New couches and the start of my run goals!

I’ve had a busy day! I spent the morning buying couches! I fell in love with an off white couch! It was the perfect shape, perfect size, good price, and I loved it! But I talked myself out of it because, well, a white couch?! There is a 5 year warranty where they will come out to clean any stains on your couch though… and Jon and I aren’t particularly messy people, but it just seems like white fabric as a main couch would wear fairly quickly. So I went with a gray couch, which I also really like except the sides are squared and not rounded. This really caused me a dilemma at the store. Thankfully, Laura was with me to walk around the furniture store 1000 times and sit on the couches repeatedly and send Jon pictures. I also bought a chair because I want to buy two sitting chairs (like, designed chairs- not sofa chairs) for each side of the couch. So one down. I like what I bought, but if I hate it, I can always return it and we aren’t picking them up till the 28th, so it gives us time to think more about it and hopefully get Jon’s opinion in person. But they had 20% off of everything there today because of Black Friday, so I had to jump on it. And I think I’m feeling good about my decision. Jon and I picked out the floors yesterday too, so now I just have to call to order them. We got a deal on them too which is really awesome since I found out I need 5 buckets of glue and each bucket is $180. (Please kill me now.) But Jon talked to his brother again today and he is still planning on coming to help install the floors, so all this is really happening!

After making it back home (a few hours later), I realized that today is December 1st! My running goals were going to start in December so I had to get on it! I have decided that my goal is at least 15 miles a week. I want to increase how much I go to the gym, but no set goals on that as of now. After running to the grocery store, I went for a 4.75 mile run (43:something). I felt like dying the entire beginning of the run and just felt like my breathing was off the whole time. It was kind of chilly and I think my lung capacity sucks (I had it tested once and it was 70%… they made me repeat it like 4 times but I never got out of the 70s), so it was rough. But I thought I was only doing maybe 4 miles so I was surprised to see 4.75. Good start to a 15 mile week.

I have finals to study for but I can’t do it! The Holiday is on and I’m about to make some dinner! Jon was called in right before I got home from my run, so I think he could be gone for most of the evening. So it’s just me and I always feel like I need to take advantage of nights alone with my girl shows/movies.

I think I might try a WIAM tomorrow. I can’t do a WIAW because I work Wednesday and don’t feel like taking pictures of my food at work and will probably forget about it at 5am. Not that anybody cares what I eat. But it could be fun. Or maybe not because I hate adding pictures to my blog. Okay, whatever, have a good night!


7 thoughts on “New couches and the start of my run goals!

  1. I think most of my food intake would bore people, so I just post when I go somewhere cool or review a restaurant or something… but from what I gather, the What I Ate Wednesday is actually what you ate any day of the week just posted on a Wednesday. So, a day of food from whatever day.

    I think 15 miles per week is a good goal to start out with :). Just listen to your body and take days off if you need it. I mean if you get 13 one week and 17 one week, things like that happen you know? It’s hard to be absolutely consistent.

    Congrats on the new couches! I hate white anything, including clothes. I just always seem to get dirty or stained too.

    • I tend to not stress about my exercising much so I would definitely be fine with getting to 13 miles or 17 miles or whatever! I figured I’d start with 15 miles and maybe next month increase it. I guess that makes sense for WIAW! There’s really no way to post everything you eat so early in the day, haha. Never thought about it. My food isn’t really exciting either. I won’t be making it a weekly thing though!

  2. Great Job on tackling your run today!

  3. Wah. I don’t know if my comment left. Anyways-

    YAY for the new coach. We actually need to get another one for my house eventually.

    I would be interested to see your food. I feel like you eat rather simply and easy to prepare meals for both of you (something I really need to learn how to do).

    • Most of them are pretty simple! I find a lot of our meals on Pinterest and paleomg. If I open up a recipe and it has like 500 ingredients, I close it out. Ain’t nobody got time for that!!!

  4. Congrats on the couch! I love off white couches, I think they’re so pretty. A grey one sounds nice too!

    Good luck on your running goals! I’ve been meaning to work on mine but I just hate cardio ha.

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