House projects numero uno!

It has been a busy week! I’m so glad not to be having to study this week, but it’s been nonstop. I drove 130 miles on Wednesday! My bad mood finally let up once I got to Massage Envy for my 90 minute massage! I wish they had spent a little more time really working into my sore legs, but I was too relaxed to even care enough to mention in. And they must have done an okay job because my legs are now sore all over, so she clearly worked something out of there! I came home after my massage to this:

photo 3

Progress on the house! Thursday I worked from 7a-3p and then went to my friend’s house to watch her daughter. It was nice out so we went to the park and went on a walk. I ended up with a horrible headache, so I struggled a bit to help the little girl make it through her homework. Once she went to bed, I did a few deadlifts and kettle bell swings and some shoulder stuff in my friend’s garage gym. Then I relaxed and watched Parenthood. I passed out when I went to bed last night! My friend works till 11 (she works in the ER with me) so I stayed at her house last night. Something about the peace and quiet over there just put me right to sleep! It was awesome!

I only worked 4 hours this morning. When I got home, I saw all of this progress (Jon was off work yesterday so he could get the house ready for our floors!):

photo 2 photo 1

It’s a disaster in here! I’m not sure what Jon and I were expecting, but both of us are surprised and what a mess the house is. Stuff is everywhere! David (Jon’s little brother- he’s actually my age) is on his way here right now from Florida to help install our floors! I’m so glad! Also, both beds are in mine and Jon’s bedroom, so I guess him and David will be sharing a room tonight! So I’ll be heading to my mom and dad’s house for a night of sleep without being sandwiched between two men (even though that’s every girl’s dream, right? Kidding!). I can’t wait to get home on Sunday and see the progress that they’ll have made! I’m hoping the floors look awesome! I already feel like the house seems lighter without having the dark carpet in here and my kitchen window blinds aren’t even open (the windows are blocked by furniture). I can’t wait to get the house painted and brighten it up even more!

Anyway, I need to go buy some food for the boys and make my lunches for work. I also need to clean up the kitchen since it’s a disaster too and probably throw in some laundry (I don’t even know where to fold it!).

Oh, and for a quick before picture:

photo 4

That picture wasn’t supposed to be of the house. It’s of Tom and Jon watching football together. But I don’t know if I even have any good pictures of the house at all before! Oops. And by the way, I didn’t seriously decorate my mantle like that. I threw those up there when I moved in thinking that I’d hang pictures later, but then I had no motivation to do so with these green couches and the ugly carpet (it was just so dark and boring- worse in person than in the photo). So, after painting, I’ll finally be decorating the walls! Can’t wait to actually feel like this is our house that we put some hard work into!

Okay, time for a quick nap before tackling the rest of my day!


One thought on “House projects numero uno!

  1. Don’t worry, your house will be looking beautiful soon enough! Just think of the ending product to keep you motivated through out it. You have an awesome fire place! Everything will look so great!

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