Productive Monday!

I’ve had a really productive day so far, despite sleeping horribly last night! I had a class at work at 8 this morning since we’re updating our charting system. It was supposed to go till 11 and then I was on call from 11-3. Our class ended up at 9, so I went to Target and PetSmart up by the hospital (otherwise I would have sat in traffic for so long!) to get litter, cat food, and some other essentials from Target. I also found a shower curtain that I think I want for mine and Jon’s bathroom, but I didn’t buy it yet. Since my supervisor said staffing still looked good, she didn’t need me for my call hours!

I came home, changed into running clothes, and went running. It was an off day! I forgot my phone holder so I had to keep my phone in my shorts, which I hate doing. Then I started running and realized I forgot my iPod. It was windy… And I got 5 minutes into my run and my MapMyRun said I had gone a mile! I’m wondering if it had to do with the clouds! Anyway, I made it 15 minutes and then decided to walk. Once I started walking, I enjoyed the scenery for about 2 minutes until I started thinking about a budget.

Jon registered me for the Hot Chocolate 5K this morning, which was my idea, but I had decided not to do it and didn’t tell him. With so many expenses coming up, I didn’t want to spend over $100 for it! And the only reason I even wanted to do it was because they had XS hoodies and I love the hoodies! Come to find out, Jon registered me for it ($110 for two people!) and they’re out of XS hoodies! The only reason I wanted to run it! Initially I had actually wanted to start running a race every month until I make it to a 1/2 marathon but financially, I just can’t do that right now. But he had already registered by the time we talked, so I guess I’ll be running it!

After my “run,” I debated going to the gym for a shoulder workout. CrossFit had a good WOD today but my arms are still messed up so that’s out of the question, unfortunately. I have 10# weights at home and we’re supposed to have a nice rainfall today, so I decided to do a shoulder workout at home and skip the gym. Definitely don’t want to get rained on while grocery shopping again, which happens all the time cause it rains all the time here (one day I’ll quit bitching about the weather).

So I headed to Whole Foods and then to Kroger. Got a bit of food. Since classes start again this week, I can’t really make us a nice family dinner on Tuesday and Thursday anymore. I’m hoping I got some stuff that Jon will make himself though since he typically relies on me for food (I make his lunch for work so he won’t buy lunch at the hospital!).

Tonight Jon and I are going over to his friend’s house for dinner. I’ve only met them once and I don’t really love going to eat at people’s houses. At least not till I’m comfortable! I’m so picky with food that it’s hard for me to do that, but Jon hangs out with them fairly often so I should probably get to know them more!

Until then, I plan taking a quick nap, showering and getting ready, and I’m hoping to go to Lowe’s to pick up mineral spirits and some wood putty so I can get the floors finished today and tomorrow if at all possible! I also need to cut up all my veggies for the week and plan out a budget. Boring. Oh, and do my shoulder workout.

Everybody have a good day!


3 thoughts on “Productive Monday!

  1. Productive days are the best. Glad that you got to go home and be able to get a lot of things done. It’s been raining a lot here strangely enough. Yeah I sometimes hate eating at other people’s houses unless it’s my relatives. It’s even harder when the other people aren’t from your culture and you don’t know what to expect to be at the dinner table. Hopefully it’ll be something you enjoy! Hope you have a good rest of your day!

  2. Those hot chocolate races cost so much. I do not get it at all. I’m sorry to hear they are out of XS hoodies. That has got to be annoying. I would be interested if you talked more on budgeting. I’m really trying to work on that now since I’m jobless.

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