Snowpocalypse Day 2

I’ve had quite the lazy morning! Instead of getting tons of schoolwork done last night and today like I had planned on, I spent the time watching Real World and Teen Mom. Can I just admit to my embarrassing love for Teen Mom and Real World? You know when your mind is so full of mush from having to concentrate on biology and you’re exhausted from taking care of patients for 12 hours and then you get home and want to kill your fiance for messing up your nice, clean house?! Me too. And when that happens and I’m overly stressed, I really just want to watch stupid drama on TV because it’s mindless. I don’t have to think about anything other than how stupid people can be. It’s wonderful. And Jon even watched Real World with me last night while we drank wine and cuddled under blankets. I asked him, “Aren’t you so glad I’m not crazy like these people?” and he said, “Yeah, but I’m concerned that you like watching these crazy people.”

I was wide awake at 8 this morning and considered getting up, but it was so warm in bed. I cuddled with Tom for an hour and then fell back to sleep until 10. I managed to drag myself out of bed and go for a 7 mile walk around in this snowy weather.


It was really windy on just that specific street!


Most of the bigger streets seemed okay, but the back streets were pretty icy. Along my walk, I met up with a middle aged woman who decided to turn around walk with me to try and see 285. I saw on the news that it was gridlocked, but people seemed to be moving fairly well. We talked about our condos and the weather and then she turned around and I continued my walk alone.


This is actually the street that I live on, just south of 285 (I live about 1/2 mile up the road from here). The road was closed off from all other cars because it obviously turned into an icy, abandoned parking lot for cars. Most of them were unscathed, but a few had run into each other (there’s a little pile up in the front there). When I was walking down the hill, two cars decided to go around the road closed sign. One young woman decided to try and make it up and icy hill at a really low speed. All bad ideas. She slid down the hill, right into a perfectly good car that had parked on the side of the road. A passerby asked her, “Are you okay?” and she screamed, “NO I’M NOT OKAY!” Well, you probably shouldn’t try to take your little bitty car around the road closed signs and then try to drive up an icy hill. As I was walking by the on ramp for 285, cars were driving in the wrong direction to get back off the highway. Looking east on 285, I could see tons of trucks just parked on the highway. And then my walk ended back in my nice warm house! Thankfully I didn’t bust my ass on the ice, although I was close multiple times. It was just a sheet of ice under the snow for most of my walk

I had some breakfast after and watched some more Real World. Now I’m finally about to start on my homework. Jon is off work already (must be slow at the hospital!) but he’s running coworkers all over the place since he has a Jeep with four wheel drive. I’m hoping he comes home and keeps me company sometime soon! I get cabin fever really easily.

I may do a few arm exercises at home later on today. I’ve been doing them a little more than usual lately since I have to wear a wedding dress in four months and don’t want my arms to feel like little bony things protruding from my body. I’ve been really sporadic with eating lately and have been going to bed hungry out of sheer laziness, so I’m going to have to get my act together so I don’t lose weight.

Anyway, everybody have a wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse Day 2

  1. I am the same way. I like to watch mindless TV, movies, and read tons of mindless books. It’s a great destresser for me. Though when I’m heart broken I like to watch crime shows, particularly about seriel killers, I can’t even kill a spider but how their minds work is interesting.

    Wow they should have added sand, there was none added to that road. I know that it’s the south, but cities, towns, and the state should be always prepared for the worst to help out civilians. I’m pretty sure you know this, but just incase, don’t put your car on drive but on 3 or 2 depending on how severe it is. The sun will melt it soon.

    • My mom’s car is stuck at work and mine isn’t working (I was borrowing hers!). No driving for me! Cities in the south just don’t spend money on equipment that they will MAYBE use once a year! So I get not having salt truck and snow plows! We just don’t need them! But they should have shut things down much earlier than they did! This is the first time we’ve waited so long to close the city down and it showed! 5.5million people left their jobs or school within a 2 hour window yesterday! No good!

      • Yeah it doesn’t make sense to buy a whole lot of snow equipment. Even here some places refuse to close down with a foot of snow. Like I had a final where it snowed about 10″ and the university refused to close down in the middle of the blizzard. I almost drove off the road.

      • That’s insane! Schools are closed through Friday at least here! Thankfully! No class this week!

  2. I love watching mindless shows like Teen Mom and plan my treadmill time around em. It’s fun to watch TV with a point but sometimes you just want something playing in the background, especially something like Teen Mom that always makes us feel so much better for not going crazy in life like Janelle :). It looks like you had an interesting walk, I’m glad you’re at home and okay in ATL because I’ve seen all the craziness on the news there, yikes.

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