Instagram and slutty selfies. This is what the world is coming to.

There’s a girl on my instagram who posts a million selfies. I don’t get it. I’m not opposed to selfies at all. I understand that sometimes, you feel like you look really good and want a picture of it. I wear scrubs 75% of the time and running clothes another 15% of the time, so if I get dressed, it’s a big deal. If you have a new haircut, I get it. But every day? A selfie in bed? Then a selfie of you and your coffee? Then a selfie of your legs at the gym? Then a selfie of you doing pushups? Then one of your legs in the mirror after? Then a sweaty face selfie? Then you in a dress, you little fashionista you! ALL IN ONE DAY!

I was laying in bed the other night, slightly disgusted at how people are so self involved, when I was reading the hashtags on the photos and wondering if anybody actually tags those things. So I clicked on one and started browsing through them.

So, this is what is wrong with our society. I clicked on one of the images for that hashtag and at the top of the girl’s instagram, the little bio said the girl was 13. And what was on her instagram? 700 photos of HERSELF (okay, maybe 600 of herself and 100 sporadic other things). Wearing tons of makeup, big hair, and tiny shorts and those midriff shirts (I sound so grandma saying that). The girl was gorgeous for being 13. And all of her little captions were, “I want a boyfriend but nobody likes me,” “I want a boyfriend but I’m not cute enough,” “I’m so lonely. I want a boyfriend.” And of course, the other little boys are all commenting on how sexy she is and how she has a great body. AT 13! And I click on one of her friends, who looked much older than 15 but also was just naturally gorgeous. Her clothes weren’t revealing and she seemed like a genuinely nice 15 year old via instagram, but still, it was just one picture after another of her face!

I like my facebook. I like my instagram. Like I said, I’m not against selfies. They can be cute. But this is just extreme. Nobody needs to post that many pictures of themselves in one day! It reminded me of when Jon and I went to a Braves game and the girl in front of us took selfies for an hour. Not even kidding. An entire hour. Not only do you look completely and utterly ridiculous to everybody around you, but you went to a Braves game and didn’t even watch it because you were so caught up in getting the best selfie that you missed an entire hour of it!

There is a difference in wanting to look good and taking time to improve your appearance and just being so self absorbed that the rest of your life loses value. It’s saddening to see all these young girls so obsessed with their looks and wasting all this time fishing for compliments. I think it’s also really sad to see the things these girls are wearing and posting and the fact that their parents don’t stop it! No 13 year old should be revealing her stomach out in public (nobody should anyway, period). They shouldn’t be taking pictures to accentuate their barely there boobs and trying to be sexy. When I was 13, my mom knew what I wore out of the house at all times. She almost didn’t let me buy a string bikini when I was 14 but I begged her. (I wore it at our neighborhood pool. I didn’t even have friends that went there.) It just appalls me that parents aren’t taking any time to actually teach their daughters anything and let them objectify themselves at such a young age! And it’s sad to think that this is just what’s public on the internet, and that they still send naked snapchat pictures of themselves to people too.

So, everybody, stop taking selfies and try and do something to truly enjoy your time. And if taking a million pictures of yourself is really what makes you happy, then perhaps you should explore where your happiness is actually coming from. And if you have kids, stop letting them wear sluttly clothes out of the house so little boys can make them into an object.


9 thoughts on “Instagram and slutty selfies. This is what the world is coming to.

  1. My general opinion is that if you need to take an hours worth of selfies to get a good one….you might need some more instagram filters…I mean that isn’t very nice I guess. I do agree though, I’m not against selfies by any means but if they are all over your instagram feed something is wrong. I just hate selfies on facebook. Get an instagram.

    • I’m okay with everything in moderation! A selfie every now and then on facebook is whatever. A selfie with a purpose every once in awhile is okay (and by purpose, I don’t mean “#newdress” and a picture of JUST your face- we can’t see the dress!). And maybe they just need a new personality and not more filters!

      • I hate selfies that say new dress or hair but are really just a picture of some girl modeling their bodies or something. If it’s a new hair style, it’s unnecessary to have a full body post. I agree though completely.

  2. No offence intended, but I disagree with a lot of what you’ve written here. I also feel like the world would be a nicer place if the word “Slutty” did not exist. I’m not sure whether you would like to debate any of this via blog comment – it is your blog after all and maybe you’d prefer not to – so let me know if you’d like a debate or if you’d prefer not, or feel free to delete my comment too if you’d prefer!

