Days off work are the best!

I managed to get up by 9 today! I slept through 6 text messages this morning (before 8:30! seriously, who does that?!) and Jon’s alarm, plus his entire shower. He woke me up to kiss me goodbye and then I fell right back to sleep! I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed to my alarm at 8:30. That’s kind of a lie. I laid in bed till 9 with Tom sitting all over my face, but I was so comfortable that I still had to drag myself out of bed. Why is waking up so hard?!

I went to the gym right after getting up. I’ve been telling myself that I only have to stay for an hour, because it feels daunting to spend 2 hours there when you have a million other things on your to do list. I actually stayed for about 50 minutes and did 10 minutes on the elliptical, and then did biceps and shoulders. I could have gone longer, but my lab professor dropped a bomb on us last night that we had homework, plus our usual lab write up for last night, plus our lab write up for next week, and he wants them tomorrow or Friday! Not to mention, I have two super lengthy computer final projects to do and a test next Tuesday that I was going to study for all day today. Anyway, back to the gym… I never go in the mornings and I was a little unnerved when I got there by how many people were there, but they were mostly on the cardio machines and the regular machines! I guess the big free weight guys go later in the day, which is where I prefer to spend my time, so it was actually really nice! Maybe I’ll get up earlier and go more often (but probably not).

I think once school is out for the semester, I’m going to check out a CrossFit gym near here. Jon went to the one closest to here and said he liked it, but they favor their competitors. I plan on not being a competitor. I also have looked at some of their WODs and a lot of it looks to be more of the heavy lifting with less metcon. And right now, I’d rather do more metcons with CrossFit than heavy lifting because my thumb can’t lift heavy. But then again, I only want to go once a week… So anyway, we’ll see. I have a final on December 5th, so maybe after that I’ll head in to try and mix it up a little bit again. I really need to make myself go to yoga, but I just hate it! It’s so boring! I want to die of boredom every time I do yoga, but my body needs some help with flexibility.

Anyway, all these plans I’ve been putting off for awhile are happening to get done today. After the gym, I rushed over to Whole Foods and did all my grocery shopping. I actually have SO many recipes that I’m dying to make, but I work and then my family is coming in town so I won’t be eating dinner at my house much next week! After the grocery store, I dropped everything off and Jatoya (a friend from nursing school) told me she was ready for me to go to her work for lunch! I picked up our food and headed over to eat with her, with no time to shower! Her coworkers (all twenty of them in the breakroom) probably thought I was a slob, but she texted me 30 minutes earlier than I was planning. I came home from there, showered, sat down and did 10 minutes of biology, and then Rachel (a girl I work with) told me she was off work and ready to meet up. So we went to eat at Uncle Julio’s and then I just came home not too long ago.

I knocked out my lab write up for last night and I’m about to make Jon some dinner (and my lunch for work for the next 3 days). I’m back at work tomorrow and am really dreading it. After working so much last week, I still feel burnt out. These two days off were wonderful, even though I hardly got anything done that I wanted (my kitchen floors!). I did run yesterday, work out today, grocery shop, and manage to have some friend time. So it’s all good.

I’m just looking forward to Friday night cause Jon and I are having a date night! I think we’re going to go to this wine place right by our house that does tastings and pairings! They did have a groupon before, so I’ll need to check on that. With all this school and work we both do, our time together is pretty limited. It’ll be really nice to have an evening out and I don’t even work till 3pm on Saturday (I’m dreading that shift too!).


10 thoughts on “Days off work are the best!

  1. What I would do for a day off work. I hate working full-time. My goal in life is to be a trophy-wife…I am just so ambitious 😉

    I haven’t been able to go to crossfit enough to tell if they favor their competitors but I hope that’s not the case. The less experienced are the ones that need the most help!

    • It’s not all CrossFit gyms! Just that one specifically. I have gone to 3 regularly and dropped into a bunch and have never experienced that at any other place. But Jon said at that one, the competitive people can come work out whenever they want and get in the way of the classes and that it’s okay. I still work full time! I work anywhere from 36-60 hours in a week (44 is my goal week), but I’m a nurse and I work a ton of weekends, so my “weekends” just fall during the week a lot!

    • I thought my goal was to be a stay at home wife but I have gone crazy…and it’s been a week.

  2. I cannot even fathom that right now. Glad you found some nice stuff at whole foods for your recipes. I always find the days I want to cook are the days I feel the absolute worst time frame. I’m sure I’ll want to cook over Thanksgiving but we are going back to my house.

    • I don’t like making huge meals! I’m so glad I don’t have to do Thanksgiving dinner! And if I mess the meal up, only I have to suffer 🙂

  3. I do like crossfit, most of the time! My favorite WODs are any with sprints, I was always the fastest and that made me feel pretty good.

    I wish we had a whole foods around here! All we have is a trader joes and some markets that are organic and hippie-ish, but sadly they are kind of far away.

    Sounds like you aren’t doing the right kind of yoga 🙂

    • It’s always tiring and I want to die when I do yoga, but I already have a short attention span so I still get bored to death (with spin classes too)! I love Whole Foods! Kroger is my back up! But I was excited when I moved cause I’m only about 10 minutes from WF now!

  4. Maybe you should try power yoga or a different type of class? You might like that a little better. Sounds like you just might be doing the wrong type of yoga for what you like if you’re bored, but even I will admit that sometimes I get bored in the slower classes (and I only do them when I don’t want a fast paced workout). Glad you had a fun day off and got stuff done like gym and groceries~ like you said, with nursing I guess your weekends just fall during the week but at least you made it work.

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