Gym time and snow preparation

Happy Monday! I had another horrible night of sleep last night because of being sick and it’s really starting to get old! Fortunately, when I got to work today, I didn’t see myself on the board at 3pm (our assignments are written on a whiteboard every morning) so I assumed I must be working over in the children’s ER. But I wasn’t there either! Come to find out, I was only working till 3pm today! I think I spent the first two hours of work being so happy about only having to work 8 hours today that my day really flew by! And I worked with one of my favorite doctors and it was a really good day for a Monday!

Since I got off early, I was able to make it grocery shopping since we’re expecting another snow (and I was planning on getting groceries today anyway). Whole Foods wasn’t nearly as bad as the pictures I was seeing on Facebook of Publix and Kroger, but they were still out of goat cheese crumbles, bananas, basil, and bacon. All staples (except basil, but I really wanted to make basil pesto chicken salad!) in our house.

I decided to take a quick nap before hitting up CrossFit tonight. I’m actually really surprised that I was able to drag myself out of bed to go to the gym! We did 3×10 back squats (93#) and then did a 1000 meter row, 50 thrusters (33#) and 30 toes to bar. I finished in 11:18. Not too bad. My quads were dying with all those squats and from yoga yesterday! My hip capsules are also super sore from yoga. How sad.

I’m finally feeling back into the swing of working out! After going through kind of a low point at the beginning of wedding planning, I’m finally starting to feel better. I was just feeling really down and I think the huge change of having to get married kind of put me into shock and made me test Jon a little bit. Also, I hadn’t spent any time with friends over Christmas break and I really need to have friends in my life to feel like a normal person. So I’ve definitely had to readjust some priorities to be able to actually hang out with my friends, which I really think has made a huge difference. Overall, my happiness has leveled out again and I’m really getting excited about getting back in shape. I’m excited that Gina will be going to yoga with me sometimes. I’m excited because I’ve been wanting to do Body Works at LA Fitness on Saturday mornings and a girl that I work with also goes to that gym and said she’d come with me on Saturday mornings! And Crista’s knee is all better these days, so she’s been able to run again too! We run about the same pace and similar distances, so the prospect of having friends to work out with is making me want to do it too!

Anyway, Jon and I just got home from a little date night to Costco. I’m about to start on biology. Class is already cancelled tomorrow and I’m really not sure what I’m going to do about work on Wednesday. I may end up at the hospital tomorrow night and having to stay until Thursday, but I really really don’t want to! Dang snow in Atlanta!

Have a good night, guys!


2 thoughts on “Gym time and snow preparation

  1. My back is always sore after starting up yoga, I wish my gym had fitness classes.

    Friends are always good for gym motivation! Plus it let’s you be social while getting fit. Good luck with the snow!

  2. I’m glad Clay and I aren’t the only couple who goes on dates to Costco… hehe. It’s one of my favorite stores actually. Glad you didn’t have to work for long, got to the gym, and also had a good day. Stay warm and safe with the snow heading toward ATL!

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