Putting in wood floors

Putting in hardwood floors is really not what Jon and I expected. Neither of us are sure what we expected. Maybe to move some furniture, lay some wood, move the furniture back on the wood, and voila! Our house has shiny new floors! In reality, what it meant was tearing out carpet, moving everything out of the closets, moving all half the furniture into the kitchen and bathrooms, having carpet shreds everywhere, and then getting wood chips everywhere. Then, when the floor is in, you have wood chips all over your furniture, which now all needs felt pads on the bottoms, and you still have to wipe down the floors with mineral spirits to get off glue residue. Jon started on Thursday. The boys worked all day on Saturday and Sunday, and then Jon and I worked all day Monday. The house is still in shambles! We do have wood in the entire house. We don’t have the quarter round done (the little strip by the baseboards), the furniture is still all over the house, there is trash all over the place, and there is wood dust everywhere. Since I let men move everything in the house, half of everything ended up laying on the floor. I did five loads of laundry yesterday. I have tomorrow off and then work Thursday and Friday and we go out of town on Saturday. When we get back, I work every day. Then I paint for three days. Then I work every single day.

Ahhhh! So, my goal is to get the house in some kind of working order before we both go back to school on the 13th. That seems easy, except I work every single weekday pretty much (I get home around 8 at night). I keep telling myself to go run or to go work out, but having my house in shambles makes me just want to spend time on my house! Except we have to be quieter at night once my old neighbor goes to bed.

I’m actually going to go work on the house a bit before heading to bed in a few. I worked 11-11 today (I thought I was only working till 7!) and got home around 11:30… Why do I do this to myself?!


One thought on “Putting in wood floors

  1. Try asking your friends for help, you can bribe them with Chinese food or pizza. The more people that can help you the faster it’ll be done. Good luck! It’s a lot of work doing all that house but at least it’s a workout! Just think of the finish product, you’ll be done with it soon!

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