I CrossFit, brah, cause I’m cool like that

Let me talk about something I find irritating (because I like to complain and I like people to know how I feel!). I love CrossFit. I love it so much that I’ve done it for 4 1/2 years (with some breaks for various reasons). I think it’s a great workout and a great way to lose weight. I highly believe in HIIT and I also support the Paleo diet (after a ton of research- I was completely anti-Paleo when I first heard about it and was a vegetarian for 13 years). I love the community. I love good gym owners who have the heart to train you. (I do hate bad gym owners who overlook teaching people proper technique.)

However, I’m so sick of reading about CrossFit (I know, I’m writing about it). Over the years, I’ve known a lot of people to jump on the Paleo bandwagon. Most are actually still with it. But every time somebody jumps on the bandwagon, that’s all they want to talk about. I get it. It’s fun. It feels good to PR. But I kind of feel like it’s lame to buy tons of CrossFit gear and I hate the “Strong is the new skinny” or whatever it is.

First of all, I hate that people focus so much on what’s attractive. I also hate when people put down being skinny. I hate when people put down being curvy. I don’t necessarily hate when people put down being overweight because there are health risks associated with it. But don’t worry, I think it’s just as annoying to be overweight and inactive as it is to be skinny and inactive. I just disagree with being inactive in general. But why when you start doing CrossFit do you really feel the need to wear some shirt that talks about how sexy it is to be strong? Like, cool, everybody wants to be strong now. But did anybody ever actually go around wearing shirts that said, “Skinny is the new sexy” implying that everybody wanted to be skinny? It’s just dumb.

It’s dumb when people want to start eating Paleo and don’t research it. If you are taking the time to change your diet drastically, don’t you want to know why you’re doing it? I read tons and tons and tons of articles and 3-4 entire Paleo books before deciding to change to eating Paleo. I do think it’s just as dumb to change to any diet for any reason without doing research. Your diet fuels your body. You should know and understand why you’re eating the way that you do!

I don’t get the point of making your life all about CrossFit. I don’t get the millions of status updates about your WOD. Oh, and also, I hate when people say, “Want to come WOD with me?” WOD means workout of the day. Does, “Hey, you want to come workout of the day with me?” even make sense? NO! I don’t get posting pictures of you in your new CrossFit shirt. It’s a new shirt. The world cares just as much about your new CrossFit shirt as they do any of your other new shirts. Not at all. And it’s just as silly when all you want is new shirts for Christmas that talk about how cool you are because you do CrossFit. I do own CrossFit shirts from competitions that I was in or from the gyms that I go to. That’s it. Do people wear shirts that say things like, “Running.” Not really. And if they do, they probably don’t think that it makes them look nearly as the people running around in their “CrossFit” shirts. I have effectively PRed in Under Armour tank tops and Nike spandex with no logos. I know. I don’t even own anything Reebok. Who would have thought that was possible?

I find it the most frustrating when CrossFitters put down other forms of exercise. Yes, HIIT has actually been proven to be very effective at weight loss. That’s HIIT. I’m a promotor of HIIT. If you want to do HIIT at LA Fitness, then go ahead! Even when I went to this new CrossFit gym the other day, I said I’d been working out at LA Fitness and got a “yeeeh,” like, how awful! Isn’t the point of working out to be fit? Why is my way of being fit better than your way of being fit? Oh, duh, because I do CrossFit. (Also hate it when people say, “I CrossFit.” You DO CrossFit. It’s not like people run around saying, “I yoga! I yoga! Do you yoga?!”

Clearly, if you have a blog and you want to make it all about CrossFit, then do it. A blog is your own personal space to talk about whatever you possibly want. You can write your opinion freely because it’s your space. I support CrossFit blogs. I support running blogs. I support blogs about dating or whatever you want to blog about. And I’m writing the things that annoy me in my own blog cause I can!

(And by the way, I’m totally going to be one of those people with a 13.1 stickers when I run a half marathon. Oddly enough, CrossFit bumper stickers don’t bother me, as long as they represent your gym.)


