Gym time and snow preparation

Happy Monday! I had another horrible night of sleep last night because of being sick and it’s really starting to get old! Fortunately, when I got to work today, I didn’t see myself on the board at 3pm (our assignments are written on a whiteboard every morning) so I assumed I must be working over in the children’s ER. But I wasn’t there either! Come to find out, I was only working till 3pm today! I think I spent the first two hours of work being so happy about only having to work 8 hours today that my day really flew by! And I worked with one of my favorite doctors and it was a really good day for a Monday!

Since I got off early, I was able to make it grocery shopping since we’re expecting another snow (and I was planning on getting groceries today anyway). Whole Foods wasn’t nearly as bad as the pictures I was seeing on Facebook of Publix and Kroger, but they were still out of goat cheese crumbles, bananas, basil, and bacon. All staples (except basil, but I really wanted to make basil pesto chicken salad!) in our house.

I decided to take a quick nap before hitting up CrossFit tonight. I’m actually really surprised that I was able to drag myself out of bed to go to the gym! We did 3×10 back squats (93#) and then did a 1000 meter row, 50 thrusters (33#) and 30 toes to bar. I finished in 11:18. Not too bad. My quads were dying with all those squats and from yoga yesterday! My hip capsules are also super sore from yoga. How sad.

I’m finally feeling back into the swing of working out! After going through kind of a low point at the beginning of wedding planning, I’m finally starting to feel better. I was just feeling really down and I think the huge change of having to get married kind of put me into shock and made me test Jon a little bit. Also, I hadn’t spent any time with friends over Christmas break and I really need to have friends in my life to feel like a normal person. So I’ve definitely had to readjust some priorities to be able to actually hang out with my friends, which I really think has made a huge difference. Overall, my happiness has leveled out again and I’m really getting excited about getting back in shape. I’m excited that Gina will be going to yoga with me sometimes. I’m excited because I’ve been wanting to do Body Works at LA Fitness on Saturday mornings and a girl that I work with also goes to that gym and said she’d come with me on Saturday mornings! And Crista’s knee is all better these days, so she’s been able to run again too! We run about the same pace and similar distances, so the prospect of having friends to work out with is making me want to do it too!

Anyway, Jon and I just got home from a little date night to Costco. I’m about to start on biology. Class is already cancelled tomorrow and I’m really not sure what I’m going to do about work on Wednesday. I may end up at the hospital tomorrow night and having to stay until Thursday, but I really really don’t want to! Dang snow in Atlanta!

Have a good night, guys!


Awesome Sunday!

I ended up having a really awesome Sunday! So much that I’m going to forgo what I wanted to talk about and just talk about my day. After having another really horrible night of sleep, I managed to drag myself out of bed in time to make breakfast and head to the gym for a 10:15 arrival. I was hoping to run and get in some squats and deadlifts, but I figured I had left too late for that since Gina was meeting me for yoga. Right as I finished up a really fast 2 miles on the treadmill (which didn’t continuously tell you your distance and I hated it), Gina showed up. I was still super snotty but was able to breathe surprisingly well for being so sick. I’m sure running inside helped with that. We did our yoga and I wasn’t super miserable this time. This is my first time going at a regular gym and not at a yoga studio. Crista has managed to drag me along to random yoga studios a few times and I just hated it. It was all about breathing and they named all the poses and people were doing some crazy shit, but today it was way less advanced! I was still definitely shaking a ton, but people were pretty tame and I was able to do most of the poses. I still don’t like yoga, but I’m definitely going to try and go more often to really start working on my flexibility. But I didn’t even sweat. So that makes me feel like I didn’t get a real workout in (aside from my run).

After the gym, I called Crista to see if she was available. She was just down the road from me and was about to have brunch with Amy and Austin (a married couple she is friends with that I have met a handful of times), so I went over and we sat outside and enjoyed some brunch! The weather was perfect! I had on yoga pants and a long sleeved shirt and was comfortable! I really soaked it in because it’s supposed to snow again next week!

I left from there and went to Taco Mac to meet with Jon and his friend, Megan. We hung out for about an hour and then headed home.


I started studying on the porch when I got home. Tom joined me. I have been easily distracted still since Jon and I are trying to finish up the wedding invitation stuff and make sure the website is fully ready since people will be looking at it now! Now I’m about to get back to biology. I should have definitely spent more quality time with my biology this weekend, but the nice weather was calling my name! And it was really nice to be able to actually spend time with people too!

I’m hoping for a good week at the gym, but the snow is supposed to hit sometime tomorrow or Tuesday (depends on where you look) so I have no idea what will happen! I think on Tuesday, but I really hope it doesn’t get too bad! I have to work Wednesday and Thursday and we have our test on Tuesday night on campus at 7pm, so we’ll see. This winter has really sucked in Atlanta! We only have one big snow a year usually so two will really be inconvenient! And if I’m snowed in, no running and no gym! Womp womp.

