Ramblings from a rained in girl.

It’s still raining out here! I haven’t gone running since early last week and probably still won’t if it continues to rain. My motivation is at -10 right now. I am hoping to talk myself into going to the gym this afternoon since I haven’t even done that in awhile, but with this weather affecting my motivation so much, it’s hard. I really wish I was a person that wasn’t affected so much by the weather. I don’t mind the cold but I need some sun in my life! I’m at least grateful that it hasn’t affected my mood other than feeling lazier than normal, but my poor muscles just continue to shrink and I’m probably going to die when I go running.

I also like my surroundings neat and clean, and with 44 boxes of wood all over and carpet cut up, it makes things feel unorganized!

I spent my Friday running errands and then saw Crista for about an hour in the evening. The weekend was spent working (7a-7p on Saturday and Sunday) and then I stopped by Kassie’s last night for an owl crafting party. I was only there for about 2 hours, but it was nice to hang out for a little while! My social life feels nonexistent these days. And even then, my social interactions consists of owl crafting parties for two hours or a lunch date. Does anybody else constantly feel like they are saying, “When suchandsuch ends, I will have so much free time!” And then suchandsuch does end, but you still are just as busy?


Mine is the 4th from the left with the baby owl.

Jon came home from drill last night so I was excited to see him, but it was his grace period for precalc so he was trying to finish up some assignments from the semester. We didn’t really get to spend much time together, unfortunately. Also, his laptop is the only way I can read other blogs (mine stopped loading them!) so when he’s gone, no blog reading for me!

Things on the list for today: Laundry (x3 loads), clean the kitchen, grocery shop, STUDY, take my computer science final at 7pm (I had to pay $20 to have the stupid thing proctored online), and hopefully make it to the gym. I have hopes of actually making dinner tonight too, but with that final right at 7, we’ll see how that goes!

My last final is tomorrow night at 7 and then I’m a free woman for a month! However, I work Thursday from 7-3, am heading up to my friend’s house to watch her daughter (we were college roommates in 2005, but she works with me now), spending the night at her house (at least she has a home CrossFit gym set up), working 7-7 on Friday, spending the night at my parents cause Jon’s brother will be coming in to do the floors and I need a good night of sleep, and Saturday I work 7-7 and have our work Christmas party after. The Christmas party may get skipped after all of that though. And all that also means Wednesday will be spent cooking lunches for 3 days and packing clothes! Whew. So really, my Christmas break starts on Sunday morning and our floors will be done around then and the house will be back in order! Very excited!


5 thoughts on “Ramblings from a rained in girl.

  1. I love everything owl so of course I think the owls strung together look awesome! I do the same thing- I always said I’ve have so much more time after marathon training and I’m still super busy. I’m now saying the same thing about the holidays but I actually think life will slow down a little after the holidays (there are always tons of social engagements during December anyway). Good luck with your finals and house renovations/floors!

  2. Don’t move up north if you need the sun! The sun rises at almost 7am and sets before 4pm. So you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, I think that’s the worst part about winter here.

    Those owls are adorable! Good luck on your last final!

    • I’m a nurse, so no matter what, it’s dark when I leave and dark when I come home! But I used to live in Wisconsin and clearly remember that!

  3. Busy bee! This weather is horrendous. I hate the cold & snow & not feeling my toes at work. =(
    Good luck with all the finals–you’ll do great.

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