Newtons No-Go & Pumpkin Roll Fail

I ended up getting called into work yesterday! I had just pulled up to the gym and was going to run to retry my Newton Energy shoes and then do a leg workout. As I was parking, our scheduler called me and asked me to come in. 32 people in the waiting room and short staffed. I made it there by 2:30 and worked until 7pm, which ruined all my plans for my day but I did make 1 1/2 times my normal pay per hour. Since Jon and I are seriously talking about doing the floors in December, I definitely need the money. I tried to look at the positive side of things but I really wanted to just relax.

I woke up this morning to make Jon breakfast before he went to school. I did a little bit of studying and attempted to make a Paleo pumpkin roll. Since I was out of wax paper (or just never buy it because who uses it?!), I decided to make the roll on tinfoil. Of course, I forgot to oil the tinfoil so my pumpkin roll was a fail, but it still tasted really good! That’s really all I care about anyway since I’m the only one eating it.


That’s the fail. Still looks delicious. It was.

After “studying” (mostly just cooking and playing with the cats), I decided I needed a nap after my exhausting morning. Actually, I get to a point at times where I am just so burnt out that I just want to sleep all the time. I’m there right now! I crawled into bed at noon and crawled back out at 1:30 and that was hard to do.

I ended up finally going for a run in my new Newtons! I went two miles and noticed in the last .2 miles that my feet were feeling a ton of friction again on the bottoms. So I switched back to my New Balance Minimus shoes for my leg workout. Legs were good. I did a few deadlifts at the gym but doing them in a globe gym with solid plates was hard. Too loud. It was a fairly short workout but my legs are tired. I swapped out my Newtons for some New Balance shoes, which have a 10mm drop so I don’t know how I feel about that. Then I bought another pair at Marshall’s that are similar, but I think I like how those feel better. I’ll try them out and see. Maybe both will be horrible. I also bought this jacket:


Jon hates it. I can’t decide. Laura like it. Yes, I text her pictures of my new clothes to ask what she thinks. She probably has more pictures of me in dressing rooms than anything else. I can’t shop without her. She’s the best. End of my side note… Oh wait, I don’t always stand so gangster-ish.

I came home to shower and head to class. Lab was impossible tonight. I hate it. I hate the work that I have to do this week for it even more though. I also noticed the tops of my feet hurting (I probably focused on this more than my lab)! Back in the day when I first started running at 19 (I still use running loosely, since I never ran more than about 3 miles), I just threw on shoes from 7th grade and ran in those. Clearly not a good idea. I got tendonitis in the tops of both of my feet and it was extremely painful. Similar feeling today. So I guess I won’t be running again tomorrow if they’re still hurting.

I got home from class at 10 and made Jon and I a pork dinner. Pork was a little dry but the rest was good. I also got to listen to Jon clean out the fridge (he dictated everything he took out and where he put things back). For a man who can’t clean up after himself, he sure is set on stupid things (like leaving one piece of food in the sink when there are clearly dishes piled in the other side!). But for him, the man that I just love so very much, I will do my best to put things back in the fridge in an orderly fashion.


Pork dinner, topped with mushrooms, spinach, bacon, and cheese.

I took Benadryl to help me sleep since I took such a hefty afternoon nap and drank coffee in class, but wasn’t tired when Jon into bed a little while ago. It’s definitely kicked in now, so I’ll be headed to bed soon. Yup, like now.


4 thoughts on “Newtons No-Go & Pumpkin Roll Fail

  1. That is interesting about the shoes. I wonder if they are too small or your feet are just getting used to them. What size are your Newtons?

    I’m glad you got more hours but I would have been irritated that it upset my plans too. Though reading that makes me jealous of you having a job!

    • I really don’t think they’re too small! They’re a 7, and I wear a 6.5-7 in all shoes. My left foot is my small foot and I could feel it sliding forward and hitting the front of the shoe (because it wasn’t staying in place), but my right foot was perfectly fine. No hitting in the front, and that’s my bigger foot. Either way, I just wasn’t a fan! I’m going to keep on searching! I can’t be lucky enough to fall in love with the first pair of shoes I try!

  2. I’d so take the Newton’s back too. Newtons are not for everyone and take a breaking in period for a lot of people (people buy them now and try to change their form), and running shoe stores are sometimes a bit overzealous to sell certain brands (not just Newtons but other brands too, my store sells a ton of Brooks and I don’t really care for Brooks, another store is huge on Mizuno and Saucony). Sometimes I think the workers “get it wrong” too, I mean every person is different and every shoe store that’s worth it will stand by the shoes and take them back if they don’t work. Definitely keep trying and maybe go back and try the Nike’s on again and ask about those.

    • The guy really didn’t push much on me. He actually was less help than I was hoping! But I ran around outside in them and liked the Newtons temporarily, and I run on the front of my foot so I liked how they felt, just not for 2 miles. And they did take them back and exchange them! It made me feel a lot better when I bought them cause they said they don’t care if you wear them for a couple weeks- they’ll still take them back! I bought the Nike ones already. I was resting my feet today and will try them tomorrow! They have a bigger drop in them than I wanted (they’re 10mm), but they’re light and since I run so far on the front of my foot, I don’t know how much it’ll matter! Guess I’ll keep trying till I find something that works for me!

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