlet) because their PXXS fits me for perfectly. But Banana Republic is failing me on dresses right now, so Crista and I browsed through some at Nordstrom and found some really cute ones for really not cheap. I want something I feel good in though, so that’s next up on my list. And I know other people have issues finding clothes to fit their body type, but it is frustrating feeling like, as an adult, I can only find clothes that make me look like a child. (I don’t buy those clothes- I do dress like an adult- but don’t get me started on shorts.) Side note: This picture makes my roots really obvious. I don’t even know the last time I dyed my hair.


My handsome man at Mexican. I worked all weekend and Saturday night was set to be my study night, but Jon proposed Mexican. He only offered me Mexican because he knows I don’t ever say no to Mexican food. I am falling more and more in love every day with him, as cheesy as that sounds. I can’t even put into words how happy I am to be with him and how awesome it is to know that he will be with me as I grow old and my boobs start approaching my waistline.


End the post with those faces. Who can get enough of those two?! Not me. The good thing about having pets as opposed to babies is that pets stay just as cute for their whole lives. Granted, they’re cuter when they’re kittens (or puppies), but they’re also so obnoxious at that stage that I’d gladly take my adult cats over little kittens. Also, because you all are dying to know, Tom (the orange one) turns one this month.

Time to go at least pretend to work on my paper. I told my lab partner I’d bring the finished paper to class tonight but I have to shower in an hour to go to class, so that won’t be happening. I’m glad I graduate this semester cause my motivation is at 0%.


6 thoughts on “#100happydays

  1. Nice post I really enjoyed it!

  2. Those pancakes sounds delicious. I love plantains, green or ripped, boiled or friend. Yum! I stay away from them for the time being, especially when my mom makes fried ripped ones. I can eat the whole thing but I stay away. The melted goat cheese on the sweet potato pancakes actually sounds good. I usually like to put almond butter with a bit of honey on my pancakes, I just really love almond butter.

    My cousins have the same issues with shoes, they’re a size 4, so they pray that the store has a 5 and that it’s a small 5. One is around my height, but the other is 5’1″. So she feels like a child sometimes, though she weighs more than she should. Can you try online to see if they have XS on there? Usually you can return them at the stores.

    That Mexican food looks delicious!

    • XS doesn’t fit in adult clothing. I wear petite XXS if I wear women’s clothing (some stores I can wear just XXS- but most stores without a petites section don’t have those- Express did but quit carrying them), and the places that have that size are slim to none! I can wear XS in juniors clothing usually and for some things wear that, but for dresses, I just want more mature looking dresses for certain things. Very frustrating! I actually don’t like any nut butters or nuts, but will eat the butters mixed into stuff if it’s minimal. Nuts make me feel bloated so it works out, I suppose!!! I LOVE fried plantains! I really need to try and make them!

      • Oh wow, you have a small frame. That sucks about the stores. Especially with the crisis with obesity, American sizes have been going up so the people with the small frames, have to suffer because of that. It isn’t fair. I usually get my dresses from lulus.com which is a junior’s store but it’s a bit different in the styling. Maybe you can find something there? =/

        With plantains, you should google how to make tostones. It’s when it’s still green and you fry them. After they’re done, I like to add a pinch of salt for flavoring, not really needed. They taste really good with ketchup! Peeling them is tricky, I always hated it. The ripe ones are easy, you just cut them up and fry them on a pan with corn oil. People usually cut them up horizontally and in thirds.

      • I am definitely very small. And since I haven’t been lifting lately, I’m even smaller. It’s crazy. I’ll have to google that for sure. I could eat fried plantains all day long but only eat them out. I bet I could just throw them on with some coconut oil. I’m going to try it when I get back in town!

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