Running in new shoes! I think I like!

Yesterday I finally managed to try out my new running shoes! I think I kept calling them Nike shoes, but they’re New Balance. I don’t actually think they glow in the dark because I looked and they’re not glowing. Liars. But I prefer for my feet not to glow anyway. I had no idea they were a 10mm drop, which honestly, I realized doesn’t matter as much as I thought. I definitely prefer minimalist shoes for lifting still and do find them more comfortable for things like hiking, but when I run, I run so much on the front of my foot that my heel makes very minimal contact with the ground. So I don’t really notice that extra 6mm under my heel. The shoes were so light though and I really liked that. I also noticed that for the first time ever (I seriously think when I say “ever” that this may be legitimate) that the insides of my ankles didn’t hurt! I used to run in Asics and in a pair of Adidas that I had really liked and always had that inner ankle pain.

Howwweeever, my one complaint is that the toe box is narrow! I don’t even think it’s probably that narrow and I actually used to prefer a narrow toe box, but New Balance Minumuses (Minimi?) have a really wide toe box but are still tighter around the midfoot. That actually wasn’t even anything I had ever noticed in the past, but really realized how much I like that about the Minimiiii when I was running yesterday.

Also, my left knee still hurt. In my other shoes, the pain didn’t come on my last run until mile 6. This time, I went 2 miles and had pain after about 1.7. Total disappointment. This pain seemed slightly more generalized rather than such a specific location. So, that leads me to think it isn’t my shoes causing the pain (which honestly, I’m kind of excited about because I love my New Balance Minumus shoes… and I really hated them for a long time after buying them, but it’s love now). Despite my excitement that I don’t necessarily think it is the shoe causing the knee pain, it kind of leads me to wonder what else it could be.

(Also, in that 2 mile run, I felt like I was dying. Granted, I have realized that my first 2 miles feel like a warmup, my 3rd mile almost always feels good, as does my 4th mile if I make it that far. And if I ever make it past 4, I typically want to die for the rest of it too. But I need to run more and get back in better shape. School and work really impedes my running capabilities.)

The shoe store guy said it is more likely to be flexibility because the pain is so focal. I do think this could be a likely explanation because my flexibility sucks. I got made fun of at CrossFit regularly because my flexibility is that of a 50 year old man. Like, a 50 year old man that doesn’t ever do anything but sit at his desk and in front of the TV. I do stretch every time I run now and I’ve been lacrosse balling nonstop lately. So I can work on that. I also feel like it could be my gait. I know I’m a huge oversupinator (is that what it’s called?). I have the same pair of combat boots that I have worn from day 1 in the Army. I wore them on my deployment and to all my training. The outside is worn much thinner than the inside of my boot. And I do it even worse when I run (hence the ankle pain that I always have, but I always knew where that was coming from) . So I’m wondering if I oversupinate even more on my left side, causing tension in that area on my knee. That won’t be fixed by my shoe. I just need to really be aware of that to try and retrain myself.

Anyway, so overall, I liked the New Balance shoes. I think I’ll return the second pair to save $40 (and also because I don’t think Marshall’s will be nearly as lenient with me returning shoes after going for a trial run). I actually still really want to make my New Balance Minumus shoes my primary running shoe because I love them. But I’m open to trying new things and will probably alternate them while I work on my running technique/flexibility and I will just hope that my knee pain improves. I’m also really trying to set my goals of increasing my running/cardio coming up, but I won’t discuss that now.

I’m really looking forward to the day when I’m a more seasoned runner and have figured all of this stuff out. I’m also looking forward to the day when I don’t have to balance my running or working out with school and work! May can’t come fast enough! But I think it’ll be fun to look back when I’m (hopefully) running half marathons like it’s nobody’s business.


When two houses merge

I’m such a slacker lately. I woke up at 8, 9, and 10 and was wide awake all three times, but stayed in bed because it was so comfortable. Jon and I just switched back to the bed we bought together the first time we were together (I bought a new bed when we broke up, but it was a deep queen bed and not a regular height queen bed) and my favorite sheets finally fit on it! I could lay in bed forever. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing all week. When I get burnt out on school and work, I tend to crave tons of sleep. Sleeping in until 10 (and 11 yesterday) is really not normal for me, but I’m kind of enjoying it. Besides, tomorrow is back to work for me and the next two weeks are busy. Then I have most of the week of Thanksgiving off since both of my sisters and my nephew are coming into town! Holidays are never big in my family at all since we don’t live near any extended family, so I’m super excited that everybody is going to be together for the holiday and my oldest sister is finally getting to meet Jon for the first time. I’m also extremely grateful to have Jon with me over this holiday season since I was without him last year!