    • No need to delete it! And feel free to say what you like! I don’t pick and choose the responses that are allowed! Another perspective is always welcome.

  3. I guess I was just thinking that people who take lots of selfies aren’t really hurting anyone else – they’re probably just quite insecure, especially if they’re a teenager, so they need support and reassurance rather than judgment and condemnation. As for the word “slutty”, it seems to me like another way to judge and put down women and I think it’s sad that so much of the world works that way. I’ve known guys who sit around and talk about how skanky some women look or how ugly they are, and how women who don’t look a certain way shouldn’t dare to go out in public wearing anything at all revealing. I sometimes argued with these guys: surely it’s more enjoyable to pay attention to and give compliments to women you do find attractive, rather than sit around criticizing those you don’t? (Rant over for today!)

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with looking a certain way and wearing clothing. I don’t believe any woman, no matter how sexy or how not sexy, should go out in super revealing clothing (I’ve gotten so conservative in my old age!). And I disagree completely about the selfies and needing support and reassurance. I don’t know how teenage boys work. I don’t even know how grown men work in this aspect. But young girls are learning a lot from their environment. It’s something I don’t think I even realized until working in healthcare and seeing a lot of family dynamics. These kids really are molded by what they grow up with. So, if they are insecure, they need to learn to look within themselves to find value. Instagram and selfies isn’t looking within yourself. All it does it make that insecure person feed on the opinion of others in order to “be happy.” Happiness doesn’t come from how attractive another person thinks you look. So fishing for compliments is never going to fulfill a person to the point where they feel happy. And this is a parents job! A parent should be teaching their child to respect themselves and also to find happiness in valuable things in life. When parents are letting thei 13 year old post ass/titty shots on Instagram for boys to tell them how sexy they are, do you think that is instilling good morals in that person? Do you think that person will learn how to look within themselves to find happiness when they are constantly comparing themselves to prettier girls on Instragram or going off the feedback of their peers? (That sounds sarcastic. But I am asking you what you think seriously.) When I think of a slutty person (and when I say this, I don’t mean a woman who sleeps around- I don’t care how many men you sleep with, IF you do it because it actually is making you happy and you enjoy it, and not because you’re looking for somebody to fill a void), I don’t think of them as women who respect themselves. If you go around fishing for compliments and wearing revealing clothing for attention, I just don’t really find that as respecting YOURSELF. If you don’t have respect for yourself, how do you expect others to respect you? I’ve learned over the years that you really will be treated in the way that you demand that you be treated. When I was young and stupid and making mistakes, I wondered why no guy really liked me. It was because a. I didn’t like myself and b. I wasn’t even respecting myself so why would they? Anyway, I just think that kids today are really losing the value of life. The internet takes a lot of meaning away from personal relationships at that age. Everything is via the internet or texting and you don’t ever talk to people. Instead of having real sexual relationships, they’re just sending naked pictures (to probably too many guys- and I don’t think13 year olds should be having sex anyway, so I mean that for older girls/boys). It just seems so superficial to be so into your own looks/insecurities that you don’t even take the time to enjoy your actual surroundings (like the Braves game!). Anyway, I appreciate your feedback! I just get so frustrated when I see the way people are parenting these days. It’s like the parents don’t even care what their kids are doing, and I feel like if you decide to have kids, you should be committed to raising them to be happy and successful adults.

  4. I agree that it would be great for all parents to be committed to raising their children to become happy, self-confident, self-aware adults. I also agree that relying on validation from other people is not the way to get to this point. So I think you and I have some similar end goals in mind, but different ideas on how to get there. I’d like the next move to be more positive rather than negative. There’s no need to ban risqué selfies or revealing clothing – that’ll just drive some people to do it secretly and others to feel guilty or ashamed, which are not constructive emotions at all. I think it’s much better to work on positive encouragement, boosting of self-confidence, introductions to the variety of philosophies with which the world can be approached. If this works then the over-sharing selfies will melt away. If the over-sharing selfies don’t melt away then it means that the self-confidence-lifting-process is not yet complete.

  5. Social media is ruining women by turning them into vapid attention-whoring sex objects with serious self esteem issues.

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