Sick Saturday!

I’m still sick! i had to work 7a-7p yesterday and coughed all day long (which is the first day I’ve been coughing) and blew my nose every 10 minutes. By 5:30, my head was killing me! I went home and got in the shower. I sent Jon this message while I in the bathroom:


As you can see, he made it! Actually, it took over 30 minutes, but I didn’t care. I happily ate my 1,000 calorie cheesecake (or so I’ve heard rumors, but I’ve never checked that) and am hoping for it to go straight to my hips so that my wedding dress won’t need to be altered. After working on homework, Jon and I set out to start planning our honeymoon.

This trip planning is panning out to be difficult. I think Jon and I tend to make all things difficult. I have quite a bit of experience planning trips outside of the US and have a certain way I like to do it (well, Laura and I typically do it together). Jon is set on the things he wants. So I ended up telling him he can plan whatever he wants since this will be the second place he goes outside of the US and I’ve been traveling since I was 21. We’ll see what we come up with but no matter what we do, I’m beyond excited to travel at the end of the year! And we’re definitely going to Germany and the Netherlands, which I’m super excited about!

After our trip planning, I saw on Instagram that a girl downloaded a cat game on her iPad so of course, Jon and I had to do that same!


This game provided us with lots of entertainment last night. Kitty played for awhile and then Tom took over and followed the iPad everywhere! His favorite one is popping little laser pointers!

I just got out of bed. Slept in a little late but I think this cold continues to kick my butt a little. I’m back to coughing and sniffling, so I’m still holding off on the gym. Tomorrow morning I’m going to do yoga with Gina, which I’m pretty sure I can handle despite being sick (although my nose will probably be running nonstop). I really hope to feel better this week so I can start running and working out again! I usually am fine with continuing at the gym when I’m sick, but I haven’t had a cold with so many symptoms in as long as I can remember and I’m getting such bad congestion headaches this time around! Ah!

Alright, time to get some biology done! Jon and I have to go take my mom’s car back to their house later and maybe we’ll enjoy this beautiful day for a little bit before coming back home to study phylums and chordates and vertebrates. 




2 thoughts on “Sick Saturday!

  1. Yeah I googled the calories within those cheesecakes awhile back and they’re actually that high in calories. The plain one starts at around 800 and it just keeps going up with the more stuff you add to it. The slices are so big though, I wish they had some that were half the size.

    Ah I want to go to Germany some day.

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