Speaking of Jon, he just officially moved his stuff in last week. The house is a disaster. I have a washer just hanging out in the middle of the living room since we can’t put it outside until this coming Sunday (who knew that our trash service had a bulky item pickup?! that could have been gone already!). Jon got two boxes of stuff from his ex girlfriend yesterday and brought those home, which were full of kitchen stuff. While I have more big stuff (and clothes and shoes), Jon seems to have tons of little stuff. Tons of it. And tons of papers. He collects more receipts and papers than I would ever know what to do with. And instead of just putting them in the trashcan, he sets them on the coffee table or kitchen counter or dresser. Random cords appear out of nowhere. Cloths for cleaning his Jeep show up on the kitchen table. While I am so happy that he has moved in with me for good, it is still frustrating for somebody like me (Type A, doesn’t like anything to be out of its place!) to have this stuff all over the place. I’m trying not to nag him to put things away, but it’s not working out so well for me. I think I’m probably the most obnoxious person on the face of the planet right now. That scary thing is that he still has an entire storage unit that we’re going to try and move into this house too. We’re definitely going to be selling things on Craigslist, and then once I buy new furniture we’re trashing what we have.

I’m looking forward to December when we both finish our finals and can really go through everything we have. I feel like I got rid of a bunch of random stuff before I moved into my house in June, so I don’t know how much I’ll have to get rid of. I did tell him I’d try again to slim down my closet, but that’s about all I feel like will be able to go. I’m also really looking forward to being able to afford a laptop and getting rid of my entire computer desk! I’m even considering just trashing it in December when I finish my computer science class because I am so tired of it and it takes up so much space in the extra bedroom.

This is all totally random. I need to go study. My biology test is at 5:30 tonight and I’d like to go running before I take it. I’m only going to do about 2 miles to test out my new running shoes so it should be a quick run and I’ve decided just to do it right outside my condo instead of driving to my preferred running spot. But I’m slacking and haven’t even made it through a full chapter of studying since I’ve been up and am about to have to prepare my chicken for the crockpot. Oh well. I already committed to this being the test grade I’ll probably have to drop. Jon leaves tonight for a hunting trip and I have to spend all weekend working and working on a lab report, which I am really not looking forward to. I have a feeling it’s going to be a struggle to get through the report.

I’m just rambling so I don’t have to study. Time to go be productive.



Missing CrossFit

I mentioned yesterday that I did deadlifts and squats at the gym. I want to die today. My butt hasn’t been this sore in forever. I think I did 105# or 110# deadlifts (I’m so serious about it, right?) 15 times, and now I want to die. It’s been months since I’ve deadlifted, but I had PRed at a 200# deadlift (2x my bodyweight) shortly before quitting CrossFit, so my ass just never got sore. It was used to lifting heavy on a regular basis. Anyway, I’m really starting to miss CrossFit, which aside from pointing out how sore I am and how hard it is to walk, was the real point of that statement. I started doing it 4 1/2 years ago and have done it off and on during the time, with the last 1 1/2 years being on very consistently (up until my thumb injury took me out for good in June).

Surprisingly, I’m actually really learning to love running. I really never thought that girl would be me, but I do like it. I actually look forward to going out and running on nice days and am excited to get to run my first half marathon, whenever that may be. Still no set dates, because my body isn’t really adjusting well to running and it’s really not like I have tons of free time to dedicate to it (unfortunately). But even with running and doing some weight lifting at LA Fitness, I miss CrossFit. Big time.

I’m fully aware that if I do go back to CrossFit, I will never go back to cleaning 100#. Never. I will never be a beast in any CrossFit gym again. My competition days are likely over (which is totally cool, because I didn’t even compete much- I get more enjoyment out of competing against myself than against others). My thumb can’t handle it. I’ve done some irreversible damage to the ligaments in my thumbs and they still get mildly irritated just doing push jerks with 50# at the gym. But I miss rope climbs and hand stand push ups and the fast paced workouts and having a group at the gym.