Love Saturdays!

I have had such an unproductive day as far as studying goes! After spending all morning working on an essay for our test on Tuesday, I found the information when I sat down (finally) at 8pm tonight and rewrote the entire essay in 10 minutes. Ugh. And I’ve only done maybe 3-4 hours total of studying today. Not great. And that was mostly spent playing with the cats.

I noticed it was sunny out while making some breakfast this morning and was really excited thinking Jon would be home early enough from work to go to Stone Mountain with me! I was also really wanting to go sit outside at some cute place to eat somewhere new! Unfortunately, his first case started late at the hospital so he was there for almost the entire day. Luckily, Crista was able to meet up with me at Piedmont Park for an afternoon walk! I spent a good 45 minutes getting to the park because of a really minor accident on 85 and rubberneckers ruining my drive for me.


By the way, my hair looked really good today and I didn’t even get it in the picture. Like, really really good. Anybody with wavy hair knows how exciting that it.

Crista wanted to go for a run but there’s still no way I could possibly run with these sick lungs. So we enjoyed an hour long walk all over the park and then I had to head back home. My drive home was spent in an hour of traffic because of road work trying to get on 400 and I thought I was going to lose my mind. You know when you get stuck in road work traffic on a Saturday afternoon unexpectedly, after getting stuck in rubbernecker traffic on your way to your hour long walk in the park when you’re supposed to be studying for a test anyway? Irritating. But I managed not to be too insanely miserable because I could at least have my windows down today while my car was at a standstill.

Since traffic had me backed up, I had Jon drive my mom’s car up to their house and meet me there (my car has been all better so far, thanks to Jon for fixing it for me!). I had planned on staying for a few to look at their Puerto Rico pictures since they just got home today, but then my mom mentioned making French toast for dinner so we stayed! Sadly, I really don’t spend nearly as much time with my parents as I used to and I really should. Working with so many elderly people really makes me appreciate my mom and dad so I need to spend more time with them while I can! Also, my mom makes pretty bitchin’ French toast and since I don’t buy bread, it’s my chance to eat things I wouldn’t eat at home (like grilled cheese or fried egg sandwiches!).

As soon as we got home after dinner, I started back on biology. I found Jon asleep on the couch at 9 and then found him in bed at 10, so I guess he’s having an early night! I’m super excited because I’m meeting Gina at the gym for yoga in the morning! I don’t even like yoga but I’ve been kind of bummed that my first week of getting back into the gym for good was spent being sick instead! I think I’ll get there a little early and try to run at least 2 miles and maybe do some squats or deadlifts or something. And hopefully meeting her there will start my day off productively and I’ll stay on track with biology (that’s not going to happen).

Sick Saturday!

I’m still sick! i had to work 7a-7p yesterday and coughed all day long (which is the first day I’ve been coughing) and blew my nose every 10 minutes. By 5:30, my head was killing me! I went home and got in the shower. I sent Jon this message while I in the bathroom:


As you can see, he made it! Actually, it took over 30 minutes, but I didn’t care. I happily ate my 1,000 calorie cheesecake (or so I’ve heard rumors, but I’ve never checked that) and am hoping for it to go straight to my hips so that my wedding dress won’t need to be altered. After working on homework, Jon and I set out to start planning our honeymoon.

This trip planning is panning out to be difficult. I think Jon and I tend to make all things difficult. I have quite a bit of experience planning trips outside of the US and have a certain way I like to do it (well, Laura and I typically do it together). Jon is set on the things he wants. So I ended up telling him he can plan whatever he wants since this will be the second place he goes outside of the US and I’ve been traveling since I was 21. We’ll see what we come up with but no matter what we do, I’m beyond excited to travel at the end of the year! And we’re definitely going to Germany and the Netherlands, which I’m super excited about!

After our trip planning, I saw on Instagram that a girl downloaded a cat game on her iPad so of course, Jon and I had to do that same!


This game provided us with lots of entertainment last night. Kitty played for awhile and then Tom took over and followed the iPad everywhere! His favorite one is popping little laser pointers!

I just got out of bed. Slept in a little late but I think this cold continues to kick my butt a little. I’m back to coughing and sniffling, so I’m still holding off on the gym. Tomorrow morning I’m going to do yoga with Gina, which I’m pretty sure I can handle despite being sick (although my nose will probably be running nonstop). I really hope to feel better this week so I can start running and working out again! I usually am fine with continuing at the gym when I’m sick, but I haven’t had a cold with so many symptoms in as long as I can remember and I’m getting such bad congestion headaches this time around! Ah!

Alright, time to get some biology done! Jon and I have to go take my mom’s car back to their house later and maybe we’ll enjoy this beautiful day for a little bit before coming back home to study phylums and chordates and vertebrates. 




