Christmas Eve day!

My first full day as an engaged woman is coming to an end!


Because what you all need is another picture of my hand creeping up from the bottom of the picture.

It really is crazy. We’ve started talking wedding planning already, mostly because Jon’s sister is planning the wedding for us down in Florida so we have to give her an idea of what type of venue to look for.

Anyway, I managed to wake up at 7:30 today feeling wide awake! I was surprised but grateful! Jon and I got up and hung out with Zoe and Slade for awhile before we got ready to go get some Christmas shopping done. It was surprisingly cool when we went outside this morning! It was in the 80s all the other days and we’ve been used to our 40s in Georgia, so it actually felt kind of good not to be sweating! We had a quick breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then went on with the day of trying to find gift cards and buy food for my baked french toast casserole thing that I’m making for tomorrow morning! We also went to Dick’s and I ended up buying a new hat since I lost my North Face fleece hat that I loved (and went between another North Face hat today and a Spyder hat for like, 15 minutes before making the final decision- lucky Jon). I bought two new ear warmer headbands for running in, which may or may not actually just be headbands. I really can’t tell. I also really don’t care. They’re ear warmers for me. And then I bought another pair of the Under Armour running pants that I love. I actually prefer to just run in spandex short and compression socks, but I wear pants if it’s windy or I’m running near my house since it’s all shaded. I also live in those pants if I wear leggings or sweatpants. They’re like my long johns. Best pants ever. Anyway, so that was how Christmas shopping went for me today. But those are all things I have been meaning to buy. My last “gift” on my list (because I really only like to buy for myself at Christmas) is a green Lululemon shirt. Then I’m done.

I’m really bad at Christmas. Everybody I know can afford to buy what they want, and because I don’t like random knick knacks (aka: crap) around my house, I don’t like to give it to other people. I want people to only have things they really want- which are things I think they buy for themselves. This is how I feel anyway, and I can’t imagine how somebody who actually really likes gift giving or receiving gifts feels. So it all seems pointless. Like, I’ll spend $50 on you and you’ll spend $50 on me. How about you just go buy whatever you want with your own $50 and I’ll buy what I want with mine? In our secret Santa with Jon’s family, I asked for a gift card to Sherwin Williams so I can paint. I got a Visa gift card (note: Sherwin Williams does not have gift cards available; I imagine this is because nobody but me wants paint as a gift). I’m very happy with this.

Enough of how I feel about Christmas. This was supposed to be all about what I bought for myself today. I’m kidding. After our Dick’s outing (which I wanted to craft some clever Facebook status about how even though I’m engaged, you can’t take away my love of Dick’s but thought Jon would prefer for his mom and dad not to witness my classiest moments like that), we went to visit with Jon’s mom and dad #2 (as in, the number two, not the hashtag 2). We hung out for a bit and then headed back to Brad and Rebecca’s so I could make my french toast casserole and spend some time with the family.

I spent my whole night on failbook. I read 24 pages of it. Sorry I didn’t have time to reply to any blogs, guys. Busy on failbook. You know how it is.

Okay, time for me to rest up for the big Christmas day tomorrow. I’m assuming I’ll be up way too early for my liking since Zoe and Slade wake up way too early and I’ll be up to watch them open presents. We’re going to a movie with Jon’s parents and then we have to visit a friend of his who is coming into town, and then we’re driving back to Georgia. I have to work from 11a-7p on the 26th, which is really depressing.


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