Wedding woes

It’s been a busy last few days. I’m back in school and worked all 12s on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday so my nights were spent studying and being exhausted.

Jon and I had been planning on having a May wedding (very short notice), however, one of his groomsmen will be gone the first two weekends in May. That second weekend is when almost all of the venues are still available so it cuts out almost all of our option. Because of that, we basically have nowhere to get married. We have a list of probably 30 venues now that won’t work and a list of two that we are waiting to hear back from… I have two more to contact tomorrow.

There’s a venue I love (online, anyway) that isn’t super far and looks beautiful. However, it’s $1,000 more than we were originally wanting to spend on a venue. At this point though, I’m just so frustrated by the whole thing that I just want to spend that $1,000 so we can be done with this mess. We do have the money to put towards a wedding, I just feel very set on not spending a ton of money on one day! And the dress is already about $300 more than I wanted to spend!

This has been really stressful. I managed to find a dress I love today but it’s not suited for a winter wedding at all. It’s a summer wedding dress (because of the fabric). If we do a May wedding, I have to buy the dress by next week to make sure it can be altered if need be, but we don’t even know when we’ll be getting married.

We’ve been struggling with what type of wedding we want and what would work and what we should have (we both know what we want, it just doesn’t work with the other two in there). I really don’t want to elope at all but am honestly just so over all of this already. We have fought more over this wedding than anything else. I feel little bouts of depression come on because I’m realizing I’m not going to be able to get the type of wedding that I want unless we wait until spring or fall of 2015. We already will be married long before then, which we can hide and then I’ll just feel like I’m lying, or we can tell people and then I feel stupid for having a wedding after being married for so long.

I know planning a wedding is stressful, but I don’t feel any joy about this at all. I obviously want to marry Jon and want to celebrate with our friends and family and have a special day in a pretty dress, but if it has to take all this stress and arguing then I don’t really want it.

I don’t have anything else to say. However, if anybody else is trying to plan a wedding and running into the same things, at least you’re not alone!


5 thoughts on “Wedding woes

  1. I’m sorry to hear how frustrating that must be. Hopefully one of the other venues works out and you know can chat with me anytime! I would be annoyed so much honestly with all of that. I really cnanot even imagine.

    • It is SO frustrating! And it’s completely time consuming! I know we’re kind of rushing it but the thought of prolonging the stress makes me want to just elope, which I don’t even want to do at all! But I have a venue I’m seeing at 2 today that sounds promising so CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

  2. Yeah my cousin keeps on saying how stressed she is about her wedding in September. I guess that’s why so many people hire wedding planners but then that’s just more money gone. Things will workout, I’m sure of it. Hopefully a venue will come through. I think a lot of brides feel the same way that you do but come that day, they’re just full of joy.

    • My mom asks me why I don’t hire a wedding planner about 50 times per conversation. I keep trying to explain that we’re trying to do this low cost and we don’t want anything fancy at all! So once we have the venue, it should all start falling together much more easily. And I have people for the wedding day who will be dedicated to keeping things flowing!

      • Yeah a wedding planner is best for a big giant wedding. That’s good! The more support the better! I’m looking forward to hearing about your big day.

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