Traveling the world!

I’m feeling a little better this morning! I napped for 30 minutes last night and woke up feeling totally horrible. My head was killing me from laying down when I was so congested and I could barely sleep. By the way, I am the worst sick person. I don’t complain much to other people, but to Jon? I sat next to him on the couch, sniffling and giving him the pathetic “I’m siiiiiick” over and over. “Can you cook me dinner please? I’m siiiiiiiick. My head hurts.” I think I got it from my dad. When my dad gets a cold (which isn’t often), you would think he had both of his legs amputated. Or maybe I like to try and milk it because when I was little, my mom was so awesome at taking care of us and now I want Jon to do that too! Which he does take care of me, but he needs to step up the sympathy like my mom did.

I don’t want to get everybody jealous here, but the sun just started coming through all the clouds! Maybe I’ll muster up enough energy for a run today! I really want to go, but I can’t take a deep breath without coughing so it may not be smart. And I have a ton of biology to work on since I have a test next week. Woe is me.

I’m really dying to travel. 


Those are some of my top places. Boston, Alaska, Hawaii, and Utah (I’ve actually been there in Utah- it’s Zion National Park). I love Atlanta and really have no desire to ever move away for good. I moved a lot when I was younger and feel like this is home. I have a feeling that Jon and I will move away from Atlanta at some point, but I think both of us want to live near family. My friend makes $18 an hour to babysit. There’s no way I will pay a babysitter an arm and a leg when I have family!

Anyway, I just need to go explore! There really are few things I love more than getting to go to a new place (well, aside from coming home from my trip and cooking my own food and sleeping in my own bed and not living out of a suitcase). I really love going out of the country, but after driving to the Grand Canyon two years ago, I realized that there is still so much in the United States that I haven’t seen! And while I still agree with my old way of thinking, which is that it’ll be much easier to see the US whenever we have kids and way cheaper, I’m excited to be able to do travel nursing to explore some of that now! And travel nurses typically make a lot more money, so I’m really hoping to save enough to go on more vacations out of the country over the next 2-3 years. Our honeymoon should be Slovenia, Germany, and Holland. I am dying to go to Iceland. Laura wants to go to Maccu Picchu. I want to go to Finland, Sweden, and Norway. Ireland… The beaches in Thailand. New Zealand! Japan (maybe with New Zealand). There is so much out there to see!

Okay, I have to go work on biology and stop dreaming. I just wish that travel nursing wasn’t so far away (it’s in June of this year but feels like an eternity!) and that I wouldn’t have to leave Jon at home! I dream of the days of being home with Jon and having my days off for myself, so that I could work out and cook us dinner whenever I want! But then again, if we’re only 2-3 years away from having kids, then I need to do this now, especially since Jon is in school and will only be focusing more and more on school over the next few years.

Okay, have a great day, everybody!

Workout plans no more :( Sick week!

I’m actually a little bummed to report that my Fitness February didn’t start yesterday. While I was working on biology in the morning, I noticed that I was starting to feel increasingly worse. I ended up napping from 11:10-12:15 and finally dragging myself off the bed to go grocery shopping. After that, I was going to run and head to the gym. Nope. With every hour that passed, I continued to feel worse.

The good news is that I had time to cook yesterday since I was feeling too sick to work out! I also decided to get a picture of what $127 worth of groceries buys me:


Enough wild caught cod for two people and two pounds of chicken included.

I still hate cooking but was actually excited to be making our food again! I hate getting into the habit of eating out because when you always eat out, it’s just so hard to want to eat at home. I used my new kitchen stand (/super old but recently brought home from the storage unit) as my recipe/Pandora stand:


I’m excited to stain this darker!

 I made these amazing breakfast muffins:


Bacon, egg, cheese, hash brown! SO GOOD!

I also cooked up some shredded chicken in the crockpot, some sweet potatoes for breakfast, cooked chicken for stir fry, and cut all the stir fry veggies up.

By the time I finished, I had about 45 minutes until I had to go to class. I did a quick workout with 10# weights at home first since I had skipped the gym. Then I managed to get to campus early enough to study two chapters. I got home and was feeling exhausted and lazy so all I did was watch TV and go to bed.


Tom has been so cuddly lately! He just laid in my arms while I watched TV.

I didn’t get much sleep cause of congestion and my sore throat, unfortunately.

I just got home from work today. As a quick lesson I’ve learned in my years of nursing, it’s that IV drugs are really never a good idea. Nothing like dragging an unresponsive, totally blue young kid out of a car, presumably due to overdose. But there’s nothing quite like the excitement of somebody running in the front door and saying they need help and having it actually be a legitimate need, either.

