I ran into somebody :/ WAH

I’m in the midst of a horrible week. I’ve just been exhausted and feeling overworked. At work, we have to call report to the nurses on two floors: ICU and PCU (intensive care unit and progressive care unit). After calling report, the nurse (that’d be me) has to go to the floor with the patient while they’re on a cardiac monitor. For the other floors, we let the floor secretary know that the patient will come up and the nurses upstairs read the ER chart. Then our tech takes them upstairs.I called to tell the secretary a patient was coming upstairs yesterday and she asked if I wanted to call report. I said no and she told me I had to. I still said no, that we don’t do it that way. That patient went upstairs with my tech. I took my other patient up to the floor because they were on a cardiac drip (although they were on a regular floor). I got up to the floor and had that oh shit moment where I realized I sent a patient to PCU without going up with them. I got in trouble kind of sort of, which I don’t even care. And the patient was totally stable or I wouldn’t have sent her up without me anyway, so it wasn’t dangerous at all for the patient. But it still threw me off.

Then my day got worse. I came home and napped and all was well. I went to leave my condo to meet for coffee and there is a sidewalk the runs along a main road that my condo is off of. I pulled out a little past the sidewalk but then stopped since a car was coming. I was just making a righthand turn and there are two lanes going south, but I stopped anyway (even though I didn’t even need to). Anyway, it was 6:30 and really dark. And I started going after the car passed mine and hit a person. Guys. I hit a person. Granted, it was dark out. He was black. He was also wearing all black. AND, I was already pulled out on top of the sidewalk with the nose of my car in the road. I go running in residential areas all the time. I never ever ever ever go in FRONT of a car who is about to turn. Ever. It’s dumb. Especially if their car is already well past the sidewalk. Be he did, and of course, I was turning right so I didn’t look to the right again to check for cars because I knew there were no cars. I just didn’t know know Mr. All Black was going to be walking in front of my car. He gave me an eat shit and die look and then kept walking. I rolled my window down and apologized (I was way too shocked to even think). I also had gone to hit the brakes before I hit him cause I saw him first, but I was already moving. So it was more of a love tap. He walked away just fine. But still. I hit a real live person. Jon made me feel better by saying it was 50/50 in whose fault it was because as a pedestrian, you should also be more careful walking in the dark (and dress in REFLECTIVE clothing). Also, my friend (who I can’t name) once hit a homeless man in downtown Atlanta, so that made me feel a little better too.

I should probably never admit to totally running into an actual person, but I just did. Talk about a shitty day. I had to go back into work for 4 hours this morning and it was a huge struggle. I’m exhausted. I was planning on attempting a 9 mile run today and drove out the course last night, but it’s rainy. So I’m going boot shopping instead, grocery shopping, and then coming home to nap and study all day long. And maybe hit the gym for a bit. I managed to get in a quick leg workout last night (after hitting the man, which I thought would give me more energy but it didn’t). Okay, Laura should be here soon to go boot shopping with me!



4 thoughts on “I ran into somebody :/ WAH

  1. Wow I cannot even imagine. It’s sad but pedestrians also need to wear reflective clothing. I will never run when it’s dark unless I am. Granted I don’t run when it’s dark anyways but never without reflective clothing. I hope next week is better and believe me I can completely relate to rough weeks right now.

  2. I agree that the person should have been wearing reflective clothing and also paying attention. I hope the guy is okay but walking around in a busy area at night with cars can get you hit by one.

    I don’t fully understand the ins and outs of nursing but it sounds like you had a really rough time at work. We all have them trust me! Hopefully things get better there and it stops contributing to so much stress, yikes! And maybe the weather will clear ups o you can run again too.

  3. I see that happen all too often in Madison–not the hitting someone part (accidents happen!!) but the lack of reflective clothing when out running. Safety first!

    Hope your week is going better =)

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