School and gym time!

Today is my first day off of Fitness February. I’m not actually calling it that, it just seemed to go while I was typing. I wrote down a pretty do-able workout schedule where I run 3-4 times a week, depending on work (since I try not to run 2 days back to back- my body isn’t ready for it yet and I always end up in pain).

I noticed two days ago that my throat was starting to hurt where I have this growth of sorts. I’m not sure if a section of my tonsils was missed during my tonsillectomy years ago, but I have an area that looks puss filled and it gets infected regularly these days. I need to make an appointment with my ENT to have it checked out, but honestly, I had been thinking my throat was included as an exclusion with my health insurance, but I think it was just my sinuses. Anyway, I already started on antibiotics because I need them to get rid of the infection, but then I woke up and my entire throat hurts.

I also feel somewhat congested and am totally lacking an appetite. I may end up skipping CrossFit today (I can go tomorrow and Thursday to keep up with my twice a week) and going to LA Fitness or just for a short run. Or both. But I’m not sure I feel like dealing with CrossFit today. That way, if I feel totally out of it while I work out, I don’t have to feel like an idiot if I quit early.

I addressed wedding invitations last night! I planned on doing it for 15 minutes so I could get homework done, but then I was on a roll so I just kept on going! I finished all but about five or six because I was waiting on Beth (my step grandma) to send me the addresses of my aunts and uncle since my parents are out of town. We should be sending them out tomorrow! I plan to work on the caterer this week too so we’re checking things off the list! My sister is going to try on the bridesmaid dress tomorrow so those should all be ordered this week too!

Other than that, not much is really happening around here. I need to get back to biology today since I still need running/gym time, then to Goodwill to drop some bedding off, and have to grocery shop and cook, as well as go to class tonight! So my day is full! I can’t wait till I’m done with school and my days off are actually free days! Three more months! (Feels like forever!)




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