Run day #2.

I am seriously lacking all motivation to study for finals! And Jon is in the same boat as me, so we spent our night last night drinking wine and I watched a horrible movie on Netflix (The Babysitters, anyone? Soft core porn pretty much…). So, clearly I didn’t study last night. At all.

I slept in until 10 again today! Early wake ups just aren’t happening for me! I have spent almost my entire day trying to motivate myself to study. I hardly got anything done. That leaves me with Thursday during the day to study (my final is at 5:30 at night). Clearly, I will not have time to do everything that I would have liked to do, but I don’t care. I’m burnt out! I need a break!

I did spend a good portion of my studying time lacrosse balling my lateral left calf down into my ankle. I noticed it’s extremely tight, so I’m sure I have some things to work out in there.

I managed to make it out for a 4 mile run (37:something). I really wanted to die the whole time (that’s a lie- I wanted to die intermittently but the urge to die was more prevalent than the urge not to die) and thought I had gone way more than 4 miles. My goal was 5, but after running 4.75 miles yesterday, my knee started bothering me. I’m actually considering going back to my New Balance Minimus shoes as my primary shoe since my shoe doesn’t seem to be making any difference with my knee. Either way, I suppose almost 9 miles in 2 days is a good start. If I do run tomorrow, it’ll be a mile or 2 since I literally won’t have time for any more than that, and I may not even have time to do that. Besides, it has been really dreary. Today the ground was wet and the leaves were all over the sidewalk so I spent 80% of my run deciphering where I should be running. Not motivating at all. So I feel good for even making myself go. But I miss lifting right now (I could probably go if I could get real studying done instead of finding 90 other things to do while I’m studying).

Anyway, I just ate my post run dinner and I need to go shower and get back to studying. Hopefully I’ll be more motivated since Jon is home now and will be studying at the same time as me.



3 thoughts on “Run day #2.

  1. Glad you managed to get in a run in! Do what you feel is right with the shoes, I think some of them do take a breaking in period but you’ve been running a decent amount of time in these shoes for your feet to still hurt. Weirdness. Hopefully your semester is almost over and you can have somewhat of a break from school for a little while!

    • I was hoping it’d take a breaking in period, but I feel worse running in these than in my minimus shoes. I think that having a cushier sole allows me to underpronate even more than having the outside of my foot hit a hard ground. I guess it just takes time!

  2. The end of the semester is so difficult. You’re out of energy, not a lot of sleep sometimes, you’re exhausted and just need some time off. I felt that they should do a short project of what you learned than a final exam, that’s so much more productive and you learn more things at the same time. Good luck!

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