Snow Day #3 of the year

Last night was a super early night! We headed to bed at 9pm (in our separate beds- Jon is still way too sniffly for me to sleep with) and got up just after 5 so Jon could take me to work before heading in. On the drive to work, Jon got called out for the day. I worked a really slow 4 hours this morning! We had three patients come into the ER and one was having her baby, so we sent her over to L&D! At 11, I was supposed to relieve another nurse, but they had rabbed him (meaning cut him from the schedule) and never told him! He didn’t want to go home at all, so I got to go home instead! I probably should have stayed since it was such an easy day, but I didn’t! I hung out at work till Jon was able to come get me!

The roads aren’t awful yet. Some ice. Some slush. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it back to work at 7am tomorrow! Unfortunately, the hospital is completely full since everybody is sleeping there and I’m not all about sharing sleeping space with other nurses. No thanks!

We stopped at Waffle House on the way home (snow day bread doesn’t count!). While I was washing my hands, Jon said the manager was counting eggs and said, “5 eggs… 3 eggs. 7 eggs!” Not 7. That’s 8. And then when we went to leave, the lady ringing us up told the girl who wrote our ticket that $9.25 plus $.55 doesn’t equal $10. Uh… Clearly Waffle House isn’t staffing the smartest people.

As we were driving home, we got on a residential street to avoid the on and off ramps from the highway and a man was walking in the middle of the road (literally on the yellow lines)! It’s icy out and that’s the place you choose to walk?! Any car could hit a patch of ice and run that guy over! I was so tempted to tell Jon to stop so I could tell the guy what an idiot he was being! People is dumb, they is rilly rilly dumb. 

Clearly there will be no gym time today. The city is shut down except for hospitals and Waffle House. A girl I work with said she passed the Waffle House Rescue Team on her way to work today, haha. We were shocked that such a truck exists. And it’s still icy out so I won’t be running either! Class is cancelled again tomorrow so maybe if it’s not bad, I’ll make it tomorrow! Or else I may pick up a full day at work since I got sent home early today. Who knows!

I’m going to watch a Lifetime movie, nap in this dreary weather, and then get some biology done! Woohoo! Fun day, huh? 


One thought on “Snow Day #3 of the year

  1. I love snow days because they’re always me days, though I hate that everything is closed. Enjoy it! The winter is ending soon thankfully. And yeah, that guy should really not be walking in the middle of the road. It might be illegal to walk in the middle of the road so if a car would hit him, he would automatically be held responsible for it.

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