Running and CrossFit on a BEAUTIFUL day!

I AM SO HAPPY! Guys, it is 66 degrees and sunny out! This is like my dream day! Except everybody else is at work cause it’s Tuesday and I have a test to study for. But I love this weather so much that not even that can bring me down! Sadly, my March schedule is really rough and I’ll be in Wisconsin for a week of it, so my days like this are feeling limited before we head back into fall. What a pessimistic way of thinking. That’s me. 

ImageYup, I included a picture of the trees outside my house and the awesome sky cause I love it and I can!

Last night I worked until 7pm and managed to actually go to the gym afterwards! That is the first time I’ve ever gone after getting off at 7pm! I was totally bummed when I walked in and saw how packed out the gym was! I always go during the day on my days off, so I’ve actually never experienced an evening at LA Fitness. I was not a fan at all! I did a quick mile run and then walked an incline for 1/2 mile. I didn’t want to run too much since I did 4 miles the day before and am really trying to take it slow this time around. I had planned on doing some legs but the machines were full and all the squat racks were packed out, so I just stretched and headed home. Not anything super great for a workout, but at least I made it there and got one mile in, right? And I signed Jon up for the gym, so I really hope that he’ll use it. I mostly did it for weekend mornings so that we can drag each other out of bed to head out to the gym, and he’s been making some changes lately to try and get back to living a more active lifestyle which I think is awesome!

I spent my evening doing homework, blah. I’m so excited to graduate in May but also not very happy that I missed the deadline for graduation by a month and it’ll cost me $100 extra (from $30-$130, ahh!). I just found that out yesterday, by the way. I’m a transient student for this class that I’m in, so I never check my actual UNG email, which is where my degree is going to be from. Explains how I missed it, but I’m still bummed about $100 when I’m saving for a wedding and honeymoon (and need to buy a laptop for travel nursing).

Anyway, this morning I got up at 9:30 and started studying right away. I also looked up the Bacon Chase 5k because I love bacon and I like running, so what would be better than all you can eat bacon after going for a run?! But it’s $40 per person and I draw the line at the amount of money I’m willing to spend on bacon. Jon and I can go run a 5k for free around the neighborhood and then eat an entire pack of bacon (that I know is nitrate/nitrite free) for $5. I’m starting to realize that spending money on running is just not going to happen for me between the amount of money I already spend on LA Fitness and CrossFit every month. Until that 1/2 marathon, I’ll be running for free.


My morning. Womp womp.

I headed to CrossFit at noon and we did:

8 min EMOM (every minute on the minute)

Squat clean followed by a thruster, x2. I did 63#

3 rounds for time (12:57)

400m run

10 kettlebell swings (35#)

15 push ups

20 walking lunges with KB

I was seriously so pumped to do this outside. I think I’m probably affected more by the weather than your average Joe. It’s serious. And this weather has me seriously happy. I would love to go running in it but I want to wait until Thursday to run again since I’ve gone twice this week and my test is tonight, so I can only give so much time to being active in one day. The rest of the day will be spent on my bum, reading about genetic drift and morphology.

I was planning on heading to Starbuck’s for an afternoon outside of studying, but I think I’m just going to make a nice cup of my Keurig coffee and sit on my porch. I really need to prepare my essays for the test I have tonight at 7pm and then I’ll be coming home to finish up my biology lab write ups so that I can hang out with Laura after work tomorrow!

Alrighty guys, time to be productive! Hope you all have a good day!


And just to leave you guys with a cute picture of how Tom cuddles my face every. single. morning.



3 thoughts on “Running and CrossFit on a BEAUTIFUL day!

  1. The weather affects me too. I can’t imagine living in a colder climate where more people experience SAD. I like warm weather and am glad to live in the South. It is like 70 here today and very beautiful and I also ran. I’m glad you made it to the gym and don’t blame you not to sign up for that Bacon 5K. It sounds like a fun event, but I never sign up for one based solely on the food bc sometimes they will run out, or it just won’t be as good (catered food isn’t). Sometimes it’s just fun to run a long training run and go out for a really delicious breakfast, anyway :).

    • I’ve never done one with food before, but I’ve really only done maybe 4-5 before. And those were about $30 each. I just don’t want to spend money at this point on it. I think later it’ll be more important to get used to getting up and running them but not right now!

  2. I think Sacramento got voted with the best weather in the country. Always nice out and the west coast has less humidity.

    Good job on getting to the gym! Yeah, I always hate going when the gym is packed and it makes it difficult to get to the equipment that you want. I remember in school, the gym opens at 7am and there was a line of people there! You weren’t even guaranteed a squat rack. Weekend mornings were always slow and the best.

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