Work work work, all day long!

My brain is so fried. Here is my schedule…

Last Wednesday: Work 7a-11a.

Thursday: Work 7a-3p, class/presentation 5:30-6:45p. Then Jon and I had to go to my parent’s house to exchange cars for this weekend.

Friday: Work 11a-7p.

Saturday & Sunday: Work 7a-7p, and then Sunday night go to my parent’s to exchange cars again

Monday: Work 7p-3a

Tuesday: Test 5:30-6:45p

Wednesday: Work 7a-7p

Thursday: Work 7a-3p, class 5:30-6:45p, and then leave for Florida!

Ahhhhhhh…. Not to mention that I was behind on all my biology reading and have a computer class I have online assignments for. So in every hour that I haven’t been working, I’ve been studying.

Saturday and Sunday I ended up working in our children’s ER from 3p-7p both days and both days were so busy! I don’t particularly like kids (other than my nieces and nephews) and I really don’t like working with them. I’m not comfortable medicating them. I don’t know what they are capable of (did you know 2 year olds can use straws???). You have to do math to figure out their meds based on their weight (which we do with adults, but for some reason, it just seems way easier). I have to be so mentally involved when I work with the kids and it’s not like I even enjoy it, so I was completely exhausted by the time I left work last night.

And in the midst of this busy schedule, Tom has taken to using the floor as his litterbox. It’s been sporadic, but about 6-7 times now since his surgery. So that has really been stressing me out (thank god his urine hasn’t smelled strong and most of it has been poop!). I plan on putting in wood floors anyway, but that doesn’t mean I want my carpets a mess until then! So we’ve had to arrange the vet (thankfully, Jon is super amazing and took Tom to the vet for me on Friday and left way later than planned for his bachelor party, and my parents are super awesome and came and dropped Tom off at my house for me after they picked him up from the vet!) and poor Jon has had to deal with my ruined mood and high stress levels all week long. It makes me even more grateful that I got so lucky to have found such an amazing and understanding man! His patience with me has been impressive!

Due to my frazzled brain, I went in to see my biology professor early this morning and couldn’t even remember what was confusing me about the possible essay question/pedigree I was working on. Felt like an idiot. But I can’t think. I’m dreading work tonight 100%. I want to call out but I can’t even make myself call out when I’m sick, so I definitely won’t be able to make myself do it tonight. And Mondays are always so horrible at work! Busiest day of the week.

I am pretty excited because this weekend is Adam and Jessie’s wedding weekend! So even though everything sucks, once I wake up on Friday, we’ll be in Florida! I plan on having some beach time this weekend because I need it! I need some peace and quiet and waves and relaxation! Although I doubt Jon and I will get much “us” time, at least we’ll be in a nice hotel on Saturday night and we’ll have 12 hours in the car together (however, I usually sleep most of the way down there if we leave later). I think it’s going to be a really good weekend though, and I get to see Jon’s niece and nephew!

It’s getting so cold in Georgia! I had the window open last night in our bedroom and had to get up and close it cause I was freezing! And I was freezing this morning when I woke up, which I’m sure contributed to my laziness and made it impossible to get out of bed before 10:15 (seriously… that’s late for me! that’s how you know I’m exhausted!).

I can’t wait until Monday comes! I plan on going to buy my running shoes since my schedule slows down and it’ll be nice to have some gym/running time again since I’ve had none this past week! And once my schedule slows down, maybe I’ll actually write about some of the things that have been on my mind lately!

2 thoughts on “Work work work, all day long!

  1. You’re super busy lately with stuff going on each day~ Sometimes that’s fun but sometimes it’s nice to chill too (I won’t get much chill time this week, either).

    Good luck with work and with your test, and have fun getting the running shoes.

    • I’m not opposed to it when school isn’t mixed in! When I have to worry about studying during the times my brain should be resting, then I don’t like it!

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