My original plan was to go to CrossFit tonight but I’m really not feeling it at all. As much as I want to get back into the gym, I spent most of my day nauseous and now I’m blowing my nose every ten minutes and coughing and sneezing a ton. So instead, I think I’m about to shower and nap and then start on my biology.

Hopefully by this weekend I’ll be able to get back to working out and running. Maybe I won’t set any fitness goals anymore because clearly once I do, my body feels the need to intervene.

School and gym time!

Today is my first day off of Fitness February. I’m not actually calling it that, it just seemed to go while I was typing. I wrote down a pretty do-able workout schedule where I run 3-4 times a week, depending on work (since I try not to run 2 days back to back- my body isn’t ready for it yet and I always end up in pain).

I noticed two days ago that my throat was starting to hurt where I have this growth of sorts. I’m not sure if a section of my tonsils was missed during my tonsillectomy years ago, but I have an area that looks puss filled and it gets infected regularly these days. I need to make an appointment with my ENT to have it checked out, but honestly, I had been thinking my throat was included as an exclusion with my health insurance, but I think it was just my sinuses. Anyway, I already started on antibiotics because I need them to get rid of the infection, but then I woke up and my entire throat hurts.

I also feel somewhat congested and am totally lacking an appetite. I may end up skipping CrossFit today (I can go tomorrow and Thursday to keep up with my twice a week) and going to LA Fitness or just for a short run. Or both. But I’m not sure I feel like dealing with CrossFit today. That way, if I feel totally out of it while I work out, I don’t have to feel like an idiot if I quit early.

I addressed wedding invitations last night! I planned on doing it for 15 minutes so I could get homework done, but then I was on a roll so I just kept on going! I finished all but about five or six because I was waiting on Beth (my step grandma) to send me the addresses of my aunts and uncle since my parents are out of town. We should be sending them out tomorrow! I plan to work on the caterer this week too so we’re checking things off the list! My sister is going to try on the bridesmaid dress tomorrow so those should all be ordered this week too!

Other than that, not much is really happening around here. I need to get back to biology today since I still need running/gym time, then to Goodwill to drop some bedding off, and have to grocery shop and cook, as well as go to class tonight! So my day is full! I can’t wait till I’m done with school and my days off are actually free days! Three more months! (Feels like forever!)



Bridesmaids dress shopping and goal setting

What a weekend! I finally made it to CrossFit on Friday during the day, after having a productive morning cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen floors! I ran out of time to do much more. I had a horrible Friday at work. I’m really burnt out from work, school, and wedding planning. I felt frustrated and overwhelmed the whole time. Mostly overwhelmed with frustration for the stupidity of some coworkers.

Saturday I had big plans of waking up and running with Jon, but instead I slept in until 11 and then went bridesmaid dress shopping! Crista, Laura, and Gina came since my sister lives in Wisconsin and Kassie was at a cabin over the weekend. We had a successful trip!


Me, Laura, Gina, Crista.

We decided on the dress fairly easily and then decided to go eat lunch together at Fresh2Order. I feel like I’ve had that place way too much lately but I love their chicken.




After lunch, Crista and I headed out to Home Goods to get a shower curtain rod. I found a new table for the living room so I was super excited and a new quilt for the guest bedroom! I’m not positive that I totally love the quilt, but it’ll match gray walls and it was only $35, so I’m calling it a win.

Saturday night, Jon and I went out to Bottle Rocket for a double date with Alex and his wife, Crystal. We deployed with Alex, although I think he was at a different base than us so I didn’t know him that well. I really only know him from lunch on drill weekends. It was a good time, however it really made me feel like we need to be saving money (especially after buying new house stuff earlier in the day!).

Maybe it’s just me, but I definitely miss the days of Jon working full time and being able to spend money on whatever we wanted! Actually, I’m pretty sure Jon feels the same way. Sacrifices.

Today I had to work form 11-7. I’m thankful for a really good day at work! After my day on Friday, I felt totally burnt out just walking in the door. I just got home and Jon is at a Super Bowl party. He invited me, but I think I’m just going to shower and relax instead. Tomorrow is back to schoolwork all the time.

I think tonight I’m going to work on setting some goals for February. I want to start running 4 times a week. Probably 3-4 mile runs with one longer run on the weekend or my day off. For most of the month, I work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’d really like to stick to CrossFit twice a week and then I want to try and go to LA Fitness twice a week. I want to try and get into yoga as one of my LA Fitness days (I’m going to my first yoga class this weekend with Gina at the LA Fitness downtown) and maybe doing Body Pump on Saturday mornings and doing a run after. Since this month seems a little slower as far as work goes, I’m really hoping that it’ll work out. I know I set goals a lot and then I ignore them 4 days into setting the goals, but I need to get in shape for this Gate River Run next month!

Okay, I think I might shower and relax for a bit. I should get back on track with schoolwork, but I don’t think I’m going to tonight.