Jon asked me tonight when I plan on going back to CrossFit. My plan was January all along so that I’d give my thumb a whole six months to really heal itself up. After all, CrossFit kept me sane for the entire year of 2012. When Jon and I broke up, I worked out. All the time. Nonstop. It was my one true love of all things heavy. There was no way I could take more than six months off from it!

But here’s the thing… CrossFit is expensive. Like, we’re talking the big money here (my final gym before I quit was $140 for 3x/wk). Maybe up in Alpharetta I got a deal at $85 a month for unlimited, but I guarantee that won’t be happening anymore. Especially not with living closer to the city. I totally agree that sometimes you have to cut things out of your life in order to be healthy, but let’s face it… I am healthy. I already spend too much money on organic food and meats and fish and steaks and veggies and I can run for free and my gym membership is $35 a month. Yeah, I love and miss CrossFit, but I’m not settled into my life enough where I can just spend that on the gym.

I have tuition to pay. I’m putting in new floors in my entire house in December. Jon and I really want to go to Germany next December, if possible. We’re going to have a wedding to pay for. I need to save to be able to spend $6,000 a semester on grad school in the next two years. I also am the money maker in the house since I’ve committed myself to being with Jon, who is a full time student in his undergrad (and wants to go to med school).

I probably could swing that money for CrossFit. But I also love to travel. I never want to stop seeing the world! And I save over $1,200 a year just by going to LA Fitness and not to CrossFit. My two loves! How do I choose?! But really… I’ve chosen. And while I’m considering doing a few drop ins to the gyms around my house to see if I fall in love all over again, I think I’m just going to have to break up with CrossFit until I can justify spending that much money on a gym (or until I have a garage to make my own gym!!!).

Newtons No-Go & Pumpkin Roll Fail

I ended up getting called into work yesterday! I had just pulled up to the gym and was going to run to retry my Newton Energy shoes and then do a leg workout. As I was parking, our scheduler called me and asked me to come in. 32 people in the waiting room and short staffed. I made it there by 2:30 and worked until 7pm, which ruined all my plans for my day but I did make 1 1/2 times my normal pay per hour. Since Jon and I are seriously talking about doing the floors in December, I definitely need the money. I tried to look at the positive side of things but I really wanted to just relax.

I woke up this morning to make Jon breakfast before he went to school. I did a little bit of studying and attempted to make a Paleo pumpkin roll. Since I was out of wax paper (or just never buy it because who uses it?!), I decided to make the roll on tinfoil. Of course, I forgot to oil the tinfoil so my pumpkin roll was a fail, but it still tasted really good! That’s really all I care about anyway since I’m the only one eating it.


That’s the fail. Still looks delicious. It was.

After “studying” (mostly just cooking and playing with the cats), I decided I needed a nap after my exhausting morning. Actually, I get to a point at times where I am just so burnt out that I just want to sleep all the time. I’m there right now! I crawled into bed at noon and crawled back out at 1:30 and that was hard to do.

I ended up finally going for a run in my new Newtons! I went two miles and noticed in the last .2 miles that my feet were feeling a ton of friction again on the bottoms. So I switched back to my New Balance Minimus shoes for my leg workout. Legs were good. I did a few deadlifts at the gym but doing them in a globe gym with solid plates was hard. Too loud. It was a fairly short workout but my legs are tired. I swapped out my Newtons for some New Balance shoes, which have a 10mm drop so I don’t know how I feel about that. Then I bought another pair at Marshall’s that are similar, but I think I like how those feel better. I’ll try them out and see. Maybe both will be horrible. I also bought this jacket:


Jon hates it. I can’t decide. Laura like it. Yes, I text her pictures of my new clothes to ask what she thinks. She probably has more pictures of me in dressing rooms than anything else. I can’t shop without her. She’s the best. End of my side note… Oh wait, I don’t always stand so gangster-ish.

I came home to shower and head to class. Lab was impossible tonight. I hate it. I hate the work that I have to do this week for it even more though. I also noticed the tops of my feet hurting (I probably focused on this more than my lab)! Back in the day when I first started running at 19 (I still use running loosely, since I never ran more than about 3 miles), I just threw on shoes from 7th grade and ran in those. Clearly not a good idea. I got tendonitis in the tops of both of my feet and it was extremely painful. Similar feeling today. So I guess I won’t be running again tomorrow if they’re still hurting.

