List for Thursday

1. I’m making a list because I don’t want to put much thought into a real blog post.

2. I should be studying for my biology test right now. That’s next on my list.

3. I hate salads but had a good one with just lettuce, goat cheese, shredded chicken (that I made in the crock pot), and Asian sesame dressing. Maybe I’ll decide that I actually really like salads. Or maybe not.

4. I want to make dinner tonight. First time in forever if I do. I can’t believe that I’m about to say this, but I kind of miss cooking.

5. I got my mom’s car from work! I’m not trapped anymore! Now I just need to get my car fixed.

6. I don’t want to go to the gym AT ALL today. CrossFit is open again, but I don’t think I want to go. I’m considering going to LA FItness and working on squats today. Or skipping the gym entirely. I need to make it a priority again, but I’m seriously lacking motivation. And we’re running a 15k in March so I seriously need to get back to running. My schedule opens up in February (I work NO overtime, my paychecks will suffer) so I hope to be on a better schedule when it comes to the gym and running.

7. I put in an application with my first travel nurse company! I’m going to apply for my licenses next week to Utah and Massachusetts. I hope either state will be where my first assignment is. I have another company that I need to apply with. The girl who is traveling with me is supposed to be coming to visit in April for a weekend! I can’t wait to meet her in person and more importantly, I can’t wait to travel around the US!

8. Nashville wasn’t on last night because they were too busy fighting on the news about whose fault it was that Atlanta had a mass exodus on Tuesday. Get over it, guys. Stop arguing during Nashville! And now I can’t figure out how to watch it and am pretty sure I put a virus or something on my computer trying to watch it this morning.

9. I’m having serious travel fever. Serious serious. I didn’t leave the country at all in 2012 (that’s what happens when my travel friend has to go to too many out of state weddings) and after my trip to Croatia and Italy this past summer, the travel bug was reignited. I’m dying here, guys. Jon and I are doing a three week European trip in December for our honeymoon and I can’t wait that long. But I also can’t spend money going out of the country when we have a wedding and honeymoon coming up. I think I’m just going to have to plan our honeymoon and a trip for May of 2015 to Iceland (my dream vacation!) or Machu Picchu (Laura’s dream vacation). I was going to save for grad school but I just can’t do it. I need to see more of the world! 

10. Dove Caramel Chocolates are my weakness.

11. I also drink too much coffee these days.

12. I still haven’t cleaned all the glue off the wood floors. It’s been over a month. That’s how much I don’t want to do it. I should be doing that instead of writing in my blog but I’m not going to. I also need to clean the bathrooms. I read an article that the key to a happy marriage is hiring a maid. I wonder how much a maid costs. I’m kidding. Our house is 1131 square feet. I would feel totally useless as a human being if I hired a maid to clean our tiny house. But then again, I wouldn’t have to clean the toilets ever again or the pee that men manage to dribble all over in front of the toilet.

13. I think I’m finally going to get to see friends today! Once Jon gets home from work, he’s going to take me downtown to see Gina and Kassie. Although I have a car again, the roads downtown are questionable cause of the tall buildings blocking the sun. So he’s going to take me down there.

14. I must go study now.


6 thoughts on “List for Thursday

  1. I want to travel too, I’m thinking the next place that I want to go to is California, but I need to find someone to drag along with me. Do you want to come to Boston for nursing? I would suggest there rather than Western Massachusetts, though Western Mass does have its charm.

    Have you tried Hulu or watching it on the network website? That’s usually how I catch up on shows. If your cable network has OnDemand you can try searching on there too.

    • OnDemand keeps referring to all my DVR’ed episodes, which is just the stupid news. Maybe if I delete if off my DVR, THEN the new one will pop up OnDemand! I think I’ll try that tonight! Hulu didn’t have the new one yet.

      Yeah, I want to do Boston for travel nursing. The place I applied to just started a contract with a level 1 trauma center up there. I know that they have a big public health program out of UMass, I believe, in Boston. So I’m wondering if that’s the university that they pair up with for residency. Who knows! But I’m super excited!!!!

      • Sometimes it takes an extra day or two to pop up on OnDemand. I would just go straight to the network website, they’re usually the first to put up new episodes.

        Which UMass? There’s five of them, I went to UMass Amherst which is the biggest and most known but that’s in western Mass. UMass Worcester is the medical school while UMass Lowell has the best nursing program. UMass Boston isn’t that good and doesn’t have much progtams from what I gather, no one ever talks about it. Boston is a beautiful city and Massachusetts General Hospital is suppose to be one of the best. I think you’d love it, besides the cold weather but you get used to it.

      • I know somebody in the public health program at the one in Boston, which also has an online MPH program that I had looked into as well. I would assume that the medical school is the one who must work with the hospital to make them a level 1, since it’s required that all level 1s have a teaching program. The recruiter didn’t tell me the name of the hospital there though, so I’m not sure which one it is! I just want to go to Boston cause the girl who lives there posts such pretty pictures! If we can’t get that as our first assignment, we’ll wait till it’s warmer there to go back! We’re not doing snow for our travel assignments! They’re only 13 weeks, so we want to stay for June, July, and August and then probably head south again!

      • Haha yeah staying the summer would be a good choice. Though the fall is really beautiful here and no other place in the world has leaf foliage like New England does so if you had to stay until October or November I would! We don’t get below 40° until December so the fall is comfortable weather.

      • That’s good to know, actually! I am trying to be home by the 1st week in December so that could actually work!

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