9 thoughts on “I CrossFit, brah, cause I’m cool like that

  1. I hate strong is the new skinny and all that “fitspro” mess. Most of the girls in those pictures are still relatively thin. You’re extremely strong, but you’re thin. So am I. That’s just how our bodies are made and genetics, not something you can really change. We can put on muscle but we have small frames.

    I tried CrossFit and it wasn’t for me, but I’m not opposed to it or any of the workouts. Mainly it was the box I went to (they were very pro-paleo, some of the trainers really opposed other methods of fitness… I just got a bad taste of it from a few people there). I do feel like Reebok and brands have capitalized on it. You can crossfit in any brand of clothes or shoes. Ultimately it is not about logos. I also feel like that Reebok CrossFit stuff is ridiculously overpriced ($60 for a pair of shorts? Um, no… you can get 2 pair of Under Armor or Nike shorts for that when they’re not even on sale).

    If you run a half, definitely get the 13.1 sticker! I waited until I did 4 to get one, haha. No shame in rocking the sticker out.

    • Reebok is INSANELY expensive! The clothes don’t even seem like anything special. I haven’t invested in anything but I’ve tried a few things on and didn’t like any of them. I do spend a good amount on my Lulu shirts because they’re awesome for running and I owned a ton of other type of long sleeved shirts that I never found comfortable. But I really think people just wear workout clothes cause it’s cool. I can’t wait till I get my 13.1 sticker!

      • I think more sorority girls than runners wear Nike tempo shorts now!

        With Reebok, I think their brand was doing poorly before the CrossFit deal. I’ve never liked their shoes or clothes for running or working out. So I guess the CrossFit line is their way to come back, and it’s weird for it to be SO expensive bc all their other clothes are cheaper than Nike, Adidas, UA.

        It’s REALLY hard to find nice long sleeved running shirts!

  2. I agree completely with this. I’m not against crossfit or showing off but I am against people who jump on any bandwagon and won’t stop talking about it or put others down because they don’t agree with their new choice.

  3. I think this goes for any sport… yes it’s good to be passionate about something but do not put others down for their different choices, especially if they’re still making healthy choices!

    I went paleo after reading many books myself. Not because I want the ‘crossfit body’ but because no matter what, when i eat gluten & dairy i am in excruciating pain. But like you said, it’s not like one day you can wake up and say ‘i’m going paleo’ it takes research and dedication.

    own that 13.1 bumper stick =)

    • I can do dairy still, although I have never really liked the idea of it for some reason! As long as I keep it pretty minimal, I do okay! I see a lot of people decide on fad diets with no real research! It goes for people I see that are patients too- they eat a certain way but have no idea why the doctor told them to!

  4. There’s a good amount of the fitness community that actually hate crossfitters, mostly due to their attitude. Sometimes they bash on crossfit saying how it’s nothing special, but I usually just ignore that because as you said, we shouldn’t be putting people down for how they choose to be fit. I do think that most of the people that hate crossfit is because of the mentality that most crossfitters have about being awesome.

    I do like funny gym t-shirts and t-shirts that make me feel badass, but I hate a good amount of them. For example, “Train like a beast look like a beauty.” That makes me feel like I took one step forward in fitness and one step backwards in feminism. It puts down the females that lift heavy and don’t look “feminine” in enough for a certain social standard. Looking beastly does not make me look any less feminine, just like not training doesn’t make me look any less beautiful. I hate that term so much, it implies that even while lifting heavy, I have to someone how keep up with how society thinks how a female should look like. That I need to be on that squat rack with eyeliner and mascara while my hair is long in soft curls. No, just no.

    I like to do research before doing a certain diet or exercise, make sure that it’s for me. I read a couple of articles when considering keto, but in the end decided that it was not for me. What works best for me is IF, I find that I have less stomach pains while on it.

    • I really really hate all these shirts and sayings that imply the way a person should look. And all those little ecard type things or whatever they are with the swole girls, haha. I think as long as a diet is making people feel good, it’s a good one to be on (or healthy, I guess- not just good!).

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