Skipping the gym and starting school

I had a really lofty goal today: going to the gym after work. I don’t think I have ever gone to the gym after getting off work at 7pm. I don’t like going to LA Fitness when it’s busy and I also just want to get home at the end of the day! But I only worked from 11-7 today so figured it’d be a perfect day to just get in at least 45 minutes at the gym!

Nope. After being busy at work for the whole 8 hours and not eating till 5:45pm, I lost all motivation. I was so tired for the last 45 minutes of my shift. I was even invited to go ice skating tonight with my friends which I would love to do and I said no. I seriously just wanted to come sit on the couch and do nothing.

Oh well! I’m off at 3 tomorrow, so I’ll either go straight to the gym after or go to CrossFit! I think I’ll do a few shoulder exercises tonight with the weights I have at home and then spend some time stretching before Parenthood comes on tonight! I really need to dedicate more time to getting flexible. And if my couch is within eyesight, it’s kind of like coming home and sitting on the couch. Right?

I’m feeling a whole lot of dread about next Tuesday when my biology class starts! Even though I have been super busy over the last month, I can’t tell you how nice it has been not to be in school! Despite being slightly stressed about how much housework there is to do, there is never studying looming over my head! And it has been so nice to be able to spend time with Jon without worrying about all of his studying too! I’m also dreading it because class is from 7-9:45 on Tuesday and Thursday nights and I’ll be sitting in at least an hour of traffic to get to that campus (the night professor at the campus one mile from my house is supposed to be an absolutely horrendous professor so all of us full time working people from my last semester night class are going to the other campus to take the second biology)! And then getting home around 10:15, just to wake up at 5am the following day for work. Womp womp. But I’ll finally have my bachelor’s degree in May. At 28. About time.

Well, now that this exciting post about my lack of exercise and dread of the upcoming semester is over, I’m going to go start working out these shoulders for a few.

9 thoughts on “Skipping the gym and starting school

  1. Our days are what we make of them, life can be overwhelming at times. Keep at it, stay focused and it will all be worth it.

  2. I don’t blame you for skipping out and you’re on your feet a lot at work moving around, it gets exhausting. At least you’re managing to do something while at home. I hate school so much but I do miss it sometimes being a full-time student. The semester will fly by quickly and it’ll be over! The spring always goes by faster, especially once the nice weather hits.

  3. I was also in the same position with school. I had several night classes because I worked full-time during the day. I was difficult and at times either my work suffered or my grades suffered, but when I got my degree in the mail it made it all worth it. I also hate working out at night. I’d rather get up and 3 am, make my way to a 24 gym and work out in peace than to go at night during prime time. I also feel exhausted after work so, unless I’m doing Tae Bo at home I don’t work out after work. Keep up the great work. You’ll have that degree soon 🙂

    • My grades haven’t ever suffered thankfully, but I definitely get really burnt out at the end of the semester! I CANNOT wake up early to work out! I just can’t! I think I woke up once or twice to work out before my 11-11 shift back in the day, but I was ready for a nap already as I was pulling into work!

  4. runninginscrubs

    I know that burnt out feeling, it sucks! Are you in school or online? I’m looking to start back as soon as my nursing program ends!

    • I did my ASN-BSN online, but I never took biology with my associate’s so I have to go to class to finish up the biology class. I plan on going to grad school after doing travel nursing for awhile and getting more experience and deciding for sure what I want to do! I had wanted to go to NP school but realized after nursing for 2 years that I don’t want to do patient care long term. So now I’m between going for public health or management. Long answer, haha!

      • runninginscrubs

        That’s awesome! I’m planning on getting my NP after school and everything but first I need a job and even before that I need to graduate, so first things first haha

      • You may end up wanting to stay a nurse for a little while! I know a lot of people who planned on going right back but decided to get some more experience under their belt! You pretty much come out of school with zero confidence! But it’s a fun journey!

      • runninginscrubs

        Haha I’m expecting that, just trying to be open 🙂

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