I got home from class at 10 and made Jon and I a pork dinner. Pork was a little dry but the rest was good. I also got to listen to Jon clean out the fridge (he dictated everything he took out and where he put things back). For a man who can’t clean up after himself, he sure is set on stupid things (like leaving one piece of food in the sink when there are clearly dishes piled in the other side!). But for him, the man that I just love so very much, I will do my best to put things back in the fridge in an orderly fashion.


Pork dinner, topped with mushrooms, spinach, bacon, and cheese.

I took Benadryl to help me sleep since I took such a hefty afternoon nap and drank coffee in class, but wasn’t tired when Jon into bed a little while ago. It’s definitely kicked in now, so I’ll be headed to bed soon. Yup, like now.

Netherworld, new running shoes, and moving day!

This weekend was really busy! Friday I was finally off for the first time in over 2 weeks (aside from the wedding weekend that was not very relaxing). I was so excited. I finally made it to the gym for a fairly quick arm workout of sorts and then went to buy new running shoes. I settled on the Newton Energy ones after trying a million pairs on. I ran 1.8 miles in them after and was pretty disappointed. They felt okay, but the bottoms of my feet were on fire! The shoes are snug so there shouldn’t have been much friction, so I’m thinking it may have been my socks. I wear thicker Saucony socks (that I really love with my New Balance Minimus shoes) but maybe they were too thick for those. I think I have some thinner socks so I’m going to try those this afternoon. If the same thing happens, I think I’m going to exchange them for the Nike Free ones and try those out.

Friday night, Jon and I went to Netherworld , which is a huge haunted house in Atlanta. Crista’s boyfriend, Billy, was in town and this was her idea. The lines were insanely long but they did a good job on the haunted house. There was the main house and then the Boogeyman house, and that one was more creepy stuff (like Silence of the Lambs type stuff and It). I don’t get scared by things like that, but it was hilarious watching Crista in there. Everything freaked her out. I would recommend it if you get scared easily or have a friend who can entertain you, but the tickets were $30 each and I doubt I’d ever pay that again to go there.



Saturday I had to work from 11-11. I probably annoyed Jon in the morning by snoozing my alarm 10 times, and then drinking coffee in bed so I could spend some time with him. I think he would have preferred sleeping to spending time with me, and I ended up spilling coffee all over the bed so he had to wash the comforter and sheets while I was at work. Oops! Good thing he loves me! Work was fairly busy, but not horrible. I was definitely glad when 11pm hit, and also really glad I hadn’t decided to work 3p-3a since it was daylight savings!

Sunday I had big plans of the gym and running, but that never happened. We slept until 9 and Jon made me breakfast! He doesn’t cook very often, but I like to sleep later than him so sometimes I get lucky and wake up to breakfast already cooked. I was contemplating going to the gym, but knew we were going to be busy moving him so I decided to knock out grocery shopping with him. I actually love taking him grocery shopping with me. It’s nice to have company and we usually end up browsing Whole Foods together, which I never do alone. I’m off all week (unless I get called in today or Wednesday) so I finally have time to make us dinner! I bought a bunch of stuff and am pretty excited about trying a new recipe tonight!

We have been planning on replacing the wire shelving in the pantry and in the bathroom since everything tips over all the time (drives me c.r.a.z.y.), so we decided to head to Lowe’s since we had some time. They ended up being out of the shelving we need, so I’m hoping it comes in tonight so we can organize the closets better. We also decided to walk through the flooring section since I want to put in wood floors. While browsing, Jon said he was going to install them. He has never done it, but I’m all about it! It’s around $2/sqft to install the foors, so that saves me $2,000! His brother actually owns a flooring company in Florida, so we’re going to have him to come up in December to help us get started one weekend. He can teach us how to join the tile and wood and meet up with the walls. I’m a little nervous about it (after all, I’m the one who owns the house), but if Jon wants to do it, then we’re going to learn! It’ll be nice to know how to redo our own house for the future!

Anyway, after that, we started moving his stuff into my house. It was fairly quick, but he has a lot of stuff. And we still have his storage unit to move in here! We spent the evening organizing, making dinner, and doing homework. There is still stuff all over the place and it’s driving me a little crazy. I like things in set spots and I hate having little objects everywhere. So we’ll have to get more of it done tonight. I think things will be a mess until December, when we both finish the semesters at school and have to move everything in order to put in our floors.

We enjoyed the fire place for a little while last night. We had a fire for about 15 minutes in the morning (our first one) and then had it on for awhile last night. It’s gas, which is so nice so we don’t have to spend forever starting it and putting it out. Tom was pretty entranced, but I think he may have burned his nose on the mesh wire and then didn’t go near it again. I hope he learned his lesson. Don’t play with fire!


I planned on getting up early today, but that definitely didn’t happen. Tom and I cuddled in bed till 10 and then I started on some biology. This unit has me totally lost (gylcolysis, the Krebs Cycle, Calvin Cycle?!) and I’m so over school. I’ve made 3 As on tests so far and only have two left, but one grade is dropped. So I think I may just review minimally and go into this with an I’m going to fail attitude. At this point, I just don’t care. I’m about to head to the gym for a leg day and then try to run another 2 miles to try my new running shoes with new socks. If I still don’t like them, the shoe store is in the same building at the gym and I can just run along the main road, so I’ll just swap them out.


My cuddly TomCat this morning.

Tonight is the first Homeowner’s Association Meeting that I’m going to (I think they do one big one a year) and I’m pretty excited. I haven’t met a ton of people who live in my condo complex aside from my neighbors, so I’m curious to see who else is living in here. They’re going over the plans for the next year too. Jon said he was going to come, so hopefully his homework is done so he can actually come. I’m starting to feel like a real, old married couple here…

I’ll leave you all with a picture of us from the wedding, since I never managed to put up any photos of it!


He doesn’t normally dress up in suspenders and a bow tie, but this was the groomsmen attire. Handsome man!

Marriage, money, school. When did this happen?

I have a complete lack of anything exciting to say lately. I’m feeling overwhelmed and not very motivated at this point. I think I had a mental overload this week after working eight days straight, going directly to Florida and running errands all weekend, and then coming back and working another for days in a row. I have biology class and lab on Tuesday nights, and I absolutely dread my lab. It’s 2 hours and 45 minutes long and it’s hard and confusing. I have zero interest in it whatsoever. I was feeling all woe is me because I have been in school, aside from my military time (which is not a break) for almost 10 years now nonstop. I’ve also been working full time for the last two years, and also worked quite a bit as a tech for the two years before that. Having my mind constantly going between school and work is just mentally draining and the thought of having another semester of lab is really just a huge downer. I know I’ll finally be graduating in May with my bachelor’s (seriously, FINALLY, at 28)! And then hopefully I can travel for a year and come home and go back to grad school. That thought also kind of makes me want to cause large amounts of bodily harm to myself, but when I think of being a nurse or hopefully going back to school, I just have to weigh the pros and cons, and grad school wins.

On top of that, Jon and I have been talking a lot about our future lately. I don’t think it’s a big secret that marriage has been a big topic lately. But he’s just really getting back into school and has probably another ten years to go. So the time/financial burden of that is really not very exciting to think about. I would by lying if I didn’t think to myself what the hell did I get myself in to?! I could be traveling the world with a career man and instead we’re spending all of our money on school! but I love him. So sacrifices will be made and one day, far down the road, hopefully it’ll all pay off! But really, I’m just trying not to think about it because things change and plans don’t go as planned. We’ll cross those bridges when we come to them.

I’m not sure when my life changed and I had to start considering all these things. I think I should rewind ten years. I’m pretty sure that the days when my biggest concern was who would be going out drinking with me that night were probably much more enjoyable. I have a feeling my liver was less happy, but those times were good. Now Jon reminds me daily that I act like a 50 year old woman who likes to go to bed too early. It’s true.

In other news, moving day is this weekend! I was hoping Jon would want to do it tomorrow while I’m at work, but I think he wants to do it Sunday, when I can help 😦 I currently have blankets full of stuff that Jon brought over yesterday on the floor behind me. I had planned on getting ahead and organizing next week, but I can’t say for that it will happen since I just realized that I have a test next week! So the house may be in shambles till December, but the cats seem pretty excited about their new toys. They’re crazy.

I’m so boring. For real. I need to go study, work out, and get ready to go to Netherworld with Crista and Billy tonight. And Jon.