Updates on the daily happenings!

I did a WIAMonday this week, but you guys will have to wait till after my biology final tomorrow. I should be studying now but I’m anxiously awaiting Nashville and was getting repeatedly distracted by the cats, anyway.

After day 2 of running, my leg was still super sore yesterday while I was working. I think that wearing shoes with a cushioned bottom allows me to underpronate/supinate more (I don’t know what it’s called in the world of running, but in the medical field, it’s supination). I noticed it when I put on my work shoes yesterday morning and started walking around because I obviously supinate in my walking too. I definitely felt it more in those shoes (which have a really cushy bottom since I stand for 12 hours at a time). Once I was barefooted, the pain seemed much less noticeable. So, I may end up giving up the new shoes. I think I lost the receipt too, unfortunately. I either need to go back to minimalist shoes and hope to do okay running in those after giving myself a slower start with getting into higher mileage, or I need to find a shoe that really does work with supination. I really feel like the minimus shoes seemed to work the best for me, but I did go into trying to build up the miles too fast I think (for a girl who NEVER RAN!). If I planned on running a ton or really trying to get into even higher mileage, I’d want a shoe with more cushion. But for now, I think I’m going to give it a go with the New Balance Minimus shoes again. And if I never find a shoe that keeps me pain free when running, then I’m probably just really not meant to run that much.

Since I was in pain yesterday, I decided not to run. I considered the gym since I was let out of work at 12 and not 3, but instead I napped. Yup. Most hardcore person ever. And my nap was glorious. For real. I’m okay with napping winning over the gym right now. Like I said, I have no motivation. And I got a code (a dead patient) at 7:30 in the morning and was with the person until noon, when I went home. And I’m pretty sure that 46 year old lady is not going to make it, and if she does, her quality of life will be that of a vegetable.

Last night I got out of class early and got to make taco night for Jon and me.


Delicious. And Jon helped me clean up. It was like heaven. Except I spent an hour cooking and eating and not studying, but who am I fooling? It’s not like I’m studying much anyway.

I worked a long day today. Well, 12 hours, but it was probably the busiest day in awhile. We intubated a patient in my room which is really not a room meant for intubating, but we had no room. The floors were full so they couldn’t take our admissions. All our doctors were tied up with critical patients. Our techs were sparse cause they were in traumas or going to the cath lab. We ran out of propofol (how we keep patients sedated)  and it was just a pain. But the day ended and all is well!

Time to go watch Nashville! I made it 🙂 Biology final tomorrow and lab final Tuesday! Almost there!


4 thoughts on “Updates on the daily happenings!

  1. Wow, sounds like an eventful day at the hospital. I think if I had a patient who was probably going to die it would stress me out and I’d just want to come home and nap too. I know as a nurse you have to deal with that frequently, but it would still impact your mood somewhat. Looks like you guys had a successful taco night though- hooray for Jon helping you clean up and maybe you can get some studying done.

  2. I like the new balance shoes for running, the only thing is that i found they wore out a little too quickly. I currently have a flatter pair of nikes because those are best for squats and deadlifting but you can still use them for shorter runs, i like them.

    The food is delicious and good luck on your finals!

  3. Finals–the part of college I DON’T miss 😉 you’ll rock it though…just keep studying but make sure to take much-needed breaks.

    taco night is the best !

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