Sometimes you just can’t be in a good mood

Well well, am I in a foul mood today or what! I don’t even know where it came from! I woke up to a beautiful day and headed out to hike Stone Mountain. I drove a loop around the bottom that’s 5 miles and looks amazing to run, so I’m looking forward to doing that one day! The hike is a mile up and it gets really steep for about the last 1/2mile, so I was definitely breathing hard when I got to the top! My legs were tight! It was a workout.


After I finished, I had planned on getting gas and heading to the gym. I knew I needed to return my flooring samples and buy glue for the wood this weekend, so I figured I’d stop there first. I was irritated that Jon wasn’t telling me the information I needed and then I got lost trying to find a gas station! You know when you exit off the highway and it’s just another highway? That’s so frustrating. Then my GPS took me to traffic to get to the flooring place and I literally spent 25 minutes going 0.6 miles because of construction! Once I made it out of that, my GPS took me to 85south when I was supposed to be using the access road (I hate access roads and that’s the only highway that has them here!) so I had to loop all the way back around to get to the floor place!

After all that trouble, I forgot to buy the glue and left after just returning the wood. So I got down near my gym, returned a few things in Marshall’s, and decided I didn’t have time to go to the gym. And I was getting really hungry and I get shaky and get even more unpleasant when I’m hungry. So, then I headed back to the flooring place to buy the glue. I just finally made it home and am eating some lunch real quick before heading out to grocery shop. I have a massage at 6:45 tonight near my parent’s house since I’m dropping my cat off there (she won’t do well at home with all that racket of installing the floors) and I’m so excited about it. My legs are in sad shape after running yesterday. Taking two months off of minimus shoes and then going almost 4 miles does a number on your calves. And then all the up and down of the hike today kills my quads. I think I’ll do some weights when I get home tonight (all I have is 10# but it’s better than nothing).

I got coffee at Dunkin Donuts before coming home and I get so annoyed when it’s not fresh. Ruins my Dunkin experience.

Anyway, hopefully I cheer up before Jon makes it home tonight. He’s being a really good sport about my unpleasant mood. I just wanted to have time to go to the gym today and instead, I’ve been sitting in my car all morning trying to find gas stations and flooring places! Had it not been for that, I’d have had plenty of time! Oh well. I just finished my lunch so I need to go grocery shopping now and get on with this day. I need to cook for work for the next few days and also clean up the house since Jon is taking all the carpet out tonight.

I just want a nap! And a workout! Or time to relax with Jon! Or all of the above!

4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just can’t be in a good mood

  1. Eek! I hope your day is better tomorrow :(. I saw your FB post about the massage and it sounds like that’s just what you needed. As far as traffic and not going anywhere and getting lost goes, I hate city traffic… when we went to Charlotte the traffic freaked me out and I always heard ATL is much worse! Charleston is as busy as I want to be when it comes to traffic. Good luck with the carpet.

    • I normally do fine with traffic, but it was just ALL DAY that I was in the car! I’d get out for a few minutes at a time and then get right back in the car! If I sit there for an hour getting somewhere and stay, it’s fine. I’m used to that! The massage definitely helped! I feel much better now!

  2. There is never enough time in the day. Hipe the massage was peaceful, that’ll help to relax. I hate using GPS, sometimes I’ll go on google maps and plan my trip on there to make it more efficient.

  3. I know how those days are–I’ve been stuck in a piss poor mood for weeks but it’s time to smile & be happy. Christmas is almost here 🙂

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