Missing CrossFit

I mentioned yesterday that I did deadlifts and squats at the gym. I want to die today. My butt hasn’t been this sore in forever. I think I did 105# or 110# deadlifts (I’m so serious about it, right?) 15 times, and now I want to die. It’s been months since I’ve deadlifted, but I had PRed at a 200# deadlift (2x my bodyweight) shortly before quitting CrossFit, so my ass just never got sore. It was used to lifting heavy on a regular basis. Anyway, I’m really starting to miss CrossFit, which aside from pointing out how sore I am and how hard it is to walk, was the real point of that statement. I started doing it 4 1/2 years ago and have done it off and on during the time, with the last 1 1/2 years being on very consistently (up until my thumb injury took me out for good in June).

Surprisingly, I’m actually really learning to love running. I really never thought that girl would be me, but I do like it. I actually look forward to going out and running on nice days and am excited to get to run my first half marathon, whenever that may be. Still no set dates, because my body isn’t really adjusting well to running and it’s really not like I have tons of free time to dedicate to it (unfortunately). But even with running and doing some weight lifting at LA Fitness, I miss CrossFit. Big time.

I’m fully aware that if I do go back to CrossFit, I will never go back to cleaning 100#. Never. I will never be a beast in any CrossFit gym again. My competition days are likely over (which is totally cool, because I didn’t even compete much- I get more enjoyment out of competing against myself than against others). My thumb can’t handle it. I’ve done some irreversible damage to the ligaments in my thumbs and they still get mildly irritated just doing push jerks with 50# at the gym. But I miss rope climbs and hand stand push ups and the fast paced workouts and having a group at the gym.

Jon asked me tonight when I plan on going back to CrossFit. My plan was January all along so that I’d give my thumb a whole six months to really heal itself up. After all, CrossFit kept me sane for the entire year of 2012. When Jon and I broke up, I worked out. All the time. Nonstop. It was my one true love of all things heavy. There was no way I could take more than six months off from it!

But here’s the thing… CrossFit is expensive. Like, we’re talking the big money here (my final gym before I quit was $140 for 3x/wk). Maybe up in Alpharetta I got a deal at $85 a month for unlimited, but I guarantee that won’t be happening anymore. Especially not with living closer to the city. I totally agree that sometimes you have to cut things out of your life in order to be healthy, but let’s face it… I am healthy. I already spend too much money on organic food and meats and fish and steaks and veggies and I can run for free and my gym membership is $35 a month. Yeah, I love and miss CrossFit, but I’m not settled into my life enough where I can just spend that on the gym.

I have tuition to pay. I’m putting in new floors in my entire house in December. Jon and I really want to go to Germany next December, if possible. We’re going to have a wedding to pay for. I need to save to be able to spend $6,000 a semester on grad school in the next two years. I also am the money maker in the house since I’ve committed myself to being with Jon, who is a full time student in his undergrad (and wants to go to med school).

I probably could swing that money for CrossFit. But I also love to travel. I never want to stop seeing the world! And I save over $1,200 a year just by going to LA Fitness and not to CrossFit. My two loves! How do I choose?! But really… I’ve chosen. And while I’m considering doing a few drop ins to the gyms around my house to see if I fall in love all over again, I think I’m just going to have to break up with CrossFit until I can justify spending that much money on a gym (or until I have a garage to make my own gym!!!).


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