WIAW and my first tricep workout since the rhabdo

I decided to go ahead and do a WIAW (from Tuesday, on Thursday). I already recapped my Tuesday without food so here’s just some quick pictures.

photo 1-2

Two eggs with spicy brown mustard (DO IT!), mashed sweet potatoes with goat cheese, and mango slices for breakfast around 10am.

photo 3-2

After a quick workout and running some errands: Slice of colby jack cheese and a few slices of Boar’s Head Tuscan Turkey, and then stir fried veggies made with coconut aminos. I think this was around 4ish. 

photo 4-2

Green Mountain Gingerbread K-cup with So Delicious French Vanilla Coconut creamer with my meal.

photo 1-3

I actually ate this in my car at 6:30 on my way to class while I sat in tons and tons of traffic. Noosa honey yogurt. My favorite.

photo 2-3

Dinner after class around 9pm: Apple slices, same veggie stir fry with coconut aminos, except with chicken this time.

Wednesday was spent working. I had hoped to get off work at 3p because the WOD at CrossFit looked really good, but I ended up being “called in” (I was already there anyway) from 3p-7p. So I got home around 8, did a short workout at home and watched my online syllabus review for biology, and then watched Nashville before bed.

Today I ended up getting called off of work from 7a-11a. They called me while I was getting dressed, so while I tried to fall back to sleep, I calculated my missed pay for those 4 hours because they would have put me into overtime pay for this week. While I wallowed in poor self pity (I kid), I managed to drift back off to sleep. I still went to work from 11a-3p, which was so insanely easy. The slowest day I’ve had in months!

I went to a new LA Fitness tonight right after work. It’ll be my new gym for Tuesday and Thursdays before class. It was actually a really big gym! It just kept going and going! They had the Precor EFX machine which my gym doesn’t have. I think I liked it better than the regular elliptical cause I felt like my butt was getting a better workout. I only did it for about 15 minutes and then went to do my standard hand stand push ups. I haven’t done any tricep work since the whole rhabdo thing, so this was my first attempt. This is actually really my first full day where my triceps weren’t bothering me at all. Anyway, I fell flat on my head once I got into a handstand and couldn’t get back up. I read that rhabdo leads to muscle weakness so I’m a believer now. I can easily do anywhere from 15-20 hand stand push ups before needing a break, so I was totally shocked not to even be able to get one. The gym was super busy so I felt intimated by walking around and finding the things I normally like. I also noticed at this gym, a lot more guys were making eye contact with everything but my eyes… I’m not a big fan of being checked out while I work out at all. I find it awkward. So I didn’t end up doing a ton but at least I went! I didn’t even get there till 5pm tonight because of getting out of work late and running an errand, so I hope to get there before so many people are there on the Tuesdays and Thursday to come! Although I have a feeling I’ll end up hating my schedule on Thursdays if I work (because I’ll typically be up from 5am and not getting home till 10:15pm), it is sort of nice that it forces me into the gym for awhile. And as long as I get out of work on time and don’t have errands to run, I think I’ll have plenty of time to study and to get a workout in!

The gym worked out perfectly because it took me about 10 minutes to get to campus after! Much better than the 1hr and 50min drive on Tuesday! My biology lab was over pretty quickly and this professor seems so much better than mine from last semester! I was so excited to get out at 8:30 (it ends at 9:45) that I left my book in the classroom! I realized that I left that stupid $250 book in the classroom when I was almost home and then I had to have security come let me back in! So I made it home around 9:30 tonight and Jon was cleaning, so I ended up cleaning until Parenthood came on.

I’m off work tomorrow, so I’m definitely going to CrossFit, getting started on all this biology work, grocery shopping and cooking (I work Saturday, Sunday, and Monday- all 12s!), and then I’m wedding dress shopping with my friends! Woohoo! I should be looking at some venues next week and hope to find a good one so we can book it! May is coming fast!

I actually have more I want to say that includes more than just a “blah blah blah, I woke up at this time and did this, blah blah blah” but it’s 11:30 and I’m tired! Now that Jon is back in school, my computer time is severely limited! Maybe tomorrow!

photo 2-2

To end this with, here is our new mantle! The lighting is weird cause the porch door was open. That’s my Croatia picture (I carried that thing ALL OVER CROATIA AND ITALY- and it was impossible since I’m 5′ tall!), my little wooden face guy from the Grand Canyon, and the wine bottles are our two bottles of wine from Italy and our engagement champagne. I’m not positive that those things will be staying, but it’s a start!


2 thoughts on “WIAW and my first tricep workout since the rhabdo

  1. Glad you made it to the gym! I love huge gyms that has a ton of different equipment. The gym at the school I went to was three floors and just amazing. The one I go to is tiny and just has the essential, but it is only $10/month so I can’t complain too much. Wish they at least had a stair master and a row machine.

    I hate I miss school but every time someone writes about it, I start to miss it. I need to sign up for my GRE’s.

    Ah wedding dress shopping! That’s so exciting! Hope you tell us all about it! Maybe some pictures? I love wedding dresses.

    Your house must be looking gorgeous, look at that floor! It looks amazing! Love that painting!

    • Wow, $10 a month! That’s awesome! I honestly barely use any of the equipment! But I like bigger gyms cause OTHER people use the equipment and I still have that uncomfortable feeling if too many people are working out around me. Haha, I HATE SCHOOL! I wish I was done! And I will post some pictures I hope! I’m pretty excited, actually!!!! And thank you about the house! It’s still looking a mess to me, but it IS coming together! I think when I get rugs I’ll feel